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Who determines who should have limited independence?

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posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 03:49 PM
Didnt we learn anything from world war 2?
The one lesson we got from WW2 was everyone has objective value.
The one thing that made WW2 was a civilized man witness our selves putting our selves above others.
How come we must look at almost all issues objectively, yet on issues like unified peoples, it is only other unified peoples that must accept their unification.
With the issues as of recently, and NOT just ISRAEL, but Afganistan and IRAQ and many other countries facing tyranny.
Watching this video explains exactly what we are missing.
Look at the woman, look at how the total humanity of what we are all missing.
These men are no worse than the nazi's we condemed.
They find nothing wrong with what they are doing?
Any one sitting at their computer can honestly tell me they can raise a gun and kill children heartlessly IS THE RETURN OF THE SCUM WE SOUGHT TO DESTROY IN WW2.FlashbackYOU DECIDE?

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