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Future Mega Projects

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 03:56 AM
With the world starting to fill up like guests at a family holiday gathering, room is starting to become limited, resources estimated to start running low and confusion on what do with all of these people and still have a sustainable planet with a balance between nature and our modern way of living comfortably is the question at hand.

One Japanese construction firm Shimizu Corporation whose motto is "Today's Work, Tomorrow's Heritage" has been busy coming up with answers and working on plans to tackle some of these difficult questions, the plans they are currently working on could reshape life as we know it here on earth.

Shimizu's Dream

Shimizu continues to introduce our vision for the future. We tackle new technological challenges and present wide-ranging proposals for the benefit of up-coming generations.

Here is a list of 8 ideas they have been working on. From Lunar bases to solar paneling the moon, space hotel's to self sustainable floating cities that resemble a flower to a high rise Pyramid City, Urban Geo Grid to a Cell City and Desert Aqua net. These are all very interesting ideas and concepts that just may help with the problems we will be facing and reshape the landscape as we know it here on earth and the moon in the near future.

Proposals to Benefit Future Generations

Lunar Solar Power Generation -LUNA RING-

A shift from economical use of limited resources to the unlimited use of clean energy is the ultimate dream of all mankind. The LUNA RING, our lunar solar power generation concept, translates this dream into reality through ingenious ideas coupled with advanced space technologies. Virtually inexhaustible, nonpolluting solar energy is the ultimate source of green energy that brings prosperity to nature as well as our lives. Shimizu Corporation proposes The LUNA RING for the infinite coexistence of mankind and the Earth.

TRY2025 The Environmental Island -GREEN FLOAT-

The Botanical City Concept

We live remarkably convenient lives in cities that have developed along economic lines. But happiness should be measured separately from material wealth. Contact with Nature. Time passed leisurely in cultural pursuits. Healthy and comfortable living. And blending into and living and growing harmoniously with Nature as part of the ecosystem. We can make a city, like a single plant, that embodies these principles. Our model of a new environmental city was born from these aspirations.

TRY 2004 The "Pyramid City in the Air" Concept

Dreaming the Future

TRY 2004 is a conceptual "city in the air" designed to make the most of nature's blessings, including wind and sunlight, and to serve as a home and workplace for about one million people. A megatruss structure, which also serves as a platform for infrastructure facilities, makes it possible to create a huge, livable pyramid city measuring 2,000 meters high. The basic structure—an assembly of regular octahedral units composed of shafts made from lightweight materials such as carbon fiber—is designed to meet the needs of residents and the surrounding environment at the same time. The megatruss construction method allows flexible, unrestricted structural arrangement of the facilities, eliminating the need to build massive foundations. The city's basic construction units, each measuring 350 meters per side, contain office buildings, residential complexes, and other facilities, held aloft by structures that provide support from all directions. With each unit capable of enclosing an entire 100-story building, TRY 2004 represents a project of unprecedented scale and proportion.

Inter Cell City

Creating a Sustainable, Environmentally Conscious City

Inter Cell City refers to a concept city proposed by Shimizu for the International Competition for Sustainable Urban System Design. Entries for this competition were required to incorporate measures that address the following three areas related to energy efficiency and urban systems for 21st-century society. 1. 1. Proposal for a sustainable urban system that can be self-sustained for more than 100 years 2. 2. A concrete proposal for an energy system capable of supporting a city infrastructure 3. 3. Proposal of a subject city which must be an existing city with a population exceeding 100,000, and proposal for its transformation into a sustainable city over a period of 100 years To tackle this colossal project, Shimizu organized a team consisting of employees with a wide range of expertise and invited Takao Kashiwagi, professor at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and Naomichi Kurata, professor at Kogakuin University, to join as advisers on energy issues and urban planning issues, respectively. For three years, the team members combined their expertise and knowledge to push this project forward, setting aside all commercial aspects of the enterprise.

Space Hotel -Space Tourism-

Formation of Space Tourism

From the ancient age Space inspires our interest and enthusiasm. Astronauts' anecdotes and documentary films provide us opportunities to become familiar with space. If low-cost fully reusable space vehicle is successfully developed, space tourism will be a viable market. Shimizu Corporation proposes the Space Hotel to support the development of this promising business opportunity.

