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Toxic town's advocate sees victory ahead

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 12:35 PM

Mossville, Louisiana (CNN) -- As the Environmental Protection Agency vans roll from one home to the next, each one marked with a red dot on a map, Dorothy Felix tags along like a proud parent.

At each stop, EPA investigators collect potentially tainted water from the kitchen tap and possibly toxic soil samples from the yard.

"This is a very important day. It's a day that should have come a long time ago. We have traveled a long journey and I feel like victory is close," Felix says, smiling.

Nearby, an EPA contractor uses a hand trowel to scoop hard-packed dirt into glass jars for testing at a government lab in Houston, Texas.

Felix and other environmental activists in this southwest Louisiana community tried for decades to convince the state and federal governments they live in a toxic town.

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Good for them. I have read several articles over the past few years about this community, and I'm glad to see something finally starting to happen for them.

The community is surrounded by 14 chemical plants in the area and for years the residents have complained that they believe it is the cause of a lot of illness in the community, especially in children and the elderly.

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 08:44 AM
Why oh why oh why... do threads like this get ignored?

Post something about Obama being a reptilian Anti-Christ from planet zargon 8... 2000 replies...

Post about a REAL conspiracy affecting REAL people... nothing...

These chemical companies are poisoning people... they know it, but they wont admit it!

These people have 3 times the normal level of dioxins in their blood... many people have respitory problem and cancer levels in the young are way above the average.

Why does it take DECADES to sort this mess out?

Why do people ignore these types of stories?

I really hope and pray that the victims of this get some form of justice, along with a cleanup of the area which will see the people living in non toxic conditions.


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