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Future Drugs Raids.. and Why the End of Freedom is Nigh...

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 10:11 PM
Imagine if...
A grandmother has been selling "Herbal Remedies" from a secluded, 1990's house, for many decades now. However the police have had her under surveillance for the last Two years. During this time they have...

1. Obtained the face of every individual who has visited her home (day or night): Software automatically compared against the public database, which links face to residency, as well as name, date of birth, previous conviction files, ect. This huge amount of information is: Filed, and then automatically edited to produce the (human) "Investigating Officer" a report.

2. Recorded the means of transport used by every person to have visited the house: Where a person arrived on foot, the local camera network searched the persons face on all local Buses, Trains and (maybe even) Taxies in the area. The government may have sought to impose licence plates on bicycles, as well.
Personally I've always thought "George Orwell's 1984" should (really) have been dated "George Orwell's 2084". Of course its probably also, a good job, it wasn't; as when it came out in 1949 making it dated for 1984 might helped push up, book sales.

3. Whenever Grandmother made telephone calls: voice listening software detected any key words she was able to use. This is (in fact) how she was detected in the first place... When talking to her grandson she used the word "bottles" an awful lot, than is statistically (probable) for 4 out of 10 conversations, lasting an average of 6.24 minutes each.
In the U.K Privacy Laws (still) prevent humans listening to public conversations without prior cause, for suspicion. But the laws deliberately exclude computer surveillance, as it wasn't deemed to be "as intrusive" as a person listening-in.
After 2 weeks the Computer eventually alerted its human controllers to the "suspicious patterns" it had recently been filling. The controllers then alerted the police (as is always the procedure in their job). The police then applied for, and received the (necessary Surveillance Permits from a U.K judge. Investigating police officers then reviewed the suspicious conversations the Computer had already identified and filed. Realising that illegal activity was clearly being discussed the police were able to apply, to have their surveillance licenses extended indefinitely.

The Raid...

"At precisely 4.00 am police broke down, the door to Sarah Wilconson's house, an 83 year old grandmother, living with her grandson. The two had been growing prohibited "medical plants" up their attic, using what police described as "advanced methods". A significant amount of valuables including Collectors Currency, Jewellery, and other items associated with criminal activity has also been recovered from the scene. Criminals widely use these items to barter without using (traceable) digital currency.
A phone book containing hundreds of contact details has also been discovered. The Chief Police Chief has said he'll "be letting those people know they are, over the next few day".
A search of the garden revealed she had been growing "Organic Wheat", illegally. This is prohibited by European Union law (in most "open spaces") due to the fact, that these plants (inferior) genes can be transmitted, by their pollen, to farmers, neighbouring, GM crops. Police promptly incinerated all their garden produce, before spraying the land with Herbicide, as a precaution against seeds, that may have been left dormant, in the soil from other "Organic" plants, grown there, in the past.

Her grandson has admitted all charges and is expected to face indefinite detention at Reform Centre.
On Wednesday Sarah is due to face magistrates where the court will determine if she should face (verbal) police, interrogation, under the "MRI Truth Detection Scanner" (against her free will). It is anticipated they are likely, to turn down, her requests for bail."

END OF NEWS REPORT, from "The Monopoly Network"

My main question to you, ATS, is "which year would this report be from?"

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 11:00 PM
If I remember right, this kinda already happened, but with just regular plants( it was for a permit of some type).... Then again I might just have slipped timelines again

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 11:11 PM
UK must have money to burn.
Here in the US, you would have to be Scarface to warrant a two year investigation.
a 30-60-90 or at most 120 day investigation is about all your gonna see for anything that isnt a major felony.

Grannies and their devil wheat... corrupting society.. horrible.

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 12:00 AM
Originally posted by badNinja

UK must have money to burn.
Here in the US, you would have to be Scarface to warrant a two year investigation.

Come on! Don't take the story too literally!
It's only meant to illustrate (my own worst case; most likely scenario) for how technology (and policing) COULD turn against human freedom (if we don't keep an eye on politics, -how we are resisting what's wrong, bad and evil).

I wrote a "two year investigation" because it makes you think of all the people of any kind of Resistance, this one person would have come into contact with, and therefore all the people she will betray, say under de-ductive questions, from an "MRI lie-detector" test.

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 12:04 AM
CRAP!!! My time machine malfunctioned again...look please delete this 2051 news report and hand it over to me. Seriously, you are gonna cause a paradox.

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