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Tesla aircraft 1884 to present?

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 03:57 PM
Tesla aircraft 1884 to present?

Checking out the Tesla autobiography:

By the spring of 1884, .....
I managed to embark for New York with the remnants of my belongings, some poems
and articles I had written, and a package of calculations relating to solutions of an
unsolvable integral and my flying machine.

So are Tesla's early plans of an airship the so called Foo, saucer or triangle

As stated on a previous occasion, when I was a student at college I conceived a
flying machine quite unlike the present ones. The underlying principle was sound,
but could not be carried into practice for want of a prime-mover of sufficiently great
activity. In recent years, I have successfully solved this problem and am now
planning aerial machines *devoid of sustaining planes, ailerons, propellers, and
other external* attachments, which will be capable of immense speeds and are very
likely to furnish powerful arguments for peace in the near future. Such a machine,
sustained and propelled "entirely by reaction," is shown on one of the pages of my
lectures, and is supposed to be controlled either mechanically, or by wireless
energy. By installing proper plants, it will be practicable to "project a missile of this
kind into the air and drop it" almost on the very spot designated, which may be
thousands of miles away.

The "principle was sound" perhaps as Tesla said radio and his waves were
sound in the ether and not EM Hertz waves.

The ship has a reaction to ether waves.

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 04:19 PM
Tesla was the greatest mind in the last 2000 years, he made it possible for our way of life, this website, and more.

I have read about this in the Biographies I own on him, and there is a similarity between how he described his flying machines and the "UFOs" that are seen today.

Also it mentions in his Bio that when he died, the FBI raided his hotel room and took all his plans and blueprints... I don't think there is a coincidence there.

The people who suggest that UFOs are human machines may not be as wrong as some say.



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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 04:36 PM
Is so sad the way the great man was treated and to think if idiots like Edison where not around what he could have accomplished. Wireless electricity 100 years ago, we could have been so advanced by now be it not for greed and the actions of the bastards in power

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 04:48 PM
reply to post by On the level

I think Edison was instrumental to giving the push Tesla needed to open his mind, but I still dislike Edison for what he did to Tesla.

I just wish I could have seen Edison's face when the World Fair Comity announced that Tesla, not Edison, was gonna power the fair.

R.I.P Tesla


posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 04:58 PM
Excellent find OP! S&F!

i was unaware that tesla had plans for a flying machine that resembles our modern UFOS. i wonder why they never let that one slip in the history channel Documentaries?
Kidding, we all know why.

And yes, as sad it sounds, this does give some credence to the idea that UfOs are man made. However I still entertain the possibility that some of them are real!

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 05:02 PM
Reply to post by SkyMarshall

Do you have any links to any good biographiezs?

I have always been interested in the man.

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 05:12 PM
Nikola Tesla is my man! I have biggest respect for him as far as I read about him. He invent so many things that we only used maybe 10 percent of it. What's a shame! The corporations has smeared his inventions due to disagreement regarding to profitable device. Nikola Tesla invented many things that offer free energy, anti-gravity, better air, etc. However, the danger of his inventions come to one simple word, "Free". One of his invention that I really want to have available is wireless electric!

Oh well, I have all of his patent information on cd. To the point of OP, I have few patents of Tesla's inventions that can combine to make flying saucer. It's there, but I don't have money to build one.

I hope someone who have money and invest it. Fly it and show the world that it can be done and included free energy, too. We can say good bye to smog!

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 05:36 PM
I just wonder how long it`s gonna take till people like Edison or JP Morgan stop keepping the rest of us from taking our future in our hands...

Or... Can we do it now?

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 05:39 PM
reply to post by herbert.amaral

What stopping you? Money? If you have money, then do it! I will buy it from you.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 09:20 PM
I have the Margret Cheney (sound familiar.. I wonder) and Marc Siefer
biographies and the O'Neil is online as its Tesla's in the OP link and
both should be found in printed form.
The Tesla lecture I found had to be ordered at the Barns and Nobel
desk as perhaps the authorities are keeping a name count on histories
most prized process.
Authorities are deeply involved in limiting his work according to Lyne,
as well as Lyne's books.
I found that the most frequent referenced events were taken from
Tesla's own book.
Then newspapers and Tesla magazine writings and letters to newspapers.

Photo of collection.
Marc Siefer has some dealings that are of interest like Tesla improving
a copper process but he gives the result as ineffective. How does he know
Guggenheim surely would not tell Siefer a secret process. Sure after
Niagara Falls Tesla was a failure don't believe it.

