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Growing up with Amityville

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 01:29 PM
I want to take a moment and introduce myself, my name is Christopher John Quaratino.

Like many of you here on Above Top Secret, I believe there is more going on in this world than what we are lead to believe. That there is a gap, between What is really going on, and what the media, goverment, established religion, or even at times our closest loved ones tell us is happening. "Knowing the Truth", becomes a quest that drives you and I on our own personal journey towards that understanding.

Each of you have probably had , like myself , That "AAHH HAA!" moment, when you began fitting the pieces of what your "sure" about within the framework of what you've been told is true. Where deep inside your knower, you know there is a different picture developing as more of the pieces fit and take shape.

That "moment" stirred something inside of me, that caused me to peer behind the doors of memories that I had so long ago blocked and locked. Traumatic experiences, best forgotten.

In no wise, would I have made them public, but that they are already public was not of my choosing. As stories circulated of my familys' experience the publics attention and imagination was piqued. I was but a boy at the time, 8 years old, when the story went public in 1976.

Much has already been said on the topic.
You probably have made a decision already, based on what information you've been "told".

Yet, like so many other things in this world, there is a story behind a story, something more you should know.

I am Christopher John Quaratino, formerly known as (FKA) Christopher Lutz.

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 01:35 PM
I guess its time for more books, movies and interviews.

I like how he said the "thing" followed them for years, it wasn't the house.

That tidys up the problem with nothing ever happening like that ever again on the property.

I will probably read the new book, I've read all of them so far. I really don't want to miss out on anything new.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 01:43 PM
i love it when famous people join

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 02:04 PM
Welcome, my freaky stuff must be pretty tame compared to yours. Hope you enjoy it here

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by Christopher J Quaratino

welcome, it will be nice to hear about your experience as well as the ah ha moment. Enjoy your time here.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 02:23 PM
Welcome to the forum from a fellow Long Islander. I live in West Islip which is about 3 communities over from Amityville.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 03:17 PM
Welcome to the community

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 02:52 AM
Christopher J Quaratino here, I've personally written this press release, and will be circulating it to other media outlets.

release is as follows

“Amityville Horror Kid Challenges Movie Giant"

U.S. Army veteran and Amityville haunting survivor Christopher John Quaratino is taking a stand. Quaratino, is formerly known as (fka) Christopher Lutz, one of the three children of George and Kathy Lutz. The Lutz family lived through what became known as "The Amityville Horror." Now 43 years old, Christopher has read the recent news releases put forth by film companies, Hannibal Classics and The Weinstein Company. The companies announced new sequel movies, each taking a stab at their own versions. Hannibal, the first to make public its intent, is developing "Amityville Legacy" in 3D. Not to be outdone, a week later, Bob Weinstein in his joint deal with Miramax and Dimension announced at Cannes film festival that his company is moving forward with its new movie "The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes, to be released in theaters January of next year.

Bob Weinstein said, "We are thrilled to return to the mythology of the Amityville Horror with a new and terrifying vision that will satisfy our existing fans and also introduce an entirely new audience to this popular haunting phenomenon,"

Jason Blum who produced the "Paranormal Activity" films, which have grossed close to $400 million worldwide, is set to produce. Blum is quoted by Variety saying, "I'm thrilled to be working with Bob to reinvent one of the all-time great horror franchises, and I think this new instalment will really hit home with a new generation of moviegoers,"
Christopher John, who maintains the haunting was real, yet very different from how it has been portrayed to the public, has this to say in response to the announcements, “They want to reinvent the story? A whole new generation won’t know what really happened? Just as all those that don’t know, who have followed this story for the last 35 years. The time has come for me to set the record straight, a fresh look from an alternative perspective, through the eyes of one of the children who peered out from those iconic quarter round windows. An eyewitness to the actual events that occurred in the Amityville house and what followed.”
“Therefore, I am calling out The Weinstein brothers, Bob and Harvey, your producers and writers. And Hannibal Films who have already begun making the next movie sequels to the story that should have died so long ago “The Amityville Horror". To these companies, who are bowing down to the golden calf milking the story one more time allying themselves with the top horror writers and producers in the business”.
“I SAY THIS, at what you do, you are good, BUT WHEN IT COMES TO "AMITYVILLE and what happened after.... "I CAN TELL A CREEPIER STORY THAN YOU!"
I am challenging you to a contest. The contest should be judged in the vein of American Idol, where the public casts their vote to decide the outcome, and ultimate winner.
The specific categories to be judged, should be the very thing your audiences so desire.
The best stories of all time are what they are, because of the very things I am challenging you in.

The specific categories are as follows:
1. You keep it Realistic. I'll keep it Honest.
2. Thought Provoking
3. Genuine Chill Producing (shocking jumps, don't count)
4. Psychologically Impacting
If you choose to accept this Challenge, do so publicly. I await your answer!
The public is invited to follow along as I face the demons of my past and the movie giants of today by logging on to and by "liking" the challenge on!/pages/Amityville-Horror-Challenge/164647713600246

With just over 7 months until the Weinstein/Miramax/Dimension film is set to release on January 27 2012. Quaratino has a lot of work to do, to present his story in a book, he is seeking a writing coach and a publisher. Christopher feels it is important that he author the book personally and will take full responsibility for the truthfulness and accuracy of its content. More information will be forthcoming at his website whether or not the companies accept the Horror Challenge.
In a rare comment from any of the Lutz children, Christopher at the time the 2005 Amityville Horror remake released in theaters said, “George Lutz, brought the troubles on himself (and our family) by dabbling in the occult, it wasn’t just the House that was the problem. That’s why it followed us.”

end of press release

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 08:04 PM

I read the book around 1980, it scared me senseless, as I was around 13 at the time. I reread it a few years ago and looked at the story with the perspective of an adult who has had many paranormal experiences and felt that the book was pretty much a work of fiction. From your post I gather that although there is a story to be told it is not the published version. I have no doubt that your story will be much more interesting, the truth usually is!

Are you looking for someone to collate your memories, edit them and present them in a readable fashion, or someone to author your story?

Its great to be able to say hi, I hope things go well for you in this undertaking, Wish you all the luck in the world

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 08:18 PM
reply to post by Christopher J Quaratino

It's interesting that you have decided to become "part of the freak show" and "undergo public scrutiny" after avoiding it for so long. Best of luck making big bucks with your book. Money is a motivator for many in America. Hopefully the day will never come when you regret cashing in on personal tragedy. My sincere condolences for the terrible event that happened to your family.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by Christopher J Quaratino

first, it seems you are ignoring other members here. so i am unsure if this will be answered.

but this site has a long storied past of people coming in with BIG stories, and them being hoaxers. Usually it is someone who is a writer.

Regardless, it seems that you are using this forum for purely promotional reasons. I normally am very patient with the type that strings people along. But given the lack of banter and further information (a year after your OP), i don't think i can do that.

Put up or shut up.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 08:45 PM
Hey "Chris Lutz', kinda funny how youre here toting this and your dad ADMITTED the house was a hoax, he tried to sell the story of the house because because it was a money pit

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 09:00 PM
Would you dare set the record straight here on this Thread rather than in your book? I saw a documentary recently on the house, where a psychic/medium came to the home and had many revelations over what actually happened in the home. Id love to hear your side.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 09:04 PM

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Realized this thread was a year old......i agree w texan. You must start conversing with this community, or you will be all the other trolls here.

As of now, you have proven yourself as being nothing but a self promoting, self serving troll.

Time to answer some questions from the ATS family bro.

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