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Mankind who made you part 2, WHOs your daddy?

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 11:29 AM
Ok ATS I did a few weeks ago a thread basically asking any who could to present me proof that humans are creations of beings other then GOD ALPHA the creator and I got some pretty good feedback as always on the ATS. So after analyzing the information within that specific thread I noticed there still seems to be two ways of thinking.

One way is GOD APLHA made humanity and everyone else (hints)! The other is that mankind started as apes originally. This sounds real good and is a valid argument for potential ETs who may consider themselves Gauds. Cool if thats true it ties ET to the creator still because the ET needed original Earth planted DNA samples to spawn humanity, meaning the ETs still needed GOD the ALPHA to help them to make humanity. Meaning ET is still GOD the ALPHA creations as well, brotheren from another location

Now here comes the next part which spawned this thread friends here and there and everywhere LOL, ready here it goes please dont let what I am about to share offend you if it does then somethings wrong-k-

If and I say if the ET who feel they are GAUD did minipulate original GOD DNA samples to make man from APES then, WHO WROTE NO WROTE IS TOO EASY WHO SPAWNED ALL THE KNOWLEDGE WITHIN THE RELIGIOUS BOOKS OF ALL TIME EVEN THE MOST ANCIENT OF TEXT knowledge like EDEN.

And if my big brother ET did make humans then why place these books of all origins and global locations full of KNOWLEDGE here for us to learn from and then leave knowledge of themselves writing these knowledgable books out. What I am saying is there are times within the bible when GOD speaks, shouldnt an ET species/race know exactly who the GOD AUTHORS are???????? Im sayen shouldnt the ET be able to say hey yea the bible/koran/torah ect. author who was GOD depicted was this species specifically this named ET!!!!

I think this will prove or disprove much of the insanity related to this question of WHO IS GOD ALPHA AND OMEGA OF ALL....

Please someone come thru and clearify, if you can

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 11:36 AM
So anybody know?

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 12:00 PM
not really, but have you heard the expression "meet your maker". "your maker" hints towards that everyone has its own maker speak god. what these makers are made of or where they are, if they are, i dont know.
this expression is so common, i think its true, something not-human creates you, decides your destiny and the point in time to end your existence.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 12:11 PM
reply to post by icepack

I guess to keep it simple I was asking in the book of Genisis for example, WHO CALLED THEMSELF ALPHA AND OMEGA, very simple for an alien species to answer I assume if they said it. Oh and thanks for the post.

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 04:26 PM
Did the "'s" leave you more spirit voicemail again? Let me rephrase that so you might understand better.

DID the 'S leave YOU more SPIRIT voicemail AGAIN?

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 07:58 AM
Im just sayen it would make things easier would it not if ET came thru and said yes the author of this book for this religion is?????? MAKING EVERYTHING MUCH EASIER TO DEAL WITH AND WE CAN ALL ADVANCE. If no ET can say where these great books were spawned from then I think it requires more observation UNIVERSALLY.....

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 03:07 AM
If et's wanted there creation's to know who wrote there believes they wouldn't put it in books, me thinks books are flimsy things. If one could create a species like one could paint a portrait the signature of the painter, is always were its not to noticeable on the picture. And if your like Leonardo "not the ninja turtle" it would probably be backwards and upside down just because.

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 11:15 AM
Im having trouble figuring out what exactly your question is OP. Mabey its just me.

I for one dont think the Bible is a word of God...and dont think God would leave us a Earthly object with all the answers within it.

I can go from there is conversation, if you are wanting to discuss.

To me, its pretty clear that many ancient ones experienced a 'being' that was not like them, that was not 'from here' originally.

Even if a former being of physical body created our 'human' bodies in some way...I have no issues with that. I could care less.

I know that all life, all beings, hold the Spirit within them, of Life, so we are all connected. We are Spirit.

If you want the 'aliens' side of the story more so then the story that man concluded about a past very long ago....I would read the Sumerian tales and the Veda's.

These 'beings from the sky' could also be very well from Earth....just a left over from a very advance time on Earth and beings that very well could of messed with natural evolution to their own benefit or will.

I think when looking at some of the older writings, there was a species, of Earth, from Earth, that were of 'light'....called the 'shining ones'....could even be a time when 'angels' roamed the Earth. If this was so, I dont look at them as 'fallen'....for I find that all things are with purpose and not mistake.

So if any of the above sparks a convo along with your point in your OP...feel free to pick at it.

My best

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