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Incentives: We Require Them?

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 07:11 PM
For some reason people tend to believe that in a hypothetical situation where resources were produced in mass through automation, or something to the similar extent, we would become lethargic. Basically, everyone can have their basic needs met ... People seem to assume that no one would have incentive to do anything. To produce anything at all. That the world would become a haze of laziness and eventually that ignorant dream would come crashing down upon us.

It makes me curious. I'm sitting here wondering. Would having all your basic needs met really make you NOT want to be an artist? Would it really stop your hunger for that path? Would having all your basic needs met REALLY stop you from becoming a savvy technological mogul? I mean, if you love technology, what is to stop you? If you want to push modern robotics and take things to the next level, is having your basic needs met REALLY going to do anything to hold you back? Or is it going to give you more freedom to pursue those ventures?

I argue that the jobs that would be REPLACED would be those that most didn't care to do in the first place. The occupations left would be those of genuine interest. You would become a doctor because you love to help people. You would become a scientist because science fascinates you. You would study because knowledge is wonderful to you. You would do the things you like to do because you like to do them. You wouldn't have to be cornered into a situation where you get a job as a janitor because something has to pay the bills.

I don't see the rationale in assuming people wouldn't accomplish much of anything. It seems ridiculous. People will venture out and learn and embrace the things they're interested in. Simple as that.

And believe it or not, there are people that LIKE being engineers. There are people that LOVE to build houses. There are people that enjoy these jobs without having to be bribed with massive salaries and gimmicks.


So I'd like to ask. If you all had all your basic needs satisfied. Would you cease to do anything? Would you stop learning? Would you really "cease" to contribute anything?

I'm sorry, I'm just really disturbed by the thought that some people believe that if it weren't for money, we wouldn't accomplish much of anything. As if we don't have initial yearnings to better ourselves and our situation.


Nice tid-bit about giving everyone the necessities: If people, out of their own interest, create something revolutionary then it will be brought to the entirety of the community. Meaning the entire community goes up.

What is this madness of, "Why do I have to make an epic breakthrough, what are you gonna gimme if I do?" What ever happened to, "I want to create something magnificent because I want to create something magnificent."

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 08:53 PM
Who would define the basic needs in such a world?

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 10:17 AM
Well, I tell you what SentientBeyondDesign, not everyone needs an incentive to work. Some people, however, do. It's like college (where I am); lots of students won't work because they can't see anything coming there way besides more work and exams and future places of study.

Let me give you an idea of grades for the year below me in their January exams:

45 students

30 got 'U' (unclassified) grades in all their subjects

7 got 'D's and 'E's

5 got 'C's

3 got nothing cause they didn't turn up

They don't have any incentive, not one that makes them excited anyway. I work as hard as I can at art, writing and music because I enjoy it, and also there is a chance I might be able to make something of myself with it. I won't judge anyone else for failing like those mentioned above, because it's up to them and I have my own life to worry about. Although I do worry about them...

If we all need incentives to work and even live, where will the love come from? And friendliness? Personally I don't think it's all out the window for us just yet; but you never know...


Ramadwarf on incentives, study and humanity


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