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Two Faces of Israel! Good and Bad

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 08:40 AM
I came upon this video which sheds a light into what Israel is about. This is a very important and disturbing video as it actually shows what is happening in Israel. This video was taken a day after the Flotilla incident. I have taken several screenshots to properly explain each happening in the video.

Brief: There are two groups in Israel the extremist right wing who are also known as Zionist Israeli, sadly and disturbingly the Israeli Government is composed of and controlled by these people. The second group is a minority, they hardly have any say in Israeli policies and government. This video shows both the groups. You be the judge about both these groups.

Screenshot 1.

As you can see here the Israeli right wing who are also known as Zionist Israeli holding banners which says "Well Done IDF"- Yes well done for killing civilians from different countries.

Screen shot 2.

In this screenshot the Zionist Israeli chanting "Next time it will be you they will blow up". Do you know who are they saying this too? To the girl in the image who is also a Israeli and minority left wing party of Israel and to the protesters there who are protesting against IDF massacre.

Screenshot 3.

In this screenshot the zionist Israeli's are chanting "Death to the Arabs"! And we thought it happened only in Muslim countries. How many times have your MSM shown you this face of the Israel?

Screenshot 4.

In this picture as you can see for yourself the Israeli Zionist assualting other protestors who are protesting IDF actions of Flotilla incident.

Screenshot 5.

A zionist Israeli heckling and shoving Israeli flag on a moderate Israeli face and taunting her.

Screenshot 6.

In this picture the minority Israli moderates say "The Israeli army fired on unarmed civilians". As soon as they say it they are sorrounded by the Zionist Israeli from all sides and covered with Israeli flag so they cannot protest. Yes silencing of people.

Screenshot 7.

In this screen capture the extremist zionist Israeli chanting "Death to leftists! Death to leftist!. Death to their own fellow Israeli's who do not agree with them and share their extremist views. They are chasing the other protestors and chantng them not letting them protest.

Screenshot 8.

Well you can see for yourself a Zionist threatning a protester "I love you because you are a small cockroach that is trying to cause problems". The clear implication that how Israeli moderates are threatened and silenced by zionist Israeli.

And here is the full video.

In my opinion this video shows us the actuality of Israel. The zionist Israeli's who are controlling the government and their policies silencing everyone by intimidation, threats, assaults etc. But this video also potrays that all Israeli's are not same, there are still a small number of Israeli's who beleives in justice, peace, fair rights and equality. And that is the truth of Israel.

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 09:15 AM
It's not rare for countries to be split between the left and right. This isn't unique to Israel. For instance, we see it at ATS in the American political forums all the time!

Nonetheless, it's still very disturbing to see these idiots applauding the killing of innocent people as well as the Zionist Bully-Boy tactics. Real men don't bully women! Only insecure little boys with tiny wieners. It would certainly be a different outcome for that buffoon he tried that crap on me.

Well done on posting these pictures. As you say, these are the sorts of images you will never see on the Zionist controlled media of the west.


posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 09:22 AM
It is inspiring to see those brave isrealis fighting for free speech
we lose that we are dun.

Why whould those who whish to stifle free speech need to intimidate ..?
Shouldn't truth stand or is that what they are afraid of

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 09:33 AM
Thanks for replying both of you.

I agree with you it's not rare to have difference between two parties but what this video show us that it's not just a small difference, wishing death upon fellow countrymen! assualting , threatneing and intimidating fellow citizens! This is a clear cut example of ideology of both parties in Israel - the good and the evil.

Yes truth needs to stand but you can see how it is stifled inside Israel. It does not matter to the zionist Israeli whether they harm a Muslim, American, British etc. or even their fellow Israeli and Jews as long as their motives are met.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 09:57 AM
Thanks for posting this video! S&F

Yeah! It's like anywhere else in the world, there's always a opposition.

And there is a opposition in Israel against the regime where some of the people are protesting about the current situation for the palestinians and the current politics of the extreme right wing regime.

These center and more liberal parties and moderates of the political center who support diplomatic steps to peace with the Palestinians, are a well needed counter balance to all these extreme right wing hawks.

Iraeli politics is a nightmare of coalitions and different agendas, that's probably why it looks so messy from the outside.

But In their coalition there is also strong support for that Jerusalem and large settlement blocks in the West Bank will be kept under Israeli control.

And I don't know how that will fly with the Palestinians who also claim their part to Jerusalem as well?

Some 2 part state solution of the problem is surely needed, but how the heck are they going to solve that between the Palestinians and the Israeli wing hawks? this is really beyond me to understand?

The Palestinians apparently need to get rid of Hamas first for anything to happen really, and then the more moderate powers from both sides has to come up with some kind of compromises from both sides.

But they surley need to solve this now - the problem is only getting worse every year.

Maybe Obama can fix it?

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