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Cancer: Stories, Links and related information

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posted on Jul, 25 2004 @ 05:10 PM
Scientists believe they can beat cancer by taking advantage of its natural desire to stay alive.

The Cancer Research UK team engineered a virus that would target and destroy cancer cells while leaving healthy tissue untouched.

Normal cells shut themselves down when they were infected with the virus to prevent it spreading, but the cancer cells did not.

Their findings are reported in the journal Molecular Therapy.

BBC story

BBC story 2

HPV medical notes

posted on Jul, 26 2004 @ 07:58 AM
Cancers of the gut are some of the most common, but most preventable forms of the disease, scientists say.
The Institute of Food Research has looked at studies carried out into how changes in diet can help.

Fruit and vegetables are generally beneficial, but it says onions, apples, celery and broccoli are all highlighted as being particularly beneficial.

Scientists are continuing to investigate how agents within the foods help prevent cancer.

Gut cancer

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posted on Aug, 4 2004 @ 09:12 AM
Scientists have developed a test that can diagnose oesophageal, or gullet, cancer with unprecedented accuracy.
The University College London team hope it could dramatically improve survival from the disease - which is boosted if the cancer is spotted early.

The test, which measures levels of a protein taken from the oesophagus, may be able to spot early signs of cancer even when symptoms are absent.

new test

Looks like the Cancer research units around the globe are finally pulling some very interesting results and suprises from there experiments. Brilliant news though and well done to them.

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posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 09:03 AM
i know this has been put onto ATS before but its medical and cancer related so i jammed it in here.

'Cannabis' brain tumour drug hope

An ingredient in marijuana may be useful for treating brain cancers, say Spanish researchers from Madrid.
Chemicals called cannabinoids could starve tumours to death by halting the growth of blood vessels that feed it, the Complutense University team hope.

By studying mice, the team has shown for the first time how these chemicals block vessel growth.

Cannabis hope

Well...first they bann it from consumption and then they begin medical tests on it and now prove what we have all know for years...that weed is good for u and can help pain relief which is considerable during cancer.

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all other related link are at the right hand side of the above linked page.

posted on Sep, 15 2004 @ 08:37 AM
Cannabis may help combat cancer

Scientists have finnally agreed that cancer suffers would benfit from the use of cannabis as a painkiller and also as a actual drug to fight the spread of the disease. Through extreme testing and many hours of pondering results the scientists in charge have discovered that an active ingredient called delta-9-tetrahydrocannibol, can block the spread of the herpes virus.

Scientists have discovered the active ingredient, delta-9-tetrahydrocannibol can block the spread of gamma herpes viruses.

The viruses are linked to an increased risk of the cancers Kaposis sarcoma, Burkitts lymphoma and Hodgkins disease.

Gamma herpes viruses are different from the herpes simplex viruses responsible for cold sores and genital herpes.

Well so they finnally decided to agree that cannabis is a cure huh!

I know there has been a lot of controvesy because of the drug and yes i know it is illegal, but due to the fact that it has been used through the ages as a medicine and painrelief, why dont we take the step back and begin to do it again?

I know many people would abuse it if they had the chance, but how would u enjoy feeling severe muscular and skeletal pain due to cancer and no painkillers worked...then u have a joint and the pain eases?

Just my opinion though.

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there are more links available on the following pages and more info will come in time.

posted on Sep, 15 2004 @ 10:17 PM
, im trying to get my gf to try cannibus.. using a vaporizer so it doesnt burn and stuff and is a bit purer.. i just found out a week ago she has brain cancer.. she is 18 turning 19.. the pain killers they are giving her have no effect whatsoever for her major headaches and migraines.. the doctors will not give her anything else.. anyway i can try to convince her to try cannibus as a pain reliever and also bring back her appetite.. she barely had her first chemo yesturday.. and as most all patients, she felt very sick after and has no appetite.. i know it can help her but she thinks its real bad becuz of all the tv stuff and she thinks its only for druggies and such.. i hope she will try it this weekend.. i have been a cannibus user for about 4 years.. she doesnt know this but she'll find out soon.. i am in tears every night becuz of the pain i know shes going through.. i know this will help her appetite and help with the pain.. i hope the vaporizer ethod works so it wont seem as bad to her.. any ideas... I watched one of my close friends get torn down by cancer.. was a relaly well built guy , really athletic and in great shape.. the cancer ate him alive.. i saw him wither into nothing in a few months.. i hope i wont see it happen again

posted on Sep, 22 2004 @ 03:42 PM
Clue to 'blocking' bowel cancer

Scientists at the Vanderbilt University have discovered a cell which, if removed or destroyed, can successfully stop lesions in the bowel. These lesions over time can turn cancerous and lead to very serious problems and even death.

The Vanderbilt University team hopes a drug that blocks this switch, which has been developed in France, could have the same effect in humans.

The scientists told Cancer Cell journal they planned to test this drug in mice. Cancer Research UK said it was a long way from human therapy.

This is brilliant news again and well done to those who discovered and researched into this.

Bowel cancer

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posted on Sep, 28 2004 @ 01:07 PM
Pauline Barnes, a woman who is diagnosed with Vulvar Cancer is living life to the max. When she tells people she had cancer, they act shocked that they even can get cancer in such a intimate place and she is surprised by the amount of woman who didnt even know what it was.

Pauline has cancer of the vulva. But she has found that many women do not know they could be at risk of cancer of the vulva and indeed do not even know what it is.

