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Mother finds kidnapped kids through Facebook

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 10:31 PM
the kids were 2 and 3 years old at the time. 15 years has past. The kids she known back then no longer exist. They are lost to time. There is nothing for her to build on. At this point it does not matter who told who what or who did what. Every thing is gone. I understand she loves her kids even after all this time but she may have done nothing but push them even farther way from her. all the kids see right now is this crazy woman destroying their lives. I understand why she called the law but that may not have been the best thing for her to do at the time. I do not think this will end well.

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 10:32 PM
A very similar thing happened to my step dad, except it was the mom who kidnapped the kid. The kid was 2 and one day while the dad was at work, she called her family and they packed the house and left. When he got home everything was gone.
He had no way of finding them, all the important papers and numbers were gone. He paid child support for year and years, and the Attorney general couldn't help him find them because he didn't have his daughters social security number. He hired Private Eyes, and his mom worked for a high power attorney , and they tried to find her as well,,, all to no avail.. but 3 years ago when she was like 16 or 17, they somehow made contact. But the daughter is still weird about her dad because the mom filled her with lies. She doesn't believe her mom kidnapped her. its just sad all around. and I think this sort of thing happens alot, and yes, because the moms are usually a little crazy.

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 10:41 PM
reply to post by airspoon

I understand your personal feelings on this issue...I understand more than I am willing to divulge.
But I want you to think about this...How BAD is a situation that a man has to kidnap his child...It better be pretty bad for it to be justified...
Listen when a women wants out of the relationship do you know what is usually the first words out of the mans mouth,"you'll never get those kids you are a awful mother."Men say this to hurt the women...And trust me it works.As a ex-waitress I have worked with many women who have cried on my shoulder telling me the same story...I told many a friend you have to be pretty bad for the courts to take them...

I understand Airspoon you may be the better parent in a situation and you didn't receive custody....but children are smart....and I have seen a father take advantage of all of his visitations , the mother was not the better parent and the child at 10yrs of age wanted to go live with the father.He took the child to a judge and the judge gave him primary custody....
There is a strange ending to this story though...this same child 2 years latter asked the mother, which I am friends with, if she could more back to the mothers house...The mother in this situation realized the child had it better with the father and said "No"...

If we ,by the meaning WE I mean divorced or single parent,looked at what is best for the children involved there would be little to no reason for a parent to kidnap their children...

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 11:08 PM
reply to post by zbeliever

First off, I didn't lose custody of my children, I'm a full time parent, thank you. Also, just because a child wants to live with one parent or another, doesn't mean anything in the court's eyes. Sometimes it may influence a decision a little, once the kid is a teenager, but it does not mean that the child gets to choose.

The courts frown on letting/making the child choose a parent and since they are minors, their decision has little, if any weight with the courts.

Also, no matter what a man says, the child will almost always go with the mother, irregardless of what the father says or wants. It really isn't up to him. As long as the mother isn't video-taped blowing crack-smoke down a child's throat, she isn't going to lose custody, period. If the mother wants to press the issue and be a # about it, she can completely void the father out of any visitation, irregardless of a court order.

A judge is highly unlikely to punish a "single-mother" through a damaging contempt charge. It's just bad politics and that's what it's about for almost all judges, if not all and regardless of whether the judge is appointed or elected.

As far as the situation getting bad enough for a parent to kidnap the child, it's all relative. I happen to personally think that a mother alienating a child as being bad enough. If she is willing to do that, then she obviously isn't mentally or emotionally ready to raise that child and the child could be in danger. While a mother is allowed to alienate a child from the father, the father has no means to do so, legally, In a situation such as this, it is beneficial to remove the child from the parent doing so and since a father has no legal ability to do such a thing, he is left with only one option.

Many men will protect their children no matter what and I can only commend them for it. You can't just say, "well the government is forcing my child to remain in a dangerous situation and their is nothing I can do". You do what you have to. Again, there is often no other recourse for men in that situation, while women have many options, for the most part.


reply to post by toolstarr

As far as your situation, I'm sorry to hear that. However legally, that mother didn't do anything wrong. If there was no court order dictating visitation for the father, she is not kidnapping the child in the eyes of the law. This actually happens allot.

However, it would be illegal kidnapping for a father to do the same. Really, the only thing a father can do in a situation like that, is try to find the mother and order to her court in an effort to win visitation. However, this will pretty much mean that the father will have to pick up and move to wherever the mother went. This too happens quite often.

With that being said, it is rare that a mother will pick up and leave, never to be heard from again. Usually, the mother will move someplace and quietly file paperwork for child-support, claiming the father can't be located. This gives the mother time to be alone and build an offensive strategy while allowing her to fight for child-support since the day that she filed the paperwork. In other words, she will be able to claim child support for the entire time that she was in "hiding". The guy will eventually be served with court orders, ordering him to pay a large sum of money in back child support, after his child has been technically, though legally, kidnapped.

Generally speaking, when a mother moves away and doesn't file for child support or anything, it means that she is truly trying to hide from the father, possibly because she is frightened of him for some reason. I'm certainly not suggesting this to be the case with your step-dad but generally speaking.


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