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Why we are mad at the government: it's not because of party politics.

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 09:23 PM
Just why are people mad at the government. Is it party politics? What is it? Is it as the media would make it out to believe... that everything was fine... and all until everyone started being really partisan? Could that really be it?

I first and foremost want to say that I think that a large part of America don't want what is going on right now to continue. Media commentators will frequently blame party politics for the reason so many people are mad at politics, and, they think that people just want the federal government to get things done. We've already seen the federal government do things in the past- where, like with the No Child Left Behind Act for example. It was an honest bill and it was an honest attempt to hold teachers accountable. What this bill fails to realize is that there are people out there who just cannot be taught and there are people out there who will fail classes, and, that no teacher is perfect. It attempts to create a utopian vision- but it penalizes teachers, and robs students of teachers, just at the expense of some children. It also focuses too much attempt on tests, where, the real emphasis should be on learning concepts and materials, and, with essays and showing that you can think.

They don't think of this problem- as to why we don't like the government, as more of a recent one. People have seen since the New Deal an expansion in executive power. The executive now has control of the economy. I believe what we're witnessing right now is a failure of big government, and, we're witnessing a failure of corporations- state-owned and registered entities that claim to be part of the free market, continuing to pillage the American workers. What we're witnessing right now- is the banks that have put everyone in massive debt, now saying they deserve to be bailed out, and, we're seeing economists act like it's okay, and, it's part of economic theory, so it should be fine. These economists are so entrenched in their theories that they fail to account for the rest of reality. They don't take into account public perception. They don't look at people's incomes, and, how the Middle Class has gradually been diminished over time.

The problem isn't about partisan politics. What the media is trying to say is that they want for whoever is the ruling party at the time- be it the corporate Democrats, or the corporate Republicans just to have their agenda pushed through our throats. That is what it is. Partisan politics just means that you follow your political party. There's nothing inherently wrong with that in theory. In practice, it does mean with people like John McCain backing their party and going against immigration reform- just because the Obama administration is doing it, and, him not calling himself a Maverick anymore. A lot of the Republicans in the government are opposing immigration reform- yet, they support Arizona's immigration laws. It's kind of strange.

Party politics just means that you support your political party. These bills aren't really the problems. If health care reform was written by lawmakers who weren't in bed with the corporations, maybe, the bill could have been a less bill. I don't know... but I think that most of the Democratic constituents probably wanted a public option. This bill didn't have it. I think we may have been better off with a public option than just forcing everyone to just go on corporate health care... because in my mind- at least that's voluntary, and, they could pay a fee or something. And now, with the environmental bill- with the climate legislation apparently Obama's saying now that some big corporations are backing it. You know from that- that the bill won't really be effective in dealing with the problem even if you were a diehard environmentalist. What's good for state-sponsored corporations isn't necessarily good for the environment. Obama's allowed near-shore drilling... Obama said that the stimulus package would help mainstreet- but- as we all know that the bill just helped the people on wall street.

The media likes to say that Republicans are the only ones opposed to the financial bailout. I was for it, before, I knew that most of the money was used to bail out these bankers that basically pillaged the American people. There was a reason that people were against the Bush administration... and commentators like Dana Milbank here ( are out of touch with the American people as to why we don't like the government.

The Bush administration showed a complete lack of respect for the bill of rights and the constitution. It's not like we didn't like the government then (and now) because of their being anti-government, as the media claims the Bush administration was with regards to his economic policies (which he wasn't)... we disliked them for gitmo, and, the Bagram prison... and the treatment of suspected terrorists there, and, how most of the people there were innocent or just in the line of fire. The Bush administration claimed the right to in the Jose Padilla case detain anyone who seemed like an enemy combatant ( without a trial or habeus corpous. The Supreme Court eventually ruled that Jose Padilla could refile his petition for habeus corpous, but, hasn't ruled on the court case and said that the executive didn't have that right to do it (

In 2006- the a federal judge ruled that warantless wiretapping was unconstitutional ( But the federal government, as we are well aware, still does it. Warantless wiretapping violates the 4th amendment and is a continual violation of our 4th amendment rights.

The Obama administration is still continuing the long US government practice of doing covert operations around the world without telling the people what they've done after they've done it. I am against them doing covert operations in the first place, but, I feel that if they do it- they shouldn't claim like they're all transparent (like they did when they printed $1 trillion for the bailouts)... and say they're open and then go out in nations where they didn't tell us they were going to do during the public debates ( Obama just said that he was going to go to Afghanistan more. He didn't say that he was going to go in all of these other places.