She decided to talk about her case to as part of Macmillan Cancer Relief's gynaecological cancer awareness week, organised to draw attention to some of the less publicised women's cancers.

The vulva is the skin between a woman's legs and made up of all the external genitalia, and some women are embarrassed about discussing a cancer in such an intimate place.

What can i say...WAY TO GO GIRL!!!

It is important for everyone to discuss diffrent cancers as if we have knowledge of the symptoms and are not ashamed or embrassed of the disease then we can take action sooner and get the best treatment out there.

Yes i is embarrasing to talk about such intimate places...but its a body...we have all seen one...if there is somehting wrong..tell someone and go to the doctors!!!

My wishes with this woman and hope she is successful is spreading the word.

woman should discuss Vulvar cancer

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posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 11:25 AM
Scientists and researchers at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam have created a artifical version of the colour pigment that makes Tomatos red. What is so special? Well, this pigment has successfully beem tried on animals and now on human prostate cancer suffers. The Lycopene pigment has already been linked with a reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

In their mice research, the Dutch scientists found a low dose of the synthetic lycopene slowed the growth of human prostate tumours implanted in the mice by over 50% by day 42 of the study, compared to mice who had not had the treatment.

It is now the most common form of the disease in men, affecting around 21,300 men in Britain annually.

Around 10,000 men a year die from the disease.

Well apart from the saying that 'tomatoes clean u inside out' its great news for the medical community.

Since prostate cancer is on a severe rise in the male health sector and so many deaths are caused by men being embarrased to go to there GP's about it, the message needs to be sent in every direction saying...look...were doing something about it...if your worried..go and see your doctor.

Ill keep everyone upto date on this breakthrough.

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posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 07:11 PM
Obese woman are more and likely to develop Breast cancer than woman who are within there normal BMI *body mass index* weight range. US reseachers from the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philidelphia have exaimed data and statistics on over 2000 patients with easly stage breast cancer and found that most patients who died from BC were obese, even if the cancer was picked up early.

The research was presented at a meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology.

The study also showed that breast cancer was more likely to spread to other parts of the body if the patient was obese.

Of the 2,010 patients, 452 were classed as of normal weight, 857 were overweight and 701 were obese.

obesity increases cancer threat

Well i feel that is rather unfair due to the fact there is more obese people in the world than there are stick insects!!

Unfair yes...why?

Obesity is very common in our times and types of obviously more people are going to be diagnoised with it when there over there BMI.


Teflon's sticky situation

Teflon...the wonderful stuff that lines everything from saucepans to coats to pine furnature. Yes a great find as it stops ur eggs welding onto you dishes, but the bad may be killing you and causing birth defects in your children.

Teflon's sticky situation

posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 09:06 AM
Men who have advanced prostate cancer that is unfortunatly not responding to hormone therapy could now possibly benefit from a drug that is now used to treat breast cancer.

Taxotere (docetaxel), studies have shown that the drug prolongs life for about two months. The approval for the drugs usage is to be expected in the new year.

drug hope for prostate cancer care

Well this is good news in the short term as long as it passes the tests they are running to make sure that it is working according to there findings.

With all the medical science into cancer these days and the massive funding they are now recieveing due to the rising cases of all types of cancer, the breakthroughs they are having are phenomenal and a big congradulations to those involved.

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New England Journal of Medicine

If you go back on this topic/cancer thread there is a lot more stories about prostate cancer etc.

feel free to comment..inquire...anything...?

posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 10:21 AM
Hi, Gryff. Thanks for putting the work into this thread.
I had seen an article that might be of interest concerning leukemia research. This one points toward yet another tool that might be added to the box to fight drug resistant cancers.

DNA Sequence Controls Expression Of Gene Involved In Cancer

Bethesda, MD - Scientists have discovered a DNA sequence that causes the destabilization, and hence decay, of the protooncogene bcl-2 (B-cell lymphoma/leukemia-2). Because the overexpression of bcl-2 is associated with cancer, this discovery may lead to new therapeutic strategies for treating the disease.

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posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 10:58 AM
Canadian scientists have used a natural compound to boost the effects of a widely used cancer treatment drug. The drug, Mitomycin C, is used to treat the solid tumours in bladder and lower bowel cancer and is naturally activated by enzymes found in the body.

Scientists are still doing research into this food extract but are very hopeful this extract will help ease the side effects of the drug therapy.

Food extract boosts cancer drug

All the findings can be found at this site:
British Journal of Cancer

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Uni of Manitoba

posted on Oct, 11 2004 @ 05:43 AM
Scientists have discovered that a very common antibiotic can turn off cancer cells in mice. The Stanford University team have been experimenting with diffrent gene therapy, and were surprised when the antibiotic worked. The treatment worked by turning off a gene called Myc, which is known to trigger cancers.

Myc controls cell division. Unlike the normal version of the gene, the modified version stayed permanently switched on, meaning cells were constantly dividing and some became cancerous.

The Stanford scientists studied mice whose liver cells had been altered to carry a modified Myc gene known to cause cancer.

Mice remained cancer free for as long as they took the drug. When it was stopped they developed liver cancer, the Stanford University team found.

Mice study

posted on Oct, 12 2004 @ 04:26 PM
Health chiefs from the SMC, Scottish Medical Consortium, have approved a drug used in breast cancer to bring relief to thousands of sufferers. Bondronat, which treats breast cancer which has moved through the bones and caused microfractures, has been liscenced after very successful medical tests and human trials.

Experts are saying it will improve the qualitiy of life for the sufferers.


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