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Evergreen Air and a Secret Chemtrail Facility: (Whisleblowers & full of info)

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 03:36 PM

On Feb 18, 2010 NotForSale from the Intel Hub interviewed a whistleblower employed as a private contractor at an Evergreen Air facility. The information he provided was mind blowing. Never before had a whistleblower came forward about this top secret facility located in the Arizona desert north of Tucson. In the interview KrisH described how the facility is heavily secured by well armed personnel. During his time at the facility he was involved in retro fitting 727 and 747-c aircraft with liquid discharge tanks and aerosol sprayer devices. He has also confirmed reports of triangular black jets at the facility as well during his time there in the early 1990’s. It is also important to note that the facility owns fully functional warbirds that have been fully restored from WWII, where all of the weapon systems and bomb bay doors are operable on the craft. This type of craft is not authorized by civilian, public or private use within the U.S. This would indicate that Evergreen Air is indeed a CIA operation. The Whistleblower has also heard there is an underground base at the facility and confirms there is a possible “Black Helicopter” base on site as well.Note: Evergreen Air also specializes in unmanned aerial drones.

Evergreen 747-C Conversion for Depopulation Purposes, 2010 NotForSale interviewed a whistleblower from inside the Evergreen Air Facility. For those who do not know Evergreen Air is a CIA front company for chemtrail operations within the United States, weapons and arms dealing, drug running and rendition tortures. The whistleblower known as KrisH provided the Intel Hub staff with documentation to prove his employment at the facility located in Pinal County Airpark in Arizona.

The Intel Hubs Interview with Whistle Blower Krish

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Facts Regarding Evergreen Air

Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. is an Oregon-based aviation company with longstanding ties to the CIA. Its huge Evergreen Maintenance Center in Arizona was bought from the Agency, which offered the property to no-one else.[1]In 1980 an Evergreen plane flew the recently deposed Shah of Iran from Panama to Egypt, hours before the Panamanian government was due to receive an extradition request from the new government in Tehran.[1] Giving rides to dictators is something of a specialty for the company – it also allowed El Salvador’s President Duarte to use its helicopter, which was officially in the country to help repair power lines.

And according to a series of articles in The Oregonian in 1988, Evergreen’s owner and founder Delford M. Smith “…acknowledged one agreement under which his companies provide occasional jobs and cover to foreign nationals the CIA wants taken out of other countries or brought into the United States. However, neither Smith nor CIA officials would say whether any broader agreement existed.”


And it goes on from there. There is even one section that notes ATS: Chemtrail Bases as a source!!

I would say this article and the info contained within should get to the root of a lot of concerns and questions people have over Chemtrails.

MODS: I searched and didn't see anything with this exact title etc. If a repeat, please move etc.

I will be a little busy going over everything here. Once I started on the Whistleblower vids.... time flew.

Any Chemtrail experts care to chime in and evalute this info? I am a noob to Chemtrails.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 04:10 PM
I think that 747 is their Supertanker used for firefighting:

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 04:11 PM
This is big if this is real. I have't got to watch the interview yet but I will.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 04:14 PM
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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 04:17 PM
Well....not again.

The "Evergreen International" hoax has been a long-going one.

This is a new wrinkle, and so far only heard Part 1 (the sound is hard to deal with...)

Here, first, is ACTUAL information on the Evergreen fleet:

(No B-727s).

SO, this 'mystery' guest? Strike one.

Same 'mystery' guest ('whistleblower'??) claims that the B-747 is a $200 million-dollar airplane, and that it couldn't "possibly" be financially reasonable for Evergreen to have them, and make money, without flying them and carrying cargo?

I just googled, for a laugh, and found a fairly RECENT B-747-300 (Built in 1986 -- a lot nicer than those old, tired -100s and -200s) for sale for $4 million!! Even an Airbus A-340 (1994)...a very MODERN airplane...only $24.5 million. (Well, 'only' is relative...but still, much less than his claim of $200M...)

Guess that's strike two....

He said "ten miles west of Tucson"...OK, there IS an airport there, you can check Google Maps. It's "Ryan Field". Not exactly 'Top Secret' -- kinda sleepy little place, lonely even....

BUT, the best, I saved for last (sorry, OP...). The photo, in the OP?

Stuff like that (in fact, that SAME photo) has been spread about on "chemtrail" websites for years.

Everyone, if you want, should look up "airpalne CG testing"...

