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BP directors call for chairman to go over Deepwater leak (6-6-2010)

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 11:05 AM
Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Senior BP directors want their chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg, sacked because they claim his mishandling of the Gulf of Mexico disaster has turned a crisis into a catastrophe.

The BP directors, speaking under terms of anonymity, told The Independent on Sunday yesterday that a growing number of the oil company's high-level executives are so appalled by Mr Svanberg's low-profile role since the Gulf spill over a month ago that they think he should be told to quit. "

Also from the article:

"The Swedish chairman, who joined BP last year from Ericsson, has made just one public statement since the Deepwater oil spill a month ago, leaving Mr Hayward to take all the criticism for the catastrophe and for the long delay in capping the leaking pipe.

BP and US government staff in the area of the disaster are now waiting to see if the latest attempted remedy – a large cap placed over the well – has worked. They said it would take another 24 hours to tell, but the signs were not looking good. On Friday, the cap was collecting 42,000 gallons (159,000 litres) a day – less than a 10th of the amount leaking from the well. Later, BP said in a tweet that, after it was installed Thursday night, it had collected about 76,000 gallons."


Interesting. Opinions? Comments?

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 11:20 AM
Well Bob Dudley is in charge of the response in USA now because BP is "circling the wagons" legal maneuvering. BP probably has a team of lawyers almost as big as the hive in houston working on the legal ramifications. Mr. Dudley is a BP fixer, who recently had to flee Russia when negotiations with Russian billionaires broke down.

So this is also no surprise fire Svanberg, and claim he helped screw up the disaster response. Hayward will stay on he is as you say "the perfect fall guy" or patsy. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if Hayward met an untimely death after the disaster is over. Think in these terms,,

"Well unfortunately Mr. Hayward died in an accident so we'll never really know how this or that occured" etc etc etc

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 03:56 PM
reply to post by jeffrybinladen

Yes I heard that BP and its Russian partners filed bankruptcy
in that venture earlier this month.



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