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Joe Meadors survives Israeli attack at sea in international waters......AGAIN

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 07:28 PM
For Joe Meadors, it must have felt like history repeating itself.

The survivor of the brutal, unprovoked Israeli assault on the US Liberty in 1967 was again back in the thick of the action when he took part in the flotilla bringing aid to the oppressed Palestinians. Like the last time Israel took a shot at him, he lived to tell the tale.

1967 USS Liberty survivor was onboard flotilla ship

In June 1967, the Israel military attacked the USS Liberty. A survivor of that attack was onboard the Gaza aid flotilla and has survived yet again to tell the story.

Joe Meadors is a pro-Palestinian activist and a survivor of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. That attack by the Israeli Air Force killed 34 Americans. Meadors was onboard one of the Gaza aid flotilla ships.

“They [Israeli military] are very inept, to tell you the truth,” said Meadors.

Israeli forces were unable to sink an unarmed US Naval ship and were unable to adequately engage the Turkish liner.

“It was an illegal attack. We were on the high seas conducting legal activities. They admitted that they closed the area for military purposes but they, we tried to find out the boundaries of that area and they wouldn’t tell us,” said Meadors.

Meadors said that they violated international waters both in the recent flotilla attack and in 1967 at the attack of the USS Liberty, stating that Israel also violated international law by using unmarked aircraft.

“They’re just a bunch of rag-tag people who think they can do no wrong. Every time they speak they say they don’t break any laws, they always abide by international laws. But, they break them with impunity and the US Government is not going to hold them accountable, nobody is,” said Meadors.

Read more: RT

Read more about Israel's unprovoked attack on the unarmed American vessel, the US Liberty;

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posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 06:12 PM
People often wonder what it would take for America to wake up and hold Israel accountable for it's actions.

The USS Liberty case shows clearly that they will be allowed to get away with just about anything and the US government will still take their side. They were blatantly attacking an unarmed vessel in international waters, in broad daylight and the President himself called off a US counter-attack.

I personally think the Israelis could set off a nuke in Times Square and the US would still stand behind them.

Israel knows that it can act with impunity on the world stage because no matter what atrocity the commit, the US will always stand behind them.

Even though their actions may sicken the majority of the American people, the powers in Washington will never act against them.

The government's blind support of Israel makes me sick. The people need to wake up and demand that Washington hold them accountable. It'll never happen though, so long as those stupid evangelical, "Left Behind" protestants can influence elections.

God save us from stupid Protestants.

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