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Anti - Fox News poetic commentary

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posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 07:48 PM
Please feel free to contribute in favor of fox news!!!
however, as for me, i share just share from my views
no arguements here, your true opinion i shall not abuse

Fox news and friends, aka american al-jazeera, like your morning rhymes?
Too bad they aren’t actually factually reflective of our realities’ times!

Come on Viewers, they need ratings, let us take a gander
At their definition of freedom and the options they pander…

even my cable company label information unstable: "usual banter between hosts"
excuse us if we turn the table, excuse us if we are able, autopilot, idle and coasts?
"our truth" is the truthiest truisms true, no spin at all, so o'reilly and others, boasts?

Anyone here need a healthy extra dose of insanity?
Tune in to the great american panel with sean hannity!

Anyone here want to watch a real self induced mental train wreck?
Watch how he “speaks without fear”, special ed glenn beck!

they may call themselves “my” fox and friends
but i have an opinion that varies and depends
on the integrity of the facts, knot all the pretends

fox and friends, distortions of truth you are efforting to seed
do you think of the psychological poisons & viewers you lead?
Any loyalties to the facts, please grow up a little Brian Kilmeade
I tune in to watch, your ratings I boost, but my logic you don’t impede
I enjoy your freudian slips now & then, but a little more honesty, some plead

Too much accusing is never much fun
It can weigh on you more than a ton
You can be individual, and think as one
Please keep this in mind gretchen Carlson

with a hot cup of java, tentatively watching all the while
hi steve doocy, at least you sport a pretty perky smile!

Hello there “no spin zone”, please listen & hear your own tone mr bill o’reilly factor
Hey bill, if you can’t put into practice what you preach, you are an overpaid actor

"drill baby drill" was sarah palins' lies
"drill baby drill" was sarah palins' cries
"drill baby drill" was sarah palins' ties
prior to running in 2012, any compromises?

stand by your word, scratch your itch
stand on your platform, you silly bitch

And view fox "news", their apathetic finger points
smart as smart can be, if smoking many joints

Glenn beck is inept, his own advice he can't take
Sean Hannity, too, like he knows what's at stake
They aren't reporters per say, something is fake
dare to point the finger at one man, for your sake
and blame him alone, like it wasn't their mistake
and blame him alone, not fox's shimmering lake?
when high in sight arrives, remember they spake
we blame all others, for us eating their truth cake
cannibals consuming ratings, witnessing their make?

in one truism, it is not just fox's priorities news
in one truism, they are bitter knowing they lose
in one truism, wake up now, their lies will snooze
mine is mine, and your minds they shall not abuse
as they point fingers at whomever they choose
as they point fingers at whomever they can accuse

it's not like it's a lot of oil to the usa's "big picture".
Take a look at statistics, I’m pretty damn sure …
So what if a little water might be a little unpure

supply and demand, "free" market's ideological land
you demand the supply, and blame others, …why?
G.O.D. (*Governments Of Dollars, …psy sigh …

Hey Sarah Palin, Good Luck with 2012, running for spot as madam president
Stand on the platform of “Drill Baby Drill”, any backing of your$ interests spent?
Please, you and your confused grand old party, you and fox news can just get bent.

no offense intended americans, and if you are an offended american, owe well!

Sincerely Americans,
ALL the lude crude leaked out into the Gulf Of British Petroleum in the past 43 days is only equal to ONE HOURS WORTH of oil consumed by the usa, every hour since the leak began.

An oath to god, against all enemies foreign and domestic?
Hey fox news, stop acting like a impotent flaccid inept geode


[edit on 1-6-2010 by Esoteric Teacher]


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