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UFO Fleet ? - Oakland Ca. 05-28-10

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 06:40 AM
reply to post by easynow

Once again, the guy is using the word 'space-craft' because he's eliminating the possibility of it being a regular airplane and satellite.

What's he supposed to refer to this as ( airplane is ruled out)? Air-craft? Flying-craft?
I really didn't get the impression he was insinuating it was alien at all. It was just some type of craft flying in space. If anything, UFO has an alien association to the name.

I am going to assume this was filmed at night hence, the night-vision. Do geese normally congregate at night? I know anything is possible and many animals are acting out of character lately but, typically speaking, do they fly at night? Are they nocturnal by nature?

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 06:51 AM
I would have to say Geese also. It could be pixelation but i can see each dot flapping independently of each other. Its the classic v shape they make also. You find they always vary this v formation and that is what i think i'm seeing here. That aircraft was flying really quite low so i wouldn't rule out birds being above.


posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 07:50 AM
Nice, I thought it was a re run of the Delta from before when I first saw it but it's clearly separate 'objects'.

If I was being honest I'd go for the geese suggestion because of the apparent flapping motion on all the objects but it's impossible to say what they are.

A decent video for once...

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 07:58 AM
Reguarding the original video .. would a flight of f-16s fly in an odd number ? I thought that every plane has a wing man which is why you see in pictures you only see 4 planes flyin together in a V formation. Not sure though, nice video ..

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 08:02 AM
I can not say 100% for sure, but I have been watching the skys, enough in the last month...and imparticular, on the dates just prior to this vid.

To say that, not only do I think they are pelicans, but prior to the date of the and 40 or so other ppl watched a flock of migrating pelicans come from southeast of there...ed directly that direction.

I was only using my 12x 60 mm cam could not "reach" them so to say. not enough zoom and quality..

They are very bright..."almost a glow in the dark" shade of white, and fly higher than 90% of all the geese I have watched...not to say geese don't fly that an altitude is near impossible to get from that vid...

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 08:17 AM
The person making the video needs to file a report and provide evidence this could be just F-16s. Remember some kid from California posted a recent hoax of a Canada spiral, it could be the same kid making this.

Videos only will not impress many people and people will pay attention to you if you have other evidence.

CGI programs can easily remove volume from F-16

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 08:18 AM
Whoever took the video needs to come forward instead of just posting it online and expecting anyone to buy it. Report it and get other witnesses so that someone actually cares about your sighting and this video does not continue to be ignored.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 09:35 AM
It's good that the photographer chose to film in IR. It really makes the spaceship stand out.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 09:53 AM
could it be that X-37B spaceplane?

somebody in another thread posted a website that lists times that satellites and other things like the ISS make thier passes in orbit, you just put in your zip code.

im from the bay area too, and i remember it saying the X-37B spaceplane would be making 2 passes every night, and just before 10PM was one of them.

and the video says it was shot at 10PM, im just wondering if that could be it...i have no idea what it looks like. and i do not remember the link to the website.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 10:01 AM

Originally posted by gamma 49
This is a flight of geese nice try

Exactly right gamma 49, you can even see the wings beating. No, geese do not emit light but everything looks bright on a night vision camera. This is about the hundredth video I've seen of birds flying at night and people calling them "spacecraft" or UFO's.

I want to see a spacecraft too. I'm still waiting.....

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 10:16 AM
Interesting thread. It is difficult to make any sort of firm analysis for the simple fact that it is recorded in IR at unknown magnification. There has been a veritable flood of "UFO Videos" taken by amateurs lately. They are usually narrated by someone who explicitly uses words like "spacecraft" or "in space," when objectively speaking, they are hot spots in the sky. It would be invaluable if someone with similar equipment were to record known objects and phenomena to establish a baseline reference. Known flocks of geese, known astronomical objects, known landscape features (strobe lights on cell phone towers, etc.) Obviously, things look strange and different with this sort of equipment. Would someone please help make it look more familiar?

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 04:03 PM
thanks everyone for the replies

here's a article on ufodigest with some statements from the cameraman,

I was alone for the recent video. My wife was in the house.

From my own observations on previous nights I could not see these craft without the IR (infrared).

In the last video the craft went into the clouds and I lost them. I then heard the jet passenger plane and thought to film it for comparison.

A few weeks ago I used the IR scope and saw 3 squadrons of about five each similar craft on same heading at near 10:00 PM Friday night.

About 5 minutes later a large triangle craft similar to TR3-B follow behind them. The three squadrons of small craft were traveling at least 10X speed over conventional fighter aircraft at similar altitude to latest video. My wife was with me for that event. She could not see any of it with out the IR.

We then found a large craft with the IR that slowly traveled in a lazy zig-zag pattern toward the west at an altitude estimated at 100 miles. She was able to see that one when I gave her the scope.

I hope this information helps. My thoughts are these are our craft undisclosed to the public. Man I would love to fly one. I will be going out tonight to try my luck but may have to wait till next Friday for another good capture.

