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Journalism 'Reinvention' Smacks of Government Control

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posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 04:50 PM

Originally posted by Cygnis
So from reading the Discuession pdf

A. Additional Intellectual Property Rights to Support Claims against News Aggregators
Internet search engines and online news aggregators often use content from news organizations without paying for that use. Some news organizations have argued that existing intellectual property (IP) law does not sufficiently protect their news stories from free riding by news aggregators. They have suggested that expanded IP rights for news stories would better enable news organizations to obtain revenue from aggregators and search engines.

FTC staff discuession draft

They want to find a way to limit search engines and aggregators from skimming news from other sites, or create a "you get it from this ip, you pay them $$ per item" type setup.

and then this gem:

1. Copyright and Fair Use The Copyright Act of 1976 (Copyright Act) grants several exclusive rights to authors or other owners of copyright in “works of authorship,” including the rights to reproduce, display, or distribute copies of the work. 3 These rights, however, are subject to several significant limitations. For example, copyright protects an author’s particular expression of ideas or facts, but does not protect the facts or ideas underlying that expression.4 Thus, news stories as written and news images are protected by copyright, but the information reported in the news stories is not.

suggests they want to copyright IDEAS of what the person is trying to say, rather then the particular way the person is stating his opinions.

Absolutely wonderful. So it will boil down to more taxes for us citizens and then copyrights on articles so we couldn't even copy and past them here, or re-write to give our own impressions.

Am I understanding these two sections correctly, because if I am, this would be orwellian on a roll.

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What this means to me is that it marks the end of "free press."

I already have a solution...

We each have our own email account? We belong to our own individual "network" of friends? We can by-pass news organizations, and get our news from a friend of a friend of a friend who is a witness to it?

Yes, news will flow much slower to the masses, but at least one can trust what news is being read in an email to be factual/trustworthy?

All we need to do is add independent investigative reporters/undercover "truthers" to our address books!!!

Imagine how the "people" will become a "united" people. I might actually attain a friend who lives under Zionist rule, who is not a Zionist!

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 05:08 PM

Originally posted by Mr Objectivity
Is there an antonym to the word propaganda?

It's such an ugly word, and not for the honest and unbiased.

No antonyms, but many synonyms: Misinformation, party line, half truths, marketing, advertising, public relations.

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