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The Lie is the Illusion of "Hell on Earth" - "Heaven on Earth" comes from Truth.

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 11:33 PM
The lie is the illusion that we are in hell on earth.
The truth is heaven on earth.
Once we face truths we will find that we have heaven on earth again.

There are MANY lies these are just a few examples:

* Examples of the lie: "Plastics with chemicals are Safe" "Cell phones are safe"
These things bring "hell on earth" with cancers and illnesses ect.
The Truth is they are not safe and there is an example where the truth sets you free from living in hell.

Another example of the lie is that you have to work 9-5 this is an illusion because if you realize that you work you life away to earn a house that in the time it takes you to earn on 9-5 the truth is that in far less time you could have learned how to build a house and purchased your supplies by helping others and they in return pay you or donate materials to you. Eventually building and completing a home for yourself. You also now have skills that come in handy when something breaks or needs replacing there for eliminating the need for special jobs like plumbers or carpenters. You can become all of these people it just takes a little time and effort and patience.
You don't really need to work if you help one another and learn.
When work becomes a favor for someone we are free from slavery of the career.
For example I need some seeds for my garden and I know my neighbor has many seeds in storage, so I offer to mow the neighbors lawn in exchange for the seeds.
Or for example say I needed help raising a wall in my house that I am building, I go to my big strong neighbor and offer to fix his computer if he helps me lift my wall.
It's like trading or Barter.

Take Care.

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posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 12:06 AM
I'm not trying to debunk what you're saying, I'm simply wondering for my own curiosity. Do you have a job? I basically agree with what you're saying, I've always thought of careers like this, I just know that I have a job and I was wondering, since you talk about your own personal experiences, if you do have a job?

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 12:13 AM
Yes I have experience working at various jobs and it goes against my inner self or soul to work a steady job or career. And waking up to set times with alarms is havoc on the body's natural sleep cycles.
This does not mean I don't work it simply means I do not devote my life to a job or career. I work as needed for things needed not so much for money.
I can do whatever I put my mind to. I can fix computers I can fix cars I can fix dinner I can.... do whatever I wish so long as I take the time to learn. Instead of taking the time to yearn and lust for things. I devoted my life to learn and understand so I could figure out what mans problem was. And in the process I exhausted all possible topics to learn, except a few minor details.
And when I hit this point I reached what is called "Christ Conciseness"
*I also used hemi-sync and brain-sync audio CD's as well as some of the series.

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posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 12:35 AM
reply to post by AsTaR

Hi there friend. Yes, you are right about your concept of how things should be. There are a lot of lies, and most are being exposed right now. The systems of our world are under pressure. I might be one of the few laughing my head off in disbelief at how many lies are propagated in this world at the current time. While others stress in anxiety, I am beginning to laugh.

It is as simple as you explain it. I am talented in a specific area. Everyone is talented is something as well. If we all just gave freely of our talent, and pitched in to help other people accomplish their talent...if we did this there would be no need to work. Everything would be free eventually. We would enjoy the richest life beyond anything we currently imagine.

For most people it is difficult to imagine this concept. A world where you help where you can. That there is more to life than working 9-5 to keep the roof over your head. We have largely been herded into system control schemes, designed by greed and profit, sold under the label of freedom. Our society is beginning to break free from these lies. It will take more time, more lies need to comes forth and be shown to the world. We need the people behind the curtain to be exposed before most will questions everything, everything they have learned and been told.

Freedom as it is understood now is a learned concept. Freedom is not capitalism. Someone sold us a lie. If Freedom means I have to work for someone to eat food that grows freely on this earth, that I must buy seeds, that I must buy the water to irrigate, that I must buy a permit to fish...these things used to be shared in the community without regard to profit. Your success is my success. You bring ideas, skill, and labor to the community for the community good you are worth anything I have.

When we get back to thinking like a community of humans sharing space, then maybe we will have a chance at peace and heaven on earth. I believe we are witnessing the end. All those that cling to their beliefs are being challenged. Time to realize the lies. Time to realize defending BP right to not being regulated or forcing regulation is a lie. Time to realize Obama vs. Bush is a lie, neither matters as politics is not truthful. Time to get off our high-horse and realize if we bicker about the rules in this game and do not realize it is just a game we created and can change at any time, we will create other unfair rules that create system wide unfairness and go against our humanity.

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 12:54 AM
Completely agree.

It is easy to live without money, as long as you desire to do so. If you think its impossible, GUESS WHAT! It's impossible.

Live life free, free of debt, free of boundaries, and free of slavery. This society is not human based, its profit based, humans are now a commodity, that's the biggest sign to turn around.

