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When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 07:39 PM
You just need to watch a few lady gaga (for example) music videos to see how big of an influence the occult is in the industry. Its sickening. You have to either be totally ignorant or not paying enough attention to what is being thrown in your face. There is a clear Luciferian influence in the industry (at least its run by people who believe in these things), no other way around it.

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 08:22 PM

Originally posted by antonia

In all seriousness, I don't think there is any large conspiracy at hand other than a plot to make massive amounts of money. Do you guys have any idea how easy it is to manipulate people of all shades and stamps? It's a western concept, buying one's identity. I learned how to sell product to people who claimed to be non-conformists and refused to buy large label bands. Record companies just made "vanity labels" that were pseudo-indie for street cred. Dirty hipsters will buy it up. Goths? Just put them in outlandish fashions. Overly aggressive young males? Guitar driven rock. Everyone has a flavor and that's what the industry caters to. It's not magic or odd rituals, it's psychology....

I wish i could star that 100 times. You really said a mouthfull. You're totally right about buying one's identity. How else can people try to differentiate themselves these days when actually doing something takes way too much effort? (I'm not passing judgement, because I'm totally guilty of it too)

Re: this thread, the craziest part of the article in the OP was how incredibly lucid Michael Jackson was in his video. Think about it: all you ever heard of MJ was sound bytes and 15 second clips and tabloid pictures. This was a 10 minute video of him simply speaking, and what he was saying was outrageous but not because he was out of his mind. It ties into what Dave Chapelle was saying, that the media brands people as "crazy" or "on drugs" and it's dismissive to everything they say if they get out of line.

I never believed MJ was a child molester, I just attributed the charges to people wanting his money. But what if the media trumped up charges against him because of his unwillingness to be a pawn for whatever reason, and the molestation "victims" families saw an opportunity for profit and ran with it. Gives the whole thing a new spin.

Great thread.

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 08:31 PM
Wow that was something else.

Anna Nicole and Brittney was heartbreaking...but Dylan seemed genuinely distressed at the notion now of whatever "deal" he made with some sort of deity of " this world, and the world we can't see."

Yeah...I know what he's going on about.

Also I'm glad David Chappelle cleared up his abrupt departure from his show and why he did it. Of course the guy isn't crazy but I can see he was involved in a world of crazy things.

This is why so many go to Hollywood with stars in their eyes and end up prostitutes in one way or another.

We just all watch them as they keep falling, as if it is another form of entertainment they are providing for the public.

Who doesn't love a good human sacrifice?

- Lee

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 09:14 PM

Originally posted by antoniaAs a 28 and jaded woman, I'll tell you guys a reality concerning music-it's ass or flash. You've either got a cute ass or you make a lot of flash. Katy Perry has a cute ass. Lady GaGa is a flashy performer. You can do both, but you must have one or the other. Actual knowledge of music? You don't need it.


You're right, but "boo" all the same.

I don't blame the industry though. I blame the slack-jawed mouth-breathers that support it. That's right, I blame the public at large. I disdain what humanity has become.

Opeth, Protest the Hero, and Dream Theater should be dominating the charts. Instead we have a girl that plays dress up and makes innuendo. How do her costumes and sexual horsecrap make the sounds any more pleasing to the ear. Humanity should collectively die for allowing this to be the case. Where's my ELE?

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 09:35 PM

Originally posted by Sunsetspawn


You're right, but "boo" all the same.

I don't blame the industry though. I blame the slack-jawed mouth-breathers that support it. That's right, I blame the public at large. I disdain what humanity has become.

Opeth, Protest the Hero, and Dream Theater should be dominating the charts. Instead we have a girl that plays dress up and makes innuendo. How do her costumes and sexual horsecrap make the sounds any more pleasing to the ear. Humanity should collectively die for allowing this to be the case. Where's my ELE?

I'd agree that it is wrong, but think about it from another POV.

