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What is your -ism?

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 12:40 AM
reply to post by Misoir

Ah, man. There's no NeoLiberalism. Okay, then that is what ism I am.

If you notice, facism come near the end of the list, or was that the end of the list? I forget. So much to remember!

8th grade social studies/history class. Yes, this was in the ancient times when I attended.

My teacher wrote much of this same sort of isms on the green board. However, he showed it as a circle. And he proposed that it is acircle and not linear. Societies go through these phases, usually in the same order, and eventually end up back where they started.

This is long ago, but as I recall, he had many examples of different societies, empires and such, that traversed the circle and ended up somewhere else, eventually on the circle. And there was a few cases where these civilizations ended up pretty much back where they first started.

There were less labels then. No Neoconservatives, for example.

I recall I did not like this guy, personally. However, I made sure I got into his history classes for the next two years. He introduced his students to many things that were not commonly spoken about in public schools.

Of course, this was in the way back time when a teacher could actually teach and introduce ideas and demand students use their damn brains.
Before the ready made curriculum put out by government controllers who dictate whet can and what cannot be discussed in a teacher's class.

My sister was a history teacher. Ut, oh, off topic. Anyway, in a history class in the early 1980's, she deviated from her lesson plan she had to file before the current school year. Yes, she was, at that time allowed to actually create her own lesson plan. Anyway, it was the next to the last day of school. Her students had completed the lesson plan she had filed. So she had two days to play with. So, without getting into any details, she introduced a new idea, a new ism for her students to consider. Gasp!

It offended a student in her class. She was subsequently fired for not following her lesson plan. She filed a lawsuit against the school. The case went all the way to the U.S Supreme Court!
She lost. It wasn't the "ism" she introduced that caused her to lose the case, although, really, that was the problem, she lost the case because she deviated from the lesson plan she had filed, which had been approved, and so, bad teacher!!! Deviating from the lesson plan!!

She completed the lesson plan and her students were succesful in learning what they were expected to learn. Unfortunately she had two extra days to deal with. Dang!! Missed it by THAT much!

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 12:42 AM
Paleoconservative views... mixed together with Punk Rock, I know it is a oxymoron.
I grew up listening to Reagan Youth, Now I'm a Reagan Conservative.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 08:43 PM
Now before I say what my -ism is I just want to make it known I am a registered Democrat. I am, however, a CONSERVATIVE Democrat

My -ism is Nationalism. I LOVE the United States of America. In one of my history classes my professor and I discussed patriotism and extreme super-patriotism...nationalism, to me, would be considered super-patriotism. Just call me Super Patriot!

EDIT: Also let me add, I believe in a seperation of church and State.

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posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 07:50 AM
For me anachocomunism is the closest - comunisum were the means of production realy are in the hands of the public not the state. in fact there is no state for decisions of a national and local level direct democracy would determine socitys choises. However I can see some problems were a stedy state socity would develop to ensure progess continues people need motivation so I might take elements from paticipatory economics like a nontransferable currency for example.

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 08:05 AM
I'm in favor of Social Liberalism. Individual liberty under a large government that advocates the welfare state model. The Skandinavian countries are an inspiration in my opinion.

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 09:14 AM

I wanted to copy a post from my blog to explain myself rather than retyping something I've already written, but the post was slightly too long for this box. I will link it instead.

The basic gist of it is the power principle vs. the liberty principle. I give my explanation as to why every attempt to date to establish a communist utopia has resulted in mass misery, and why every future attempt will too.

That being said, I try to stay out of actual normative politics because states rise and fall with the ebb and flow of civilization. No need to get our panties in a bunch trying to stop a tide we cannot control; rather, just be true to yourself and don't let the tide sweep away you or your integrity.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 06:10 AM
Social Liberalism is generally the viewpoint I subscribe to.

Second line from outer space.

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