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An Approach to Understanding Psychotronics

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 12:57 AM
This thread began as a response to a post by member FOXMULDER147. I felt after reviewing the material though it would be much better off in its own thread.

I have made posts before on ATS before about theories regarding the psychokinetic or psychotronic nature of UFOs and the entities associatd with them. What makes this thread any different is that I have a unclassified, approved for public release technical report commisioned by the US military.

Many of the members of ATS like most people assume that "aliens" and UFOs are solid physical objects, the UFOs being machines and the "aliens" being biological entities.

Most ATS members, like most people assume that "ghosts" and "demons" are non-physical and non-biological entities, what most people refer to as "spiritual".

What if all of them were nothing like that?

At first that kind of sounds odd, but based on evidence from parapsychological research I'm convinced that "ghosts" are psychokinetic in nature.

They interact with and dwell in the physical world. The issue with parapsychologists is how can science figure out what exactly are they. Are they composed of exotic matter or exotic energy?

The idea of UFOs being psychokinetic in nature has been around for some time, at least as far back as Carl Jung. Work that UFO researchers Dr. Vallee and Dr. Hynek have done also pointed in the same direction. Some of the most interesting bits of research I have ever seen was commissioned by the US military. I have only seen bits, the bits that used to be available to the public though what was STINET. When STINET became DTIC, most of these technical reports were taken down.

Bear in mind this technical briefing was compiled in 1976, long before Michael Talbot's Holographic Universe (1991). It also preceeds Dr. David Bohm's Impicate Order by four years.

This document's security class is unclassified. It has been approved for public release and limited distribution. It is stamped by the Defense Distribution Center, 5 August 1976.

An Approach to Understanding Psychotronics
LTC Thomas E. Bearden

interesting quotes from the report:

Block 20 (Continued)metalogic encompassing both physics and. metaphysics. Everett's many-worlds interpretation -(MWI) of quantum mechanics then provides the theoretical, framework onto which four-law perception theory can be fitted.

I have mentioned the importance of Everett's MWI theory before in my posts and this report somewhat reinforces that position.

A cluster of an infinite number of orthogonal_ 3-dimensional spatial frames, all containing the same single fourth dimension or time axis, provides a frameworld onto which mind, matter, fields, being, life, and both physical and- metaphysical phenomena can be fitted and precisely modelled.

The world thus becomes a single giant hologram, and reality becomes holographic rather than Cartesian. Mass is a time differentiator and in its differentiating of L3 T Minkowskian spacetime, the time dimension is lost.

The idea that our reality is "holographic" in nature has been another important concept that I have mentioned before.

Since in Everett's MWI all possibilities are concretely real and exist, then any kind of thought reality at all may be orthorotated in and emerge in the ordinary laboratory spatial frame, and emerge as concretely real objects, entities, vehicles, devices, etc.

I have hypothesized the emergence or manifestation of entities and objects before. I have called these objects "phantoms" or "phantasms". The emergence of an entire "pocket" space or location I have termed a "phantasmagoria".

The report is 88 pages long and I'm still in the process of reviewing it. I thought it would be best to go ahead and share it with ATS. I'll have some more commentary to add after I have finished reviewing it.

I have also located another report, 44 pages long, which I will review.

I also want to make a note about the author. Lt. Col Thomas E. Bearden. In more recent years, long after these reports were made, he became a very controversial figure in the fields of "free energy" and I question if his sanity has been affected by his research into psychotronic phenomena.

He also has some association with Col. John Alexander, who also worked on psychotronic phenomena in the military. He has also become somewhat controversial in more recent years.

Many of the personnel who worked in the military in the fields of extra sensory perception, psychokinetics, and psychotronics have become psychotic, subtance abusers, and even suicidal. The psychological toll of such work is tremendous and very few have the psyche that can survive it.

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 01:03 AM
everything I can say is that: it is possible

I dont have much to add, just thanks to trying to contribute to the board ... it is a different perspective to the subject

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 01:17 AM
For people uncomfortable with accessing the pdf on the .mil site here is a link on ATS to the PDF.

An Approach to Understanding Psychotronics (88 pages, 4.46MB)

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 02:12 AM
Very interesting.