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 03:56 AM

Lunar Bases -Construction on The Moon-

Plan of Lunar Bases

In advanced space programs, lunar bases will be recognized as one of the important components of space infrastructure. Lunar bases will be constructed using applied terrestrial technologies. Shimizu Corporation has been accumulating technological skills over 200 years and is now facing the challenge of applying them to the new frontier of the moon, while continuing R&D on structures, materials, construction systems, and design of lunar bases.

Urban Geo-Grid Plan

Systematic Coexistence of Above-Ground and Underground Areas to Create Efficient, Orderly Urban Spaces

Tokyo has transformed itself from simply the capital of Japan into a true cosmopolitan city. For the next stage of its development, Tokyo must meet growing demand for efficient, orderly systems, develop its urban spaces, and evolve into an advanced information city. Targeting the systematic, improved coexistence between above-ground and underground areas by taking advantage of unused underground spaces, the Urban Geo-Grid Plan was formulated to effect gradual development without impairing existing urban functions. This plan simulates the systematic development of city functions in underground spaces to resolve problems associated with congestion in above-ground

Desert Aqua-Net Plan

Creating Lakes in the Desert: A Proposal for Creating a Network of Canals and Exploring New Ways to Inhabit Our Planet

The Desert Aqua-Net Plan is a concept for making use of the desert, which currently accounts for some one-third of the Earth's total land area. According to this idea, multiple manmade lakes will be created in depressed areas of deserts, after which artificial islands will be built on the lakes. Filled with seawater introduced through canals, the lakes will then be connected to form a water network. By creating waterways in the desert and transforming arid and semiarid areas into inhabitable land, this plan (which is still in the simulation stage) ultimately seeks to build cities on manmade islands that have been formed on seawater lakes.

Related reading.

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 06:41 AM

Solar Moon Panels

With this concept might turn out to be a costly one,the moon gets blasted daily-monthly with meteorites which could damage solar panels along with solar storms frying out electrical systems, it might turn into more work in the long run constantly repairing damaged panels and fried out wiring.

The Botanical City Concept

Besides for the risk of being out in the open sea at the mercy of mother nature throwing hurricanes and tropical storms at it or the possible risk of being sunk or flooded by large swells that come with the storms, these floating flower like islands could be a great alternative to living on the main land.

The "Pyramid City in the Air"

When space on the ground starts running out, start building up. This massive pyramid city would be like living and working in a gigantic jungle gym. Possible dangers I see with this idea, handling and containing a fire, and possible structure damage from blasting winds from storms. If they can work out plans to deal with these risks this could be a excellent choice vs living in overcrowded modern cities of today.

Inter Cell City

The city cell idea is a great way to clean up existing cities that have pollution and air quality problems, this concept kinda reminds of cells in the body attacking an unwanted guest. Very good idea and hope to see it come into play soon.

Space Hotel -Space Tourism-

With space travel hopefully becoming cheap and easy over the next 15-30 years, travel agencies and hotel corporations will be looking for a way to expand the tourism business with hotels and resorts in low earth orbit. Who wouldn't enjoy an out of world experience? It would be a nice vacation with a over whelming view of earth below. With this idea they will have to come up with ways to protect guests from space debris and solar storms along with possible meteorite impacts.

Lunar Bases

I just don't see any real good reason or use for a moon base, besides for research, or military occupation and mining if we can find a use for the materials.

Urban Geo-Grid

This is another great idea, when space starts to become limited on the surface, start making your own space by tapping into the space above and below the surface whether it be on dry land or in the water, this sorta reminds me of a tree without branches, living and working in the trunk of a tree and roots.

Desert Aqua-Net Plan

This is one of those wild ideas that just may work to make use of the dry dead desert lands when greener space is limited or used up.

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 10:17 AM
Here is a video of the Pyramid City.

