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Nine Injured By Lightning Strike At Old Faithful In Yellowstone National Park

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 02:28 PM

A single bolt of lightning struck nine visitors at Yellowstone National Park who were waiting to see Old Faithful erupt.

While several complained of minor injuries, there were no initial reports of serious complications from the strike Tuesday afternoon, park officials said Wednesday.

According to rangers, all nine were either on the boardwalk or on walkways around Old Faithful Geyser when a small thunderstorm cell produced a single lightning bolt. Two people were on the asphalt walkway between the Old Faithful Lodge and the boardwalk that circles the geyser.

Bystanders had started CPR on a 57-year-old man, who was conscious and breathing when rangers arrived. He was taken to the Old Faithful Clinic, and then transported by an Air Idaho Rescue helicopter to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls. His current condition was not available as of late Wednesday morning.

An 18-year-old male patient complained of shortness of breath. He was also taken by ambulance to the Old Faithful Clinic, where we has treated and released.

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As if it isn't enough you could get shaken to death, scalded by boiling water and mud, or burned by a pyoclastic flow from the volcanic eruption of the ages, now you need to look up, lest ye be struck down from above...

They were all waiting for Old Faithful to go off, when rain and hail started pelting them. They all piled under a tent to escape the weather....

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 02:47 PM
Ah, but there are NO accidents!

Since they are all alive, they should feel priviledged to have felt what very, very few ever experience.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 02:54 PM
I think they were meant for the speech for Obama on memorial day.

The lord works in mysterious ways.

(All sarcasm as usual)


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