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by easynow

You will be interested to watch this video recorded by Bill Roehling in Los Angeles on
4/07/10 also in nightvision. A V frormation almost identical than the other two videos
by Kevin McCracken (kevinmc360 - May 28, 2010 Oakland, CA) and Pablo (dede95064
- December 5, 2008 Freemont, CA). Make your comparison with the three videos and
see how remarkable similar they are. (Watch in full screen for better reference)

Unfortunately it seems these three videos most probably are showing what is known as
flock of migrating birds that fly in V formation. According to Bill Roehling's testimonial in
his video he thinks he recorded what he described as a Migrating Fowl and in the audio
he is narrating what he belives are actually birds amd makes reference to the famous
video by Pablo (dede95064). Bill Roheling is an expert nightvision skywatcher with
many videos so he must know what he is saying. Besides the three videos were taped
in California where the sea and the beaches are. So the posibility of migrating birds is

However I can't prove or confirm without a reasonable doubt that the three videos are
showing actual birds, it's just suggested as an explanation but they may be showing
also real UFOs or some kind of military craft.

NOTE: Just in case someone asks, YES there is a variety of migrating birds that fly at
night. Any doubts, just consult Google.

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by free_spirit

thanks free_spirit for the video and yes that is a good one and is very similar to the others.

obviously there is a strong possibility that the objects are birds and i don't have any problems with that conclusion but the only thing i can say about it is, i have seen birds fly over at night and they are, to me, unmistakable. other people might have a problem discerning them, i dunno.

i know this is wishful thinking, but it would be great if we had video like this showing normal and infrared side by side.

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 02:08 PM
Good stuff Easy....

As for birds, several factors detour me from than line of thought.

Speed, Altitude-somewhat, and geese are not nocturnal.

How high and Fast do birds fly?

Just my 2cent

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 02:27 PM
It's a flock of birds(fowl) and if you look very carefully at the slow motion you can actually see the wings flapping as the objects fly across the night sky and he also says that this is the third time he's seen the same fleet fly over that major U.S. City of Oakland Ca. Do you really think that a fleet of Space Craft would actually fly across the same Major City in the same place three times in a roll? Water fowl feathers are highly oily and reflect light very easily and it's also the right time of the year for the migration of water fowl! This is just my opinion?

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 06:10 PM
reply to post by Software_Pyrate

thanks for the link,

i don't know much about geese but a few times i have seen ducks fly over at night and they were flying low so i could easily tell what they were.

the camera man (kevin) posted these comments on the video,

The objects in the video are not birds.
1. The flappings you have observed in the slow motion portion of the video are artifacts of the switching frequency of the image intensifier tube.
2. Birds do not fly faster than jet aircraft
3. Birds do not fly higher than jet aircraft
4. Birds do not leave IR reflections more intense than orbiting space craft.
5. Nice try
6. Kevin Mc

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 07:12 PM
Thanks for bringing this footage to our attention OP.
This video obviously shares much in common with other night-vision videos that depict objects traveling in triangle formation, such as this famous one that was discussed on the show UFO hunters:


Here are some observations I've made after watching all of the similar videos.

-The objects are in very tight formation, do not suggest F16 or conventional fighter aircraft
-There is no solid body connecting the lights (you can see stars pass between the objects in all videos made of them)
-they seem to move very fast and at high altitude, although this could be a trick of perspective
-They appear to me to move in a very controlled, unnatural manner. For example, an aircraft would normally bank to turn, while these seem to turn much differently than a normal aircraft.

At first I was very unconvinced by the bird theory. The main reason is because of the speed (are they hypersonic geese?). Now I can sort of see the case for it but remain only 50% convinced.

I've seen geese flying in Canada and there is no way I would confuse them for a high-altitude craft. i think that if these videos show artificial craft, then they are some of the most important footage of UFOs currently in circulation and perhaps among the most important ever captured by amateur observers. If I had money I'd love to get an IR scope and camera setup. My own personal theory is that you need IR to see UFOs nowadays, as a result of some effort to cloak themselves in the visible spectrum.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 01:53 PM

Originally posted by easynow
new video showing what appears to be a fleet of objects in a V formation flying overhead of the cameraman. even though i suspect the person is near an Airport, i don't think what he got on camera in the beginning of the video is a plane or one solid object because you can still see the stars through the formation as it moves along. what can they be ?

Hi easynow, always a pleasure to see your posts, so thanks for this one because it is an interesting one.

There are some thoughts here that it could be birds, which could be possible.

It’s definitely not a plane in my opinion and not a squadron of F-16's because of the too suddenly changing shape of the formation.

Looking carefully to the 25% slow motion images and if I am correct, it looks to me as if those objects/birds are flying at least above the clouds.

I know migration birds do flying above the clouds.

It is in these cases impossible to draw a final conclusion to what those “lights” really are, it could be birds it could be something else, it could be even ET crafts.

The lights blink in a way which also could be caused by the wings movements of birds.

It is however quite remarkable that they suddenly disappear, as if they started to fly even higher or such, but that is not good to see.

I would say that looking at the speed of the objects/birds in Maybe...maybe not’s video and yours from the ufo hunters show I cannot imagine that that are birds in my opinion, but here again it is impossible to draw a final conclusion for what those “lights” really are then.

I have the same opinion as free_spirit said here.

Originally posted by free_spirit
However I can't prove or confirm without a reasonable doubt that the three videos are showing actual birds, it's just suggested as an explanation but they may be showing also real UFOs or some kind of military craft.

Therefore I think that your wishful thinking here could bring us indeed closer to draw a better conclusion.

Originally posted by easynow
i know this is wishful thinking, but it would be great if we had video like this showing normal and infrared side by side.

Thanks again

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 02:40 AM
reply to post by spacevisitor

hello spacevisitor , thanks for the reply and your thoughts

not sure if it helps any but here's a new video uploaded today from the same person ...

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