I'm not sure if I'm on the right path to what you're saying but let me throw out an idea ...

We think of concrete physical objects as existing in the 3rd dimension. But they also exist in the 4th (time), because at some point in time they are there, and at other points in time they are not.

So rather than manipulating space, if you manipulate time, you are there, or not there ... and maybe even both, but in the same space ... like a ghost, demon or UFO.

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 02:28 AM
The one thing I've always found fascinating and hard to comprehend is how aliens and the abductee are able to walk through walls/windows/cars/doors etc. after an abduction recall.

I mean, it's hard enough to talk about this realm (abductions) so to throw in another sensational element to the story (recall) is something that really needs to be considered if not, understood.
Too many recall the same experience.

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 08:29 AM
I've know about Psychotronics since 1991 and since it was through GHW Bush I can see where you would have to have it declassified. Thing is some of what you're talking about seems to be off track. Perhaps its been a long night into morning trying to catch up with ATS but this is what I know of it from my own experience.

It is a psychic ablitity. A force of energy that you can project toward someone in a psychic attack. You can give a person a heart attack, a brain hemiage..basically if you 've see the movie 'Scanners' that's Pyschotronics. It can also be done with vibrations such as UHF ELF waves.

After having it used on me I learned how to deflect attacks by imagining a white light surrounding me and then sending back what they are sending to me except I send it with it don't kill them. And send a message saying be glad I sent it with Love.

After a few times They gave up trying to do me in. (The same old thing..if we can't use you we will kill you)

And it always helps when God is on your side. If there was a psychic war and there were two against each other, one depending on their faith in their ability, and the other depending on their Faith in God, the latter shall win.

Truth, Love and True Light, Maya

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 11:45 AM
Oh Boy, you had to burst open that topic, hadn't you?

Regardless, I would like to mention that your opening is well build, which is good. When it comes in regard of psychotronics and psychokenetics one can easily dwindle in the realm of fantasy. I will use the term etheral manifestations from now on as a whole of the subjactmatter in question. I wouldn't say I'm an expert on the subject of etheral manifestations but I will try to give it a shot merely for the sake of self-interest. So here it goes;

Etheral manifestations, real etheral manifestations are rare. There are mani sightings of such subjects. Certainly we know the referance of ghosts as stated by MikeboydUS. We shouldn't assume that many of these sightings are real. We can assume that simular manifestations are conjured up by the human mind under a variaty of ways.


- Drugs; Many drugs like muchrooms can cause the appearence of etheral like images and persons. These types of drugs are commenly found in rituals and in these days on the street with drugaddicts. It is known that several medicinal drugs have simular effects on the human mind.

- Optical Illusions; Think of fata morganas these can be created by reflecting sunlight and heat not just in deserts but in cities and seas as well.

- Sleep induced; When the mind is sound asleep and something sudden wakes it up it can cause the subject to experiance etheral visions. These visions are the result of the human brain being brought in an unexpected situation and it needs to switch its operations a bit causing sometimes etheral images. (I had several personal experiances in this one)

- High expectations; When one expects to see something out of the usual, the mind will make it real. If you visit a so called 'real haunted house'and really believe in the subject then you will experiance the presents of etheral images or ghost like figures regardless wether they are actually there or not.

I think that with the above we can rule out a lot of reported etheral appearances. However, this does not mean that etheral presence is not possible. There are several interesting reports that have striking simularities but differ on other points a lot. I will name some, but not all;

- Ghosts/Wraiths; Ghost and Wraith are typically described as transparant, at lest partially clear what they represent and not unoften are mobile and can sometimes even speak.

- Shadowmen; and interesting side deviation, black like a shadow, sometimes red eyes in verious shapes and not always recognisable, doesn't move but seems to perilise the viewer.

Science fiction is filled with other causes, but I would like to refrain from touching science fiction since it is obvious that sci-fi is the number one polluter of U.F.O. cases and should therefore be avoided.

If we where to discussed it we can drive methodes upon which etheral U.F.O.s and aliens might actually exists. Ofcourse, like before mentioned by the topicstarter, rare exotic elements might be a possible cause.
But I myself believe that there will be too little to actually make a chance in this universe of creating and etheral race of aliens, maybe a fleet of U.F.O. but not an advanced alien race out of nature. It would be possible taht adaptable methabolic races might fuse with such particles, but they would first be something different.

