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Vanga prediction dealing with the isreali conflict in the gaza strip from early 2009

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posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 09:24 PM
A lot of you know about the Vanga predictions, but I also found this interesting prediction she made off a website, its about the conflict last year when israel invaded the gaza strip, it goes as follows:

“Beware! Beware! When those from the other side who now call themselves Sabra throw their heaviest metal into the silk net of the defenseless, know that the twisted rope is about to close upon all the earth to leave only those most sturdy in mind able to withstand the horrors about to come.”, the Blind Prophetess Vanga wrote in 1952 and which I have interpreted as follows:

Vanga's use of the words “those from the other side” corresponds with the Aramaic word 'ebhrai', and the Hebrew word 'ibhri', meaning Israelite and both meaning “one from the other side” of the Euphrates River, which these peoples trace their ancient historical roots to. Her use of the word 'Sabra' is used to establish the timeline of this prophecy as its most common meaning is of Jewish person born in Palestine after the establishment in 1948 of the Hebrew state of Israel.

After Vanga's establishment of whom she is prophesizing about, the Israelis, and having established her timeline as after 1948, she then uses the words “throw their heaviest metal” which corresponds exactly with the present military operation by Israel against the Palestinians they are calling “Operation Cast Lead” as the word 'cast' comes from the Old Norse word 'kasta' meaning 'to throw' and the word 'lead' deriving from its Old English and Germanic origins describes exactly the 'heaviest metal'.

Vanga's next words say this 'heaviest metal' of the Israelis is being thrown into “the silk net of the defenseless” which corresponds with comes from the French word 'gaze' which was derived from the Arabic word 'gazz' meaning 'raw silk' and is the derivation of the name given to the Palestinian area being attacked by Israel, Gaza. This is further reinforced by her using the word 'defenseless' as this word accurately describes the Palestinian peoples in Gaza who have virtually no defenses against the Israelis.

Vanga then uses the words “the twisted rope is about to close upon all the earth” which appears to be based upon the Old Norse word 'snara'

meaning 'noose, snare' and related to the word 'soenri' meaning 'twisted rope'.

By these definitions of the exact words used by Vanga this prophecy can be thusly interpreted to mean, “When the Israelis begin their Operation Cast Lead against the defenseless peoples of Gaza, be warned that they are falling into a snare which will soon capture the entire World and be horrible in its outcome.”

Heres a link to the site I got this from -

Also you can tie all this stuff together with her predictions of a new world war, heres a site with a lot of her other predictions:

I've also been sending emails to, as far as I see it I could prevent the prophecies from happening if the right people hear about this.

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posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 10:37 PM
sorry but i dont believe it. yes the potential for war exists in 2010 with isreal and pretty much everyone else (except america). but her profecies are based on her understanding of the world in her time. the future is ever changing so her predictions will not be accurate. but my favorites from her are between the year 4599-5078 now thats a great time to be alive and for the lazy lurker heres a link

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