Here's the photo, again...from Aviation Week!!!!

AW&ST is a trusted aviation magazine!

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 04:48 PM
I am quite sure that plane in the photo is not used for spraying, though I agree that there IS spraying being done.

You should note that the person who identifies what this plane is actually used for (flight certification) BELIEVES in Chemtrail spraying. He further believes no one that is taking part in this operation will risk their lives to give us some evidence. Maybe when they are on their death bed.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by weedwhacker

That's what I like about ATS. Learning. To a noob, it looks pretty good to me-of course-that why they do them.

As far as the Company, Wouldn't firefighting plans and the a like would be a good cover-for a CIA black op?

Anyway, I put here for the in-the-know to evalute and discuss (and learn). What I thought was interesting was the link/noting ATS in the one section.

okay, is there ANY TRUTH to the whole chemtrail suga(s)? Any at all?

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 05:28 PM
reply to post by anon72

It is also important to note that the facility owns fully functional warbirds that have been fully restored from WWII, where all of the weapon systems and bomb bay doors are operable on the craft. This type of craft is not authorized by civilian, public or private use within the U.S.


This must come as a big shock to the hundreds of warbird owners throughout the USA that fly regularly! Sorry, there are no .50 cals on these planes. an outright...lie.
OR, they could be on display at the Evergreen Museum. Google it.
What a load or horse puckey!

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 05:28 PM
double post

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 06:21 PM
reply to post by Stewie

Stewie, the picture you linked is the EXACT SAME photo that I linked, from AW & ST...only bigger, and higher quality.


Do you see ALL those computers? Banks and banks of them? They are gathering flight test data.

I hope most peole, by now, understand the concept of Center of Gravity, as it pertains to airplanes. In short, there is a range, for every airplane, of acceptable CGs. Aircraft performance changes, depending on its location, gross weight, etc.

The tanks on the test airplane hold a chemical....a deadly chemical known by its designation "H2O". (A funny story --- a test of people's perceptions, a 'petition' was once circulated for people to be 'shocked' and 'outraged' by the fact that di-hydrogen monoxide was used everywhere, and was a known agent of death in humans. Most people signed, without realizing it was water, in the description).

The water is pumped around, between the tanks, to alter the inflight CG. For flight testing/data acquisition. AND, to verify the computer projections that the engineers predicted.

Oh...the cute sign...."HAZMAT"?
(Industry shorthand for 'hazardous materials'...)

The sign is a joke...somebody pasted it to the lavatory wall!

"spraying" of something, indeed!

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by anon72

I'll answer your last question first. NO there is not such a thing as a "chemtrail".

First, you should research for yourself first. Evergreen has a website, which gives all the specs and has videos of the planes in action. It's very impressive. The planes do not spray, they DROP at low altitudes. It's what they were designed to do.
Second, consider the issue of credibility. A look at the picture, of the supposed "chemtrail" plane is a fine example. Look at it carefully:
* Why would they put small kegs replacing seats instead of a large tanker?
* Why would they include seats in the airplane at all?
* Why would they leave the overhead compartments?
* Why/What is all the instrumentation?
* Why are there no pipes, except keg to keg?
* Can anything this source tell you about anything be trusted?

When you see something you do not understand, start with critical thinking.
Question everything and expect answers.
Go to and start there. It's an open forum, so you can ask questions and see proponents of both sides. You will be told the "keep an open mind". You will see the people here, like me , who don't believe in "chemtrails", called shills, disinformation agents, etc. But some of the people here and at Contrail Science who are professionals, in all parts of aviation and in meteorology. If there are people who can believed, wouldn't they be professionals in the two fields that count?

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 08:48 PM
reply to post by anon72

Don't give up on your search for the truth. And by NO means, RELY solely on what you read here as a "rebuttal" to what you post.

Chemical spraying is ABOVE ATS, at least, for the moment.

Above Above Top Secret.

So, to me, it makes me question why any member that wants to deny ignorance would so fervently work against other members whom are trying to seek the truth. They pretend they are the ultimate authority of THE TRUTH.

Like textbook "science" can explain some new human experiment that may well have taken decades to develop in top secret laboratories for who knows WHAT purpose...

It is not like they haven't done this sh*t before.

So, don't give up. Keep searching. The closer you get, the more resistance, until your dissenters suddenly disappear (or you do if you really have something....) into the fog of past failed propaganda.

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