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Romania - "We've cured cancer remotely through hair!"

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 06:34 AM
This is google translated, I couldn`t find an article in english.

This happened at the Oncology Institute in Bucharest. First, the event itself is exceptional, that took place on cancer cures experimental animals. But this study, unique in the world, is out of the patterns of scientific research and for that he is treating cancer with radiotherapy ... remote.

It seems the field of magic, but it's exceptional success, palpable. A year and half ago, five rats were injected subcutaneously in the back, with cancer cells. Once you become sick, that they formed tumors, were cut by a mop of fur.

Three mice escaped tumors

Each bundle was subjected to a special site, located at a considerable distance from where the rats are kept, a stream of electromagnetic radiation with a specific wavelength. If all other experiments the healing of cancer in rats, the animals die in less than 80 days, in this case, three out of five live rats and today, after a year and a half since healed.

"In short, the idea that the state experiment hair and nails contact with the field of biological matter from which they were cut, even if the body moved far from home. Everyone said that this is not possible. Yes, here it is! Now we know that a sick body begins to emit multiple frequencies simultaneously.

After the body heal, start to resonate only a few wavelengths - this is the state of normality. We have hair under a stream of electromagnetic radiation of a specific wavelength, hair "healed" and while the body healed and I've cut, ie rats, in our case. It sounds bizarre, but we already have exceptional results.

Thanks team of researchers who had confidence in this idea, "said physicist Theodore us Sandulescu, senior researcher at the Cancer Institute, the man who handles the remote experiment cure cancer.

"Study of the influence of electromagnetic radiation emitted radiation as a pulse or continuous (where) on living matter is assiduously in the secret laboratories in the world since the '50s period. Experiments with undeniable results showed that electromagnetic radiation in certain frequency spectrum and may have therapeutic effects.

Personal experiences and research we popularized by Mr. Teodor Sandulescu television channel they realize the N24 Plus. Moreover, two years ago, through the Centre for Studies and Research Psihotronice Ufologice (CSCPU), I participated directly in Mr. Teodor Sandulescu experiences, our doctor said Brigadier General Emil Streinu (photo) Director CSCPU.

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 08:05 AM
Royal Raymond Rife did this in the 30's.

He built microscopes to 60,000x, watched and filmed as his "beam ray" killed cancer microbes, which he identified conclusively while working with top professionals of the time.

It's like an electromagnetic scalpel, killing the target organism using sympathetic resonance, similar to how a singer shatters a wine glass. Once rid of the microbes, cancerous cells can supposedly return to normal.

Here's an overpriced machine you can buy. There are very few to choose from, as they are heavily suppressed.

Note that for any lasting changes detox (bowel,liver,kidney,metals) and diet changes (100% raw or at least way more veggies and alkalizing foods) are likely necessary.

Also exciting is scalar healing.

Great post. I'm glad this tech. is getting new attention.

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 08:27 AM
Nice find

I say this with sadness in my heart as i am a citizen of he country mentioned.
The institute ( Oncology Institute ) has deep problems with funds , it's been reported many times that people working there are way back regarding receiving their payment.

The study mentioned was done on limited budget , very limited

This situation of financial setbacks is affecting many aspects of the society and life over here.
Many gifted people aren't able to put their abilities to use because of corruption and are forced to go in search of a better life among strangers in different countries.

Meanwhile the politicians drive Bentleys , build villa after villa , receive tens of millions of euros after doing business with the romanian state but they still aren't able to express themselves clearly and properly from a grammatical point of view ...

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 08:33 AM
reply to post by charlie_the_loafer

Couldn't have put it better!

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 09:01 AM
I'd say the chances of successful "remote" cancer cure are about the same as having root canal done right through one's rectum.

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