Most people don't care about music. I don't begrudge them for it. As a medium it can require a longer attention span than other forms of media. Of course, this is circumvented by keeping everything under 3 minutes these days. I'm going to say right here, Men have it easier than women.
A lot of people just use it as an identity prop. Do you know how many superficial people I know that like Opeth? Frankly, I can't stand Opeth, but that is neither here nor there. In the end, one can be superficial and like any sort of music. One can be a person of serious stamp and like to listen to Barney tunes. The problem is not the music-It's using that music to push an image. Almost everyone in this country does it. The genre has no bearing on that reality.

People like GaGa appeal because of their image. The music is a backdrop for the image. I don't begrudge people that because believe it or not it's ALWAYS existed. Different people have different needs. I don't sweat it because I don't see one need as somehow greater than another. The ear is not what is important to them.
Exhibt A:
Lady GaGa-Bad Romance.

The music is quasi-club trance circa 2001-02 that I used to hear in low-rent techno bars. What does that matter though? Those are some compelling visuals. Freakish and attention getting describes her.
Exhibt B:

Marilyn Manson-The Beautiful people.
The music is quasi-rock, featuring Reznor's trademark industrial light sound. What does it matter though? The only part that got attention all those years ago was his outlandish looks and foul mouth.

In the end are these two any different? They are both fairly superficial. It just appeals to different superficial personalities. Now think about other types of music. Let's mention Celine Dion.

I can hear the crapstorm brewing now, but in truth Celine Dion is a very talented woman. She has always possessed great vocal skill. This is academic fact, top notes are excellent, register changes are very even and the breathe is flawless. The style is a bit melodramatic. I would have to say it is art in it's own way

Humanity has ALWAYS been superficial. You can read about crap opera singers who were loved because they had cute faces. Callas was decent sometimes, but honestly for many she sounds like a dying cat. She endures because of her dramatic stage presence and larger than life tabloid antics she was famous for in truth.

But really, booing me for the statement would be like getting mad at me while we were both standing in front of a hot pink wall for saying "This wall is hot pink". The wall is pink, What can we do about that?

As for occult symbolism, I think people need to realize these images are ancient. i seriously doubt people like Lady GaGa and Beyonce are aware of what they originally meant and it's not like the images mean anything to most people now. It is common symbolism now. Intent is the biggest factor here and no one can prove intent.

Edit: I've got to make this known. There is absolute meaning behind everything GaGa is doing. Beyonce and others copy it without understanding it. GaGa is making a statement about fame and pop culture. I saw one of her early showcases years ago and she made no secret of what she was doing. I knew it was going to blow up big time. The mind control references, mason imagery, it's all real. If you ask her about it she won't deny it. She's talked about this before in interviews (they are not discussed frequently because most people aren't smart enough to pick up on it) and explained it all. In this I actually have respect for her, she is putting it out there it's just most people are so superficial they don't pick up on it.

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 11:41 PM
An objective mindset would be screaming to look at current events on a global scale and scoffing the idea that entertainment news was of any relevance of sort.

It is however, hard, to stay objective at times.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 07:09 AM
reply to post by invetro

There are some great artists who didn't play the game.
Tupac, Bob marley, John lennon and MJ later on.
Unfortunally they are not among us anymore, but their music is and will be.
Just see all the good looking ladies picked of the streets and figure in a totally designt show and videoclips.
Almost no clothes on and singing the craziest stuff. If they actually can sing I don't know.


posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by Vincent84

Oh, don't get me wrong, I wasn't saying that everything mainstream is terrible and soulless, just most of it. The artists you have listed, among others, had it where it counted and didn't come off as media whores. I won't talk about Gaga, because quite frankly I'm sick to the back teeth of her, and that's with me avoiding radio stations, but I will instead focus on Madonna.

She is still around and making music, even though her voice is nothing special. Why? She did everything the record company wanted, including the faux-rebellion that would inspire a generation of young women to aspire to her standards. I'm not entirely sure why she's still selling albums, but each one involves an image change, from the emulation of Marilyn Monroe to her current semi-Kabbalistic muscle woman persona. I get none of it, yet I sort of understand half of it. Manson did the same thing, although I would argue that his desire to shock came up with some good lyrics, he is now in the pockets of his managers as much as any star with an image driven brand.

My musical opinion isn't it's own God here, because I'm quite content to listen to people growling down a microphone with white noise in the background, as long as it has substance. That is more than missing these days, visuals aside.

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