And of course, there's off shore oil drilling. Even now- with the oil spill- the administration has continued to permit companies to do off shore drilling since the spill. About 19 companies from the time of this article have been given permits to do off shore oil drilling ( It shows you where the Obama administration's priorities are.

Then you have the Obama administration has played dirty politics ( especially with the new Andrew Romanoff scandal, and, with them trying to play off politicians running for office they don't like, and, with the Joe Sestak scandal where he was offered a job by the Whitehouse.

So I ask... is there any question why we dislike the government? Media commentators are out of touch with the rest of the world. Partisan politics are the least of our concern. We're worried about the pillage and the rape of the American people. This government doesn't give a **** about us, and, we're outraged. Media commentators think that it's just an Obama thing. But it's not. If we protest we're considered potential terror threats. I mean... is there any end to this madness?

The media is seriously out of touch with the people. Partisanship is not the problem. That's only one part of it. But the idea that partisanship is behind the anger towards Washington- is a false one.

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 09:39 PM
We are mad at the government because we continually to creep towards a "China" like status.

No I am not stating we will ever reach it or become close, but we are moving away from our "American" ideals.

Why is that?

Our politicians careers are based off of donations from corporations who (naturally) are working in their best interest.

While it may seem unrealistic, it is our goal as a society and the governments responsibility to act in the citizens of their country's best interest.

I say unrealistic because everyone is out for their survival, so we have to ALWAYS be fighting for our own protection.

We can never stop. Never. We stop fighting and we stop being mad, it will only corrupt that much faster.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by Frankidealist35

I agree. It isn't all about party partisan politics. It's about a one party system made to look like two parties with a few other nonplayers.

Surely it's now evident that the two major parties want to achieve the same results. They pretend to take differnt paths. It keeps us all busy. But the destination is the same end.

Global government. Disregard for cultures. Disregard, eventually for borders. Disregard for individual rights. Total control of government, utilities, food, wealth (poverty), advancement, education, history, knowledge, the list goes on.

Are the major players in this really evil? I don't know. Do they believe they are doing good for the majority? I don't know. Will the major players still get to live a life of wealth and prosperity? Yes. They believe so, or so I believe. Do they want to equal everything out for all, except for them, who will get more? I think so. At least the power brokers will get the riches they desire.

If half of your boat is sinking, or being over flowed by water, what do you do, if you can? Even out the cargo and hope all will float equally. Meanwhile, the most important thing is for the captain to remain above the waters while he tries to control. And as a last resort, he can jump into one of the few remaining lifeboats.

Going down with the ship is no longer the choice the captains select. They want to survive, too. And become a captain of a ship again.

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 12:55 AM
Great article, S&F, I had a similar and much less wordy post a while back...As a conservative constitution party voter and former republican, I have awakened to the lies of government quite a bit in the last couple years. Is it because a black man or a democrat is in office? Absolutely's the realization that it's the same ol' crap no matter who is in power. It's hard to open ones eyes to the lies when "their guy" is in power...just like those blindly following Obama despite his broken promises, I admit to being blinded during the Bush years, I thought he was great...looking back, he may have had some good things about him but as for conservatism, especially economic and constitutional conservatism, the supposed foundation of the GOP, he was downright awful.

When I look at the rising debt, the loss of jobs, several counties here in Cali have over 20% unemployment and the state is almost bankrupt...I am mad at the government. When I look at the numbers...our GDP verses our growing national debt, the cost of social security and several years the government will only take in enough money to barely make the payment on the interest of our debt. This nation may be bankrupt soon..we will either see collapse and bankruptcy or civil war...

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 01:00 AM

Originally posted by FritosBBQTwist
We are mad at the government because we continually to creep towards a "China" like status.

My fiancee's father went to China recently and was amazed at their freedom...they are almost libertarian commies lol. Sure if you say anything bad about the government or research democracy online you get shot...but if you want to open a store or hotdog stand, open it, who needs permits and bureaucrats haunting you at every turn! Want to jaywalk across the street? Why not, there were surprisingly few cops present compared to the US. They didn't seem to be taxed and bothered at every turn...

I am not advocating that we become like China, I'm simply stating how this communist empire actually has more freedoms than us in everyday life...imagine that...

I also like to point out how we the United States went to war with the greatest superpower of its time over fewer and lesser taxes than we have today

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 01:43 AM
reply to post by Frankidealist35

damn dude
that was brilliant !!!
I agreed with everything
you said.

Couldn't have said it better myself
S&F 4 U

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