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AP Enterprise: Sub attack was near US-SKorea drill

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 11:36 AM

AP Enterprise: Sub attack was near US-SKorea drill

Two months after the sinking, U.S. officials for the first time disclosed details of the joint naval exercise held the same day as the attack on the Cheonan. Forty-six South Korean sailors died on the warship, which was not involved in the exercise. It was on routine patrol near disputed waters.
Military officials said the drill could not have detected the North Korean sub. Officials and defense experts said a minisub would have been difficult for even a nearby ship to track in shallow coastal
(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 11:36 AM
911, the 77 bombing, the sinking of the Eastonia, the sinking of the Cheonan...

Why is it these things happen during Drills?
It has been said that the drills hide the false flag set up from
the legitimate the way the aircraft controlers couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on on their screens during 911.
Or the way sybil Edmonds was Gag ordered.

Transportation secretary Norm Maneta testified that Cheney wouldn't lift the stand down order from the bunker on 911

FRom theabove link:

"Western experts say there are still questions about exactly what happened that night off Baengnyeong island.

One U.S. official said the sinking may not have been an intentional attack at all, but the act of a rogue commander, an accident or an exercise gone wrong. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the incident publicly.

A statement run by North Korean state media threatened war in response to any attempt to punish the North.

"Because of the South Korean war-loving, mad puppets and American invaders, the North and South relationship is being driven to a catastrophe," Choi Yong Rim, a high-ranking North Korean Party official, told a rally last week in the North Korean capital.

On Saturday, South Korea's president, Lee Myung-bak, tried to lower fears of an armed conflict. "There is absolutely no possibility of a full-scale war on the Korean peninsula," he said in Singapore."

Whats your Opinion?
(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 12:38 PM
reply to post by Danbones

I have a pet theory, that wars happen because of joint military exercises that get out of hand.

Every military in the world that is worth its salt has plans for every eventuality: war with any and every nation; various civil war and revolutionary scenarios; natural disasters et cetera. These plans are useless unless they are exercised. These exercises take place between allied nations and enemy nations alike, using generally non-lethal means: the purpose is not to kill, but to test the strength of one's own plans against the enemy's current plans. That these confrontations sometimes end in bloodshed is an accident; allied nations dismiss it as 'friendly fire' and don't talk about it, but enemy nations must use stern rhetoric to impress their electorate.

The war threats in Korea are only being taken seriously now because of the sinking of the Cheonan, but this is not unusual; NK periodically commits offensives against its neighbours and it always blows over. The reason we hear so much about this now, compared even to the NK nuclear tests a few years ago, is that the Western media has chosen to focus on it. With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan winding down, the populace has a demand for exciting martial news that it just isn't getting anymore. North Korea and Israel are being publicized to fill that hole in the hearts of every latent sociopath in the West; the ones who want to see the world outside of their heads become as violent and self-destructive as their materialistic, spirit-denying souls.

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 01:07 PM
The NK subs are clunky old diesel machines...

I highly doubt it was undetected.

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 02:18 PM
I'm thinking that it was a distraction for the west.
Both sides have been Pawns for a larger power
and they are still at war officially, perfect to pull out if needed...

yeah there are soo detectable I have a cheap side scan fish finder that can see a rock bass at ioo feet...

Not to mention satalites they can see everything in the "Shallows"
they couldn't see a sub but they could find the torpedo on the bottom?
super sensitive mines...

Here is what a S Korean paper had to say:
"Locating the missing crew members is the first priority, but another significant task is finding out why this incident happened. So far, from a circumstantial point of view, it does not appear that it occurred due to a North Korean attack. This is a fortune amidst a great deal of misfortunate.

"If it occurred internally, the cause could be poor maintenance or a sudden accident, but if the explosion was external, unexploded ordinance, mines or undersea rocks could have been at play. Faults in the PCC itself could have added to these causes, leading to a massive explosion. Many citizens are doubtful as to the military¡¯s explanation that 50 percent of the 88 meter-long boat sunk in just 20 minutes. The government and military authorities have a responsibility to uncover the cause in a swift but thorough fashion."

International news:
"Navy officials said the explosion, of unknown origin, came after the 1,500-ton ship fired at another ship from the area of North Korea."

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 02:29 PM
Here is a link to photos
in my opinion
Being a boater, that is way to muCh corosion, rust, and growth
and that waa a cleaning kit in the photo too I think.
I am trying to find an artical which claimed the marine growths when the torpedo had been found indicated it had been submerged for some time but so far no luck.

