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Is The Bush Admin. In Hot Water ?

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posted on Jun, 10 2004 @ 09:06 AM
An American in The Hague?

Published: June 10, 2004

he Bush administration has yet to accept much responsibility for the torture at Abu Ghraib prison. True, the president has apologized for the abuse on Arab television, and several top military officials in Iraq — including the general in charge of the prison and her boss — have been quietly suspended or will soon be transferred. But so far, legal responsibility has fallen exclusively on the seven court-martialed soldiers who were directly involved. Administration officials have argued that they themselves are not liable, since the incidents were the work of a few bad actors.

Today in the New York Times, under the OP-ED Contributor is an artical pertaining to the Abu Ghraib torture and abuse of the Iraq prisoners.
It seem s that George W Bush and his administration is still under the gun and could possibly be in serious trouble with the International Law.

As much as I dislike the Bush Administration and the way they are handling our country, I still would not wish anything bad on anyone of them, but, President Bush and his Administration did know about the abuse and torture that was taking place by their own admitance of knowing about the pictures before they were releast to the public.

1. Should G W Bush and Rumsfelt be held accountable for the mess in Abu Ghraib prison?


2. Is it fair for the seven people that was charged for these war-crimes on the prisoners to be the only ones held accountable ?


3. If Bush and Rumsfelt had a chance, let's say,.... in going back in time and re-doing the handling of the Iraq prisoners differently, do you think they would/wouldn't change the treatment of the prisoners ?

Answer- I would like to think they would do things differently but as stubborn as they seeem to be, it's hard telling.

It reads in the artical that the International Law will be using is a doctrine that was a product of American initative.
I beleive that since "heads-rowed" at the bottom of the latter with 7 of our service-people for doing what "they " said they were told to do, then other higher-ups need to be treated in the same manner but harsher and if this would include Rumsfelt and Bush, then so be it.

I have added a part of the artical and the url for others to read above.

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posted on Jun, 11 2004 @ 09:57 PM
This is an excellent post and the link should a must read for anyone interested the current political atmosphere or jusriprudence in the USA.The author makes the observation Americans have accepted the doctrine of command responsibility when they prosecuted the Salvadoran generals for offenses similar to the Abu Ghraib abuses. Yet the current admin. has denied command responsibility and probably will not be prosecuted by International Law. He also goes on to note that the implications of this will color our foreign relations for years to come. Now there is speculation of a pre-emptive strike against Iran. This is very very dangerous to the whole world and cannot possibly be tolerated. I think that if the current admin. were prosecuted for these crimes of prisoner abuse in Iraq (it was a WAR, and the Geneva conventions did apply) we might perhaps avert a nuclear holocaust as predicted by the bible codes and various other sources.

posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 10:14 PM
It seem s that G W Bush was informed by legal counsel that if "Bush" decided to order the detainee s to be tortured/abused , that it was within his power to do so. So it seem's that the order did come from the white house and his administration.

I still beleive that Bush & co should be brought-up on "War Crimes", if not by the International Law, then by Impeachment of War Crimes.

Somethings got to be done about this.

The State House/Powell was even unnerved by Bush possible going a long with the talk of torturing prisoners and tried to stop it. Bush has gotten it into his head that he is above reprouch. If International Law doesn't do something about this, then it is up to the people of the U S to demand Impeachment of Bush & co.

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