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The I hate Israel crowd is truly irrational

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posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 06:59 AM

This is hilarious and shows what Israeli people know.

Both sides are to blame

Both sides use propaganda

Both sides need new leadership which want peace and understanding of each other, rather than hatred and war.

The Arabs need to hate on Israel otherwise they would just be killing each other, don't believe me? Check your history and what is happening in other Arabic countries, tribal warfare.

Many comments on here just inflame hatred, on a site where we should ALL be above this nonsense. Shame on all of you, those that hate Jews (and there are many even if they deny it to themselves) and the anti muslim brigade (yes these people are different, but the majority are not radical terrorists).

If we want a future for our world we need to be more understanding of each other, accept olive branches that are held out, however small and then build up trust so that, in time, your objectives can be met and peace can break out.

I love my fellow humans, whatever the nationality, race or religion. Those that hate just ned to be educated better as lack of education is the real problem that we need to overcome! Educating people to hate is not the future and just repeats the cycle.

How are we ever going to advance ourselves if we keep repeating this cycle of hate and blame? Stop hating and pointing out blame and lets try to find a way forward to make this a better civilisation!

We Are The World, We Are The People! Love, Light and Peace to all.

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posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 10:27 AM

Originally posted by Jehovah_Yahweh
reply to post by Matrix Rising

These goys are not only irrational but Anti Semitic Nazi also. They are just jealous God did not chose them instead of us as God's image. Not to worry soon all the goy's will be under Israel and asking for mercy just like these arabs Palestinians are asking.

This is obviously a propaganda effort to get more people to hate Jews, I have seen this before. I have never heard any Jewish person speak like this, it is disgraceful and just an attempt to make non-jews believe this is the way Jews think. IT IS NOT!

As someone once said 'If we (Jews) are the chosen people, I wish he would choose someone else' A statement that most Jews would agree with!

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