My best guess would be when an U.F.O. or alien would be 'hoovering' between two dimensions would be capable of pulling it off. I would like to notice that breaching two inter-dimensional walls needs a Rapid Particle Collider of 7 TeV on both side at the correct inter-dimensional locations to pull it off. But merely semi-breaching it would take less effort, still enough to need the energy of a tiny black hole thou. As such I would hypothise that spacecraft can very well be etheral, but aliens themselves are probably a rarer side.
Another possibility is visitors from a dimension flooded with exotic particles thus leading to etheral intelligent life. It is however doubtfull if they can sustain themselves in out dimension for prolonged time.

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 01:09 PM
I'm pretty sure I had psychotronics used on me. I met some abductees one day, had a very long conversation with them, and when they left I began to have some really wierd stuff happen. No doubt about it, there was something in the room with me. It was electrical in nature, invisible, but definitely real. 100%.

I still wonder if it was an attempt to either scare me off seeing these people again, or to convince me they were telling me the truth by showing me some proof of their "alien" special effects.

The abductees experienced some of these effects too. One of them was watching a door one day when it swung closed. She knew the door was really open so there was this almost double vision of the door being closed and open at the same time. It was like something having a tug of war with her, inside her brain, and trying to convince her the door was closed. When she relaxed the door would swing closed but when she kept her focus the door stayed open.

My experience was similar.

That's psychotronics. Don't know who's pressing the buttons though.

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 02:53 PM
There is a professor here in Oxford called Deutsch, who has a theory about 'shadow photons'.

The idea is that every light photon has a 'shadow' twin, which exists as part of the multiverse (many parallel universes side by side). And that shadow photon has a twin of its own, as does the next, and so on for infinity... We cannot observe this shadow, but we can see it's effects (for example in the slit experiements, or by studying the shadow cast by a candle flame).

Perhaps ghosts and demons are just entites from a parallel universe momentarily flickering into our own and interfering with us?

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 07:10 AM
Here is my review of the document.

It is quite fascinating. I'll cover some interesting quotes.

In 12 years of intensive work on this question, the present author has evolved a conceptual approach, which is consistent with present physics, but extends it, and one that appears to be capable of dealing with the problem.

The report was made in 1976. The author, LTC Bearden, has been working on "the problem" for 12 years, since 1964.

Two things here:

What is this "Problem" and is 1964 significant?

Everett's many-worlds interpretation'(MWI) of quantum mechanics then provides the theoretical framework onto which perception theory can be fitted.

Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is a multiverse theory, proposing an infinite number of parallel universes.

Hugh Everett came up with the theory in 1957, while he was director of Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at the Pentagon's Weapon Systems Evaluation Group.

Another quote:

A theory of biofields is then apparent from the model.

This would be the idea that a vital energy or force permeates our world.

The present author discovered that all his perception theory could be fitted precisely onto Everett's many-worlds interpretation. On that basis, a theory or schema of biofields was derived which provides an approach toward a unified field theory.

Keep in mind this is 1976 and LTC Bearden has been working on this since 1964. Some of the ideas here won't make it into public awareness until the 1990s with works like Michael Talbot's The Holographic Universe.

The negative psi effect is a Weli documented effect in
parapsychology. There are goats as well as sheep. Some persons do worse on psi tests than chance would possibly allow. They are the goats. They exhibit the negative psi effect, for unconsciously they want to show you that psi does not work, so badly that they use psi effects to do worse than is possible by chance.

Now this is real interesting, that some people, those with a negative unconscious belief in psi can produce results that seem to hinder psi and increase random chance. This almost sounds as if they introduce a certain amount disorder or entropy to their environment.

From every nook and cranny it is shouted out that reality is
holographic rather than a Cartesian cube

Now for some stuff that applies to UFOs.

By proper coherent tuning, an object in one of these orthoframes can be orthorotated into our own frame and objectified

Here he gets into what some people call "Thought Forms" and that they can objectified into our reality. He explains they are normally unstable.