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 02:39 PM
This is what happened to the original assesment of the torpedo:
this why I really feel it was a false flag:

there are some bills befor the US houses thart are scary as heck and they are getting zero attention and I am getting frustrated cause it seems no one seems to be looking past the destractions

gun control treaty
water control bill
both of wich are supremely ominious

[Editorial] Punishment of Cheonan opinions contrary to government must stop

"Immediately after the announcement last week of the Cheonan investigation findings, the Lee Myung-bak administration held an emergency meeting and announced that it would be cracking down on any and all acts of spreading falsehoods about the cause of the sinking.

Yesterday, the Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) announced that it was carrying out a focused investigation of Internet users spreading false information through Internet bulletin boards and blogs. KNPA stated that the targets for investigation would be malicious conspiracy theories, but if events unfold according to police investigation methods, all critical and analytical posts about the cause of the Cheonan¡¯s sinking or the government¡¯s response could become targets for the crackdown. It is abundantly clear that legitimate questions and differing opinions are being curtailed.

Gagging the South Korean public has already been taking place openly. The Ministry of National Defense and the military have pressed defamation charges against former Cheong Wa Dae (the presidential office in South Korea or Blue House) National Security Strategy Secretary Park Sun-won. Park said, ¡°The wake and communications records from the Cheonan that the South Korean government did not disclose are probably in the hands of the U.S.,¡± and joint civilian-military fact-finding team member Shin Sang-chul claimed that the Cheonan ran aground. "

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by Danbones

It is certain that there are various issues which led up to the crash. It is true that these microwave masts block out other frequencies. They must be blocking the signals using something so they can hide their activity. Mr Bransons Ariel went up and totally block out the reception. Think he is the man behind the computer slower bug.

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 09:53 PM
Obama will be signing the Daniel Pearle FREEDOM of the PRESS ACT on monday.

please note (2) below

In regards to what I have posted from the South Korean news paper considering the tough talk from Hillary and the official S korea line:

The clinton body count of dead journalists:
like Vincent Foster who was "Arkencided"

The way Israel treat the freedom of the press on The gaza aid flotilla:

"claims the Foreign Press Association in Israel that the military "is selectively using footage to bolster its claims that commandos opened fire only after being attacked."

The CPJ has called on the Israeli government to return all equipment, notes, and footage confiscated from journalists.

Its Middle East and North Africa programme coordinator, Mohamed Abdel Dayem, said: "Israel has confiscated journalistic material and then manipulated it to serve its interests. It must cease this practice without delay, and return all property seized from journalists who were covering this legitimate news event."

He also complained about "the treatment meted out" to journalists as being unacceptable. "It is Israel's responsibility to conduct its operations in ways that also allow journalists to report the news," he said.

Sources: CPJ/AP

Purposes- The purposes of this Act are to–

(1) highlight and promote the work and accomplishments of journalists and media organizations that promote freedom of opinion and expression worldwide;

(2) draw attention to the conditions in countries in which journalists are killed, imprisoned, kidnapped, threatened, or censored;

(3) offer protection for these individuals and media organizations by identifying to the international community those countries where journalists are at the highest risk; and

(4) emphasize the significance of including freedom of the press as enshrined in article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a factor in United States

posted on Jun, 7 2010 @ 09:11 PM
US cruise missile parts found in Yemeni village where 52 died

US cruise missile armed with cluster ammunition was used in an attack in Yemen in December which resulted in the deaths of 52 people, more than half of them women and children, according to a human rights watchdog.

While Hillery is up and down about Korea which looks lika a false flag...

It is just sad...

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 09:28 AM

More stunning flaws in Cheonan evidence
An experimental finding has emerged indicating that, contrary to the announcement of the Defense Ministry¡¯s Civilian-Military Joint Investigation Group (JIG), the adhesive substance found on the Cheonan and a torpedo propeller was not formed by an explosion. This is not something to be taken lightly, as it is scientifically incompatible with the government¡¯s announcement that the Cheonan was attacked with a torpedo launched by a North Korean submarine.

Because this is a recent adition to the Cheonan story and because of the speculation about whether we are getting the truth about the recent escalation in the koreas, i thought I should add the new evidence of the fraud being perpetrated on us poor ol bombarded with BS peeples...
same ol same old
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