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Giza Power Plant Video Series

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posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 08:33 PM
I saw this video series today and it struck me as such an important collection of information that I decided to share it here. (once i realized how few views it had).

Instead of pretending to be an expert on the subject or to inject too many of my own thoughts I've given a brief description of each video and provided a link to them. The descriptions are not intended to be exhaustive and I do not claim to reflect the information exactly. They are intended to wet your appetite so that you go and watch the series.

Please watch the whole series and don't forget to rate the videos. This is powerful information and I believe it's the correct time for it to be known.

Video 1

20,000th of an inch differential from the opening to the subterranean chamber of the descending passage. only one person may fit in the passage at one time and would take 28 years to chisel out the limestone which would surpass the pharoah's lifetime. if the granite plugs were used to deter criminals why were they used at all? why not no passage and no plug at all. the criminals would simply realize that there was something behind the plug worth getting to. early explorers noted that walls and ceiling were coated with salt in certain areas. one of the lower shafts was constructed past the lower area of the king's chamber even though it's suppsoed kufu decided to be buried int he king's chamber. why would they continue construction past that point. gypsum found coming from cracks in the shafts.

Video 2

king's chamber is structurally isolated. the stones are not connected to the rest of the pyramid and they are free standing. they are definately not relieving chambers. tops of stones are rough but the bottom are smooth. granite used instead of limestone from aswan 500 miles away. why have all these stones to simply hold up their own weight? 2 solutions enter through the shafts combining in the queen's chamber to create hydrogen. the hydrogen leeched salt from the limestone. gypsum would be created from this process as well. relationships between hydrogen and the measurements of the shafts stated. grand gallery is a resonator hall. resonance found within the grand gallery and king's chamber.

Video 3

RF frequencies coming from teh granite in teh king's chamber. Still had interference from the fans. He used a tape recorder to record a night's stay in the chamber. Stone's tuned to 440hz and even footsteps cause them to ring out in that frequency. Multiple higher frequencies occured from sounds created here. Dead insect shells found on top of the relieving stones. Earth is the source of energy coming frmo the bottom of the pyramid. Input signal of xrays coming in through the upper shafts to the king's chamber. Hydrogen from the queen's chamber is raised to a higher state and the input signal causes this hydrogen state to become a focused emission comparable to a laser or maser.

Video 4

f# chord formed from the tuning of the stones in the king's chamber. 1998, japanese scientists dected earth's tone (hum) between 2-7hertz. grand gallery filled with resonators that convert vibrations to airborn sound and direct the sound to the king's chamber. 1999, pyramid closed for cleaning, scorch marks in teh grand gallery are so deep in the limestone that they cannot be cleaned out. gantenbrink's door found to be electrodes that feed the chemicals into the queen's chamber. the "doors" are a perculation test to determine when the shaft needs to be refilled. shafts on the east and southside of the pyramid are the entrance to the "air shafts". the "airshafts" continue throughout the pyramid to the ground and out the the aforementioned shafts on the south and east side.

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 08:36 PM
Video 5

southern shaft has hydrochloric dilute solution in it evidenced by limestone erosion in stages from the top to the bottom of the shaft. what's behind gantenbrink's door? national geographic special airs video of what's behind the door. dark spots in teh corner of the small area could be the opening connecting to the refill shaft. northern shaft has debris making it difficult to pass. more electrodes found in the northern shaft. the zinc chloride solution cause an electroplating
process on one side of the diode (gatenbrink's door).

Video 6

3 axis control precision machining used to create blocks. accuracy
up to 1000th of an inch (5000th not counting cracks) within the consistency of the radius in the bevel throughout the block. precision crafted bowls in cairo museum. transition duct artifact. case with copper tools supposedly used to build the pyramids. 1999, the box in the king's chamber is found to be square within a 1000th of an inch and would require many tools and understanding of engineering to accomplish.

Video 7

glyphs on the serapeum may not comply with the technology used to create the boxes. the glyphs may have been created by a different gruop of people. a toolmaker's square calibrated within 50millionths of an inch was used to measure inside the box at saqqara. the room was found to be perfectly square including the opposite walls being perfectly parrallel. talk about constraint management using egyptologist timeframes shows that the descending passege took much longer to construct than allowed by the egyptologists.

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 09:31 PM
I'll check it out, I looked into the Giza powerplant issue and I too thought that it was being used as a machine of some type. There is something else too, I saw a youtube video on the pyramids and they where talking about how there is a difference in the stone work of the older stones (massive) and the newer ones. The one funny thing is that the older stones and the ones at the lower level in the flooded are (forgot the name of this place but the stones are massive and it has water in it), had their corners beveled in a fashion where it looked to be done to keep something inside. We may be looking at a very very very ancient power system from a long time ago. And if we ever say that those pyramids and the surrounding area was used for this purpose, then it destroys history as we know it and essentially we as a people are survivors of an advanced prehistoric culture.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by hoghead cheese

i've seen a couple of different things regarding this theory in general but this series seems to come really close to some amazing conclusions.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 02:33 PM
Ancient Egyptians had the ability to harness great forces and use advanced technology to precision engineer their environment.

They precision engineered light sources...

Mummified animals...

And used building techniques accurate to a 1000th of a millimetre...

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by Kandinsky

thanks for posting. i was starting to think this thread wasn't getting much attention.

although, if you could try to stay on topic. or at least pretend to have watched the videos it would be helpful.

thanks again.

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