But the appearance of one of these can be entirely objective and
perfectly objective traces can be left, such as photographs, broken limbs,
scorched asphalt, indentations, depressions in grassy fields, etc.
Any thought object can be so orthorotated, and objectified.

The effects of the form are not unstable, meaning it can leave evidence of its manifestation.

Looking at the references he has one very interesting one:

Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia

This book was originally published in 1969. The author Dr. Jacque Vallee investigated the similarities of the UFO phenomena and past folklore, legends, and myths.

I am hoping that someone who is more knowledgeable in physics will look over the pdf. I am no physics expert and cannot make any comments on the math or other figures.

I have two other PDFs from LTC Bearden, that I will review and will comment on here when complete.

The other reports are:
The One Human Problem, Its Solution, and Its Relation to the UFO Phenomena. The report is from 1977.

A Mind, Brain, Matter Model Consistent with Quantum Physics and UFO Phenomena. This report is from 1979.

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 08:30 AM
Holographic ... I have seen alot of this word just lately involved with UFO and related topics, and to see it here in this document is interesting , if utterly confusing.
Used in the context of this article, it seems to imply some deeper function to the universe (or indeed the multiverse, whichever you deem is more appropriate) than we have been thus far aware of. However... regardless of which of the myriad (some of them inaccurate) meanings the word holographic one subscribes to the most, the basic idea of this article would seem to requite alot more in faith than in evidence to believe.
Lets be clear, the author is making his entire premise , rest on the idea that our universe is a hologram. I havent missed the point... I have just spent some time checking the possible meanings of the word holographic in this context, and no matter which shape you try and bend this into, the article STILL revolves around this utterly unproven and more likey unprovable scenario.
Dry, I can handle. Wordy? Who cares? I love english language , and any oppertunity to examine it . Accuracy though.... My personal opinion? This article was produced because someone thought they were far more intellectualy gifted than they actualy were. The article reeks of unchecked theories, rampant assumption and above all invention.
Psychotronics, I.E. the unification of mind and machinery ought to be a part biological concept, involving physicaly testable parameters, and not requiring extensive psuedoscientific rambling.
Your Tax dollar at work? Screw the tax man friends, invest in something less inviting to the the ultimate horror, the most sickening hybrid ever concieved, the dreaded hippy physicist.
I was hoping for alot , and I mean A HELL OF ALOT more from this document. As I said, I can sit and plow through acres of genuine, testable, real science papers and be utterly content. This however is like trying to read a bible in which the word 'Jesus' has been replaced by the word phallus. In short, its reduced to the level of nonsense by its content and delivery.

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 08:50 AM
reply to post by TrueBrit

Do you think there may be some golden needles among this haystack?

I kind of got the idea from the report, that he was trying to tackle something too big for his brain. Again I'm no physics or math guru, but I kind of got the feeling he was out of his league.

Dr. Hynek and Dr. Vallee both dealt with this kind of material in a more refined way, but both of them had Ph.Ds.

Lt. Col Bearden, the author of the report, only had a M.S. in nuclear engineering from Georgia Tech.

If you can objectively review the two other reports I have, I'll post them.

Also, it would be good if you can give some good examples of nonsense, instead of analogies. I want to be able to give someone an example of flaws in this report.

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 09:16 AM
reply to post by MikeboydUS

Well the biggest flaw with the report is that it was made by someone who hasnt got a particularly firm grasp of the subject matter at hand, and I am a layman just for clarifications sake. Secondary to that failing, you have the unsubstantiated,and worse, badly presented idea of a "holographic" universe. Rather than getting on with tackling that idea and presenting it clearly to the reader, and making the reader understand the possibilities of that theory, the report merely assumes the readers compliance with its direction, and moves onto psychotronics.

Now as I said already psychotronics, essentialy a merger of mind and mechanics, does not have a need of such a fundamentaly complex, and also shakey premise as a holographic universe in order to explore. There have been experiments done already which prove that a person can use thier mind to control physical constucts like computers , those studies being pre cursors to what I can only assume will be an explosion of new methodologies interms of interface technology.

