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member of the Israeli parliament, was on board the Miva Marmara

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 11:15 AM

(CNN) -- Some of the first accounts emerged Tuesday from eyewitnesses who were aboard several boats stormed by Israeli forces as they approached Gaza the day before.

Hanin Zoabi, a member of the Israeli parliament, was on board the Miva Marmara, the ship that was the scene of a confrontation between activists and Israeli soldiers. That clash left at least nine people dead.

The Israeli Navy fired on the ships five minutes before commandos descended from ropes that dangled from helicopters, Zoabi said during a press conference in Nazareth, Israel. She said passengers on board the ship were unarmed.

Not surprised I hadn't heard this sooner .

She is telling a totally different story than her government .

Who is telling the truth ?

I have nothing against the Jewish people or the religion . But I find their government is heavy handed most of the time .

posting before work will reap the fall out later and reply when i get home

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 11:47 AM
for the info

Have to laugh at reading the comments left on the CNN page. 110% support for Israel. Sad really.

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