If not quit, at least do what you love and make money. Never do something you do not want to because you are future oriented. This society is based on future oriented people, but i am present oriented. And that gives me a age old perspective, based on protection not production of the planet.

I think maybe "The Elite" wanted it this way, no?

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 01:38 AM
reply to post by AsTaR

You are quite right. I live in Amish country. Those folks can sure build a house quickly together. A sturdy house, too. And nothing gets built without the money up front.

About this hell on earth stuff.

I guess I'm not following you. If this ain't hell, on earth, goodness gracious! What else does God allow to happen to people? Even those that never heard his "Word"?

I think I have been through a hell, And I wish it upon no one. I didn't see Satan there, but I did recognize my mother there, as the main antaganist. .And she was really getting into it all.

don't tell me it will be worse than her. I would give up all hope if this was true.

But I don't.

And for those that go through a greater hell than I have. It will end, And you will finally be at peace and forgive those that made your life a hell.

God's got nothing on those that live in this world and create a hell for you.

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 01:35 PM
reply to post by kyred

I think it is more accurate to describe our man-made structures as hell. In the bible, Jesus when picked up by the kings before being crucified was accused of being many things. Jesus each time accused stated: "I AM what you say I AM." My opinion of these words is that Jesus recognized each person was free to create their own outward projection of this reality. To each person they have the right to interpret reality and others actions as they wish. However, what Jesus came to show the world is that we create our own reality. We inject thoughts, judgments, and opinions on each other. We influence each other with these opinions. If these opinions are not geared to love each other we will build structures and systems based on hate and fear. This is hell. Living in a reality that everyone thinks they are separate. That one person is right above another based on their opinion or belief. That is hell. That is our world.

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 02:16 PM
"We inject thoughts, judgments, and opinions on each other. We influence each other with these opinions."

This is exactly what Tel-Evil-Sion and Media is geared towards.

As Negative thinking creates and entire industry of supports & business (jobs careers) to make a negative person happy you reward them (such as with a pay check or object like car or boat or with a movie) and tell them they are doing good being a negative person because they get the job done after all.
Now you've really confused them because they think they are doing a good job here on earth by acting negative and selfish and by judging others negatively and based on their past and or what they wear or how they speak or color of skin. And since they are rewarded for doing "wrong/bad" they continue to believe that is the way to live.
The true reward system is supposed to come as reward of favor: The idea that : I need seeds, I do work for them, favor returned,I obtain seeds those seeds now turn into a crop of food that I can share and trade for more seeds or other items such as lumbar and with that lumbar I now build furniture for people I trade furniture for the material to build a small shed I build the shed and start to sell sheds, now I trade sheds for a small home.... you see how a small idea can turn into a large one? And make you "rich"

People need to learn just like training dogs wrong causes them to become negative or violent "training" humans in this manner works the same way. What TRULY needs to be done is :
"Reward good deeds done. Do not punish when wrong deeds done."
We all know when we are "wrong" we don't need people to point it out (Unless we are oblivious)
Most people don't know when they are "right" and do not get outside encouragement to help them judge what is right or wrong from others points of view to help them see their own point of view another way.
We need to give people a reason to do good. We need to reward the people who do what is "right" to show others the reason to do good.
Like how the powers that be (TPTB) reward doing "wrong" with a pay check or bribe to stay quiet.

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 12:27 AM
reply to post by AsTaR

I agree with most everything you posted. There is something very wrong when we are rewarded for being a slave. When you really think about it, a real reward would be never having to do it over and over. We are paid, and forced to conform to the will of someone, at jeopardy is living under a bridge. Many good people are duped into lying and cheating to make their lives better and more comfortable.

It is sad to me that if we simply said work is slavery. Then being a good slave means having more privileges. More privileges in our system is money to buy other services and products that do little for our soul, and really only support the system of punishment and reward.

Don't worry AsTaR. If you believe in prophecy of any scope...we are at the end of this. It's so close to going away. Something will replace our broken systems and I hope it is something that actually benefits all of us on this planet.

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 01:12 AM
What we do now and in our past effects our future kind of like a mirror.
Past, present, and future exist simultaneously. This is exactly what quantum physicists tell us today. It makes prophecy possible, not a prediction of what we are going to do but rather a record of what we have already done. "That which has been is now; and that which is to be has already been" (Ecclesiastes 3:15). Future history is already recorded and is just as real as our past.

I think part of what makes prophecy possible is that the soul always gravitates to what it likes to do thus there is an element of predictability even if you change some details the soul always strives to do what it yearns.
Thus the "concept" or "purpose" of your soul remains. Even if the details presented to your will change or alter there's always a deep down choice you tend to gravitate to.

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