The link is a general case, but a few years back I recall a paralyzed man was attatched directly to a computer, via cables which allowed him to control the cursor, allowing him to use the internet , communicate with people, and almost to transplant his social interactive life, almost seamlessly into cyberspace. No blasted psuedo science here, just good honest to god, proven intergration of biomedical and mechanical science.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 08:04 AM

Monarch: The New Phoenix Program.

Everything you ever wanted to know.

(you don't want to by the way)

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 08:46 AM
As an enthusiastic student of parapsychology, comparative mythology, philosophy, and Jung and as a UFO witness I find this very very interesting. Thanks OP. I will look over your pdf and comment tomorrow.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 11:58 AM
Just after a very preliminary skim of the material - I find myself puzzled by his conflation of logic and perception. He consistently fails to make any distinction between logic , logical processes, and perception. Perhaps this is his point, but it is troubling. I do find it interesting to read and thanks to OP for bringing this out. I do enjoy his rather large ego and orignal combinations of physics and philosophy. He does something here I enjoy doing, which is to take physics analogies and apply them to models for epistemology. He also seems to love the word "orthogonal"; but according the "laboratory space" (which I take to be his reference to conventional physics) orthogonal simply means perpendicular, but he seems to intend a kind of alternate dimension. The underlying gist of things so far reminds me greatly of Jane Roberts Seth material - but without the refined understanding of probability as oppossed to "possibility".

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 08:51 AM

Originally posted by MikeboydUSMany of the personnel who worked in the military in the fields of extra sensory perception, psychokinetics, and psychotronics have become psychotic, subtance abusers, and even suicidal. The psychological toll of such work is tremendous and very few have the psyche that can survive it.

Yeah, a skeptic would probably claim that they were crazy to begin with and that is why they entertained such crazy ideas. But I think that having a paradigm like that can open the mind to psychic influence which can be tough to handle.

I read most of the pdf and I am very impressed with it. I can see the skeletal structure of my own paradigm in it. I think that the author could have used a little more study of Jung and of comparative mythology. It's a good defense against the psychological toll.

Some snips that I found very eloquent:

When tulpas emerge, they emerge as cultural modulations of archetypal forms. I.e, an infinite number of reality channels exist. The total instrumentation characteristics, both genetic, psychological, and physiological, of the observer or observers who tune into the channel determine the noise content and the actual channel selected.

I think the author should have elaborated on Jungian archetypes, because I feel the trickster archetype must be better understood. The author seems to underestimate that archetype.

The tulpa will hardly ever be closed entirely in phase, however, and so it will almost always be unstable. UFOs, angles, imps, etc go away.

Do they sort of 'melt' back into the collective unconscious, like an ice-cube melting in a drink?

Or do they continue to exist in their own 'world', in the modulated form, never to melt into formlessness?

Wouldn't their entire 'world' need to be modulated too, in order to accommodate the modulated (symbolic) form? That is something I have wondered. The author seems to be suggesting that they continue to exist:

Demons, UFOs, fairies, sasquatches, spirits, gods, realities, conceptions, speculations - each is real in its own domain.

So the author suggests that a tulpa exists in its own domain, and then phases into and back out of our domain and has its own memories of the experience? Its own personality? I have a hard time seeing how a fully autonomous and pre-existing entity with its own personality, memories, etc can be modulated by OUR cultural conceptions and expectations. Maybe the relationship between our culture and the symbolic forms of archetypal manifestations is more complex than a simple causal relationship.

[edit on 20-7-2010 by Student X]

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 04:31 PM
I did not read much of that document because it was badly written and unscientific. He jumps from concept to concept without explaining his terms. Also, why in a discussion of the Multiple Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Theory does he jump into rewriting the "laws" of Aristotle, as if they were on par with the mathematical laws of Newton and Einstein?

Aristotle is considered a historical philosopher - I have never heard of anyone in physics actually incorporating these pre-Scientific doctrines into genuine contemporary theory. That made me suspicious. Being curious, I searched around and found a website very critical of this dishonest fellow with a false degree.

For what it's worth, similar types of subjects are discussed by someone with an actual PhD in physics, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, in his book The Dreaming Universe. This book has actual references, it is reasonably coherent, he talks about UFOs, tulpas, lucid dreams, etc. It is far more coherent and thought-provoking than this jumbled up speculation from an untrustworthy source.

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