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What i think about the the Israel attack

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posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 04:18 PM


just a few questions and suggestions on the attack on the flotilla.

The flotilla that was providing humanitarian aid to the Gaza strip knew its rights and knew they shouldn't have been in what Israel claims to be their waters. They couldn't possibly have started their journey without knowing at some point they would be stopped by the military, any other thinking would just be plain ignorant.

Why did a ship that was carrying humanitarian aid have so many weapons on board?

Who was on the ship? Because this is a conspiracy website i would like to think that Iranian people were on the ship looking to spark something between the Israeli military and the people on board

Its is said that Israel troops tried to reason with the aid workers, it is said they were provoked when they attacked the Israeli soldiers. Eight Israeli soldiers were killed. There was also a video on board the flotilla, you can hear the captain telling the humanitarian workers to grab any weapon they can find and to attack the Israeli military. Which sounds believable if you imagine the workers are so passionate about getting the aid to Gaza.

However one has to wonder whether the video was pulled out of context in Israels defence. The captain may have ordered the persons on the ship to grab weapons in their own self-defence as the Israel soilder's were running riot on the ship.

personally i think the aid workers provoked the attack because i simply can't understand why the Israeli military would resort to violence without being provoked. Its also seems strange they would kill a minority then arrest everyone else before later deporting them back to their country of origin. But there could be a possiblity the Israelis might be looking for a cover up.

it violate's so many human rights i know, im against the way Israel chose to deal with this issue however i am crossed between whether the aid workers should really be victimized here. I am the sort of person that likes to believe there are two sides to a story and refuse to make a quick judgement. Lets try have a adult discussion here please.. No cursing about how wrong Israel was, i think we all know deep down it was a bad move on their part but lets try think from both sides

please forgive my English its not the best i know lol

the source has a little infomation on the happenings.

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posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 04:36 PM

Eyewitness accounts from ships raided by Israeli commandos have cast doubt on Israel's version of events that led to the deaths of at least nine people. German pro-Palestinian activist Norman Paech said he had