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 10:42 AM

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 01:47 AM
The Shimizu Corporation has some amazing plans for the future, great thread and presentation, wonder how much or if any of it will come to frication.


posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 02:43 AM
reply to post by Aquarius1


The plans they've set for the future are some what mind blowing, each concept is no small operation, I don't think we have developed the right technology yet for even a small percentage of what they have in mind.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 03:33 AM
great thread, space tourist, the moon base with the the solar moon panel are my favorite. to my understanding(don't take my word for it)microwaves being sent back to earth can be reconverted back into electrical power

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 05:46 AM
reply to post by quantumdragon

Thanks quantumdragon,

to my understanding(don't take my word for it)microwaves being sent back to earth can be reconverted back into electrical power

Im not sure if they have this all figured out yet, I've heard the idea bounced around a few times over the years, but Im not 100% sure if they have all the kinks worked out of that technology.

According to Shimizu's plan they will use a combination of Microwave power and Laser power to transmit the energy back to earth, then convert it into electric power to supply the grid, and also convert some of that energy into hydrogen for fuel.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 05:59 AM
This is great stuff. Reminds me in a way of the wildly-optimistic popular science magazines of the mid-20th. Flying cars, moon bases, gargantuan airplanes. And blimps! We need more blimps!

It's great that people can still dream like this -- some of these projects will come to fruition, in some form! The forward-looking attitude they embody is humanity at its best.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 07:54 AM
reply to post by Ian McLean

Ahahaha more blimps!

Thanks Ian,

When I first read about these futuristic plans it did bring to mind the popular science magazines that I use to zone out to reading in my middle school library. They had a nice collection of them.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 03:08 PM
S&F This is cool. Of course we don't have the technology to bring most of those projects to fruition yet. But this guys sounds like a brilliant futurist and is offering really cool concepts the hopefully we can realize the projects in the near future!

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by Threadfall

Thanks Threadfall

I was impressed with their plans, absolutely amazing idea's.

Hopefully they can develop the technology soon and get to work on some of their plans.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 07:05 PM
I really like the idea of building canals into deserts to start the process of making them livable. IMO this will be the easiest and cheapest idea to complete efficiently.
Like your OP said, up to 1/3 of land is desert. We could easily open this up, not to mention create a new habitat for other forms of life!
S&F for the great thread! all the doom and gloom sucks!

Also to add-
I added you as a friend OP! Im really interested in this stuff.
I have some more stuff like this compiled in my thread about Bionics and Biomimicry
found here -v

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 07:45 PM
reply to post by VonDoomen

Thanks VonDoomen

Building canals into the desert is a great idea, I heard solar panels in the desert idea before but not putting canals in to start a habitat. I don't think too many people ever thought about it.

Thanks for the add


Thanks for the link

I will check it out.

posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by InvisibleObserver

Actualy Ive thought about this idea lot, for a long time. We have plenty of desert. And we have plenty of water in the oceans. seems like a perfect mix to me?

The real question is, why hasnt this been done already?

I think its b/c the PTB want us to remain as cramped as possible, and have as much BS be instigated as possible, as it usually plays into their hands.

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 06:47 PM
Just saw this Projects a few Days ago while we discussed F'Shima
related Issues and got hooked on their Ideas,
the Ideas was well worth a own Thread but before i created one
i used the Search Engine because it was in a Way logical
that ATS had something hidden in her deep Womb!

It is simply amazing that their Ideas are open to the Public,
Shimizu is one of the biggest Construction Company in the
whole World.

Shimizu Corporation (清水建設株式会社 Shimizu Kensetsu Kabushiki-gaisha?) (TYO: 1803) is a leading architectural, engineering and general contracting firm, offering an integrated, comprehensive planning, design and build solutions for a broad range of construction and engineering projects worldwide. It has annual sales of approximately US $14 billion and has been widely recognized as one of the top 5 contractors in Japan and among the top 20 in the world.

I hope that this Thread recover because their Ideas are full of
inspirations, it touch Architecture but also "real Social Engineering"!

Think about we create a Mega-Float for 1.000.000 People which is
independent and self-supporting, free of any administrative Claim from
a traditional Country like Japan, China, the US or Russia and free of
the burden of Pollution, War and even infectious Diseases like
Influenza, Tuberculosis or abusive Drug Habits.

Wasn't there a Hollywood Movie about such a Place lately?


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