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Cumbria Killing Spree: 'Family Feud' Probe

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 10:11 PM

Cumbria Killing Spree: 'Family Feud' Probe

12:42am UK, Thursday June 03, 2010

Adam Arnold, Sky News Online

Police are investigating whether a family feud led to a gunman killing 12 people, including his twin brother, in a rampage in Cumbria.

sky news

this was briefly bought up in another post by someone stating that something must have tipped the gunman. would be a good idea to start a discussion here as quite a few factors come into play such as...

- man was divorced from his ex wife (jealousy)
- recent Will reading could have caused family problems (might not have got what he thought he should have)
- mental health problems
- conspiracy theory ( Project MKULTRA, mind control)

either way i guess in time the truth may come out. But the gunman may have taken the real truth to the grave and we will never know.

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