Tesla was to power his airship by the Tower so it was not a ground power
system but an air power system and his Turbine was built to power the
saucer. When Tesla used radio control he was also powering the boat
or other device.

One patent used two turbines in a quaky propeller craft only to show
the anti torque methods ultimately used in the stabilize the saucer.

A form of the flat coil has a patent and some AC generators.
Some people may have duplicated the Tesla method of ether
pressure suspension which also brings about an electric effect
as Tesla defined the medium (air/ether) as charges that are
being insulated. Force the charges to move and perhaps we have
what some now say are alien saucers.

The story of how it all was done is perhaps best told by Lyne.
Just search Lyne Tesla UFO.

patents and writings and for more Tesla material

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posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 08:50 AM
Here are a couple of posts from another thread that can
apply to the Tesla aircraft.

in topic:

I posted about the Tesla Foo/saucer/Triangle connection or just
plain Tesla UFO connection as given by William R. Lyne.
Suspension provided by electricity to force from electrostatic coils.
Tesla said his craft was suspended from above and pulled back
and forth from front and back. Obviously people put more 'pullers'
if 90 degree turns are possible or 60 degree or 30 degree as Bill
Lyne says he observed over Texas. Thus no G forces are experienced
in the Tesla ether ships.

Reich suspected hovering saucers as causing him ill.
Thats what I got out of the Reich affair.

I never saw anything except books by Lyne which are not classified.
However if you follow events like Bill must certainly do, I might be
off from his ideas, but I certainty suggest some 'updraft' occurs
underneath the hovering saucer. Besides and electrical effects.
There is physical force and electrical activity in the ether/air
from the coil of wire with electrostatic voltage applied.

Tesla made DC from AC and a coil of wire.
Bottom line.
in topic:

Tesla made static just like the van der Graff as I understand his
The air/ether is under stress by high voltage that usually must be
accomplished by high frequency.
The best example I have is the radio signal.
Yes the radio signal undulates with voice and TV picture but
the carrier frequency leaves the antenna and continues forward.
It does not go back to the antenna.

I know who thinks of DC like that.
One step further please.
Tesla made the coil length 1/4 of the AC wave length.
Still unknown verifiable to me but yet taking this from radio
engineers like Dollard and researcher Lyne the pulses are
on the repetitive positive AC upswing only.

This either builds of charge voltage to any level as Tesla said,
did this require more wire, and/or builds up around an enclosed
airship. This one way force is what researchers say pull a ship
up into hover.
illustration of coil operation
illustration of how the upward suspension force is acquired from
sound waves in insulated charges:

posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 10:58 AM
reply to post by TeslaandLyne

Quite right!
Tesla also invented muliphase systems, like a VERY efficient 12 phase motor, today we only use 3-phase in industry, and at a low frequency & voltage. Talk about a step backwards.
Also, they finally gave Tesla (not Marconi) the credit he deserved for inventing radio, after he died of course. Marconi was not only a rival of Tesla's, they were good freinds (apparently), they worked together on several occasions, only Marconi was a sharp buisnessman who knew how to make a profit from their discoveries.
Thanks for the post, i will check out the links & add contents to my 3+GB data base-if i don't have them already

Keep spreading the word.....

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 11:07 AM
In 1892 or obviously before Tesla invented one wire electricity and
no wire electricity and said many devices would be powered with little
So whats wrong with the illuminati.
Afraid of too much electricity and the over unity in the production
of it by way of Langmuir and others started by William R. Lyne.

Polyphase was a no brainer and that is all the illuminati wanted.
Ether pressure force from the open coil powers all those strange aircraft
we see if they don't go fast.
Two air core coils operated the one wire and no wire demonstrations.
They have the power I just want to let you know and realize all the money
they spend to set us wrong. They will spend money on education to
teach us what they require and the rest on fantasy.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 11:37 AM
Interesting info. I wonder if that UFO crash on a rural ranch in Aurora Texas in the 1897, was an early Tesla test craft? Could have easily been.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 12:51 PM

Originally posted by shasta9600
Interesting info. I wonder if that UFO crash on a rural ranch in Aurora Texas in the 1897, was an early Tesla test craft? Could have easily been.

We only know of Tesla out in Colorado in 1899 to 1900.
I'm sure Bill Lyne has traced the whereabouts of Tesla quite well
and has Tesla working in Los Alamos Technical Area 33 (TA-33)
in the 1930s perhaps with Werner Von Braun 1936 -37 or so
before the outbreak of WWII 1939.

Lyne found a cone coil form in a salvage yard that was quickly bought
back after agents read his "Pentagon Aliens" book. I heard one of
his book will be hard cover. And the Ether book has been translated
for the Russian over unity enthusiast.

But even Oregon and other places are suspect locations by Lyne
who said with a Sperry gyroscope installed, the Sperry plant was
in Brooklyn at the time perhaps, Tesla flight tested his aircraft
perhaps the dirigible torpedo which Tesla said worked as well
as the stability in storm and wind but did he ever test the 300mps

Tesla wrote a letter to a Westinghouse official that mentioned making
an iron stove fly to Colorado. That would be the source of many a tale.
So how much work did Tesla do with the government that has been
denied. A crash anywhere would be recovered as it is today and
Tesla had aircraft plans the day he landed in America.
Lyne suspects that Tesla submitted a patent in Switzerland that was

Not too many people saw the advantage of working with air core
inductors as Tesla demonstrated in 1892 but I suspect everything
Tesla ever did on his announcements was backed by air core coils.

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 03:32 PM
I found something online about Tesla and his ship.
Like 1875 perhaps.

Tesla’s original vision, in his 1870’s student days, of his “ideal flying machine”, was of an electropulsive one, the realization of which is why he said he originally entered the field of electrical science in 1875 in the first place. This was the problem which he had assigned to himself as his main lifelong work. (Frank Parker Stockbridge, The Tesla Turbine. The World’s Work, march, 1912, pp. 543-48.)

Originally anticipating that the electrical power needs for an electropropulsive craft would be too great for an on-board power plant (since his ship was to be devoid of sustaining planes), he initially embarked on developing his “wireless transmission of power” system, so as to transmit the anticipated power needed from ground-based power generators and stations. Some of these earlier Tesla ideas turned out to be unnecessary for his flying machine, so he turned them for intended commercial purposes.

This is Bill Lyne's theory that the Tesla Power Tower to be built by Niagara Falls was to power
the air ship of Tesla's design.
Tesla said of his ship could go 300 miles per second, be suspended from above and propelled
from the side by a pulling force.
The Tesla Tower on Long Island was for communications.
A brief history of radio:

By 1910 the Tower was history and Tesla began developing power plants need for his ship
as he always developed every part and never used any one's designs,
He developed liquid air for improving electrical conductivity and made electrical vacuum and
air gases separation equipment designs. Twin turbines in one of Tesla's last patents
were for the airship according the Bill Lyne.

Tesla recognized the insulative nature of the medium we live in as having electrical
carriers and to use the medium would require a coil operation.
The forces set up in the medium go through the ship and the crew.

In 1912 one of the last or wealthiest or well known backers of Tesla died in the
Titanic sinking and by 1914 Tesla sold technology to Germany.
Suspected by Lyne a having Tesla as a teacher in the late 30s before WWII von
Braun emerged as the top scientific developer in the world and completed
a ship of the Tesla design.

Sort of a summary cradle to grave story of the Tesla aircraft of which more details
of the workings and surrounding events Lyne covers.
ED:online Tesla flying machine group
ED+: Reading that introduction gave me the thought that the main German projects were
oil less energy and the Tesla ship and why jets were not on the forefront of development
after the propeller ships. Only a thought but perhaps a factor only those who knew
could answer.

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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 12:11 PM

Originally posted by shasta9600
Interesting info. I wonder if that UFO crash on a rural ranch in Aurora Texas in the 1897, was an early Tesla test craft? Could have easily been.

Well not if there were Aliens attached to the story as the official lead man on Tesla
and his ship being Bill Lyne who rejects ETs from other dimensions as misdirection.

But here is a thought. You are quite right if the alien story is put in to throw us off.
This means Los Alamos, nearby to Texas for the Tesla ship and perhaps still
holding many on large expansive ranches, may have been a development center
and still is perhaps.

Here is more of a thought today. Ever see "Things to Come" with large planes
roaming the skies like nuclear subs or today's Tesla ships.
Well the young want to discover the universe in a rocket ship with 3 foot hull.

Yes exactly. Tesla said the Earth's atmosphere provides 36" of lead protection
from cosmic particles going 50x the speed of light and other rays.

Based on Bill Lyne's writings the Tesla ship can be any weight size or shape and
still go 300mps no problem for a space ship. The Tesla ship is a space ship as
told to us in the 40s and 50s and even now. But how do you make a ship with
3 foot hull, impossible. No wonder people taking Tesla at his word are still waiting
for lunar lander photos or a super big space ship.

An interesting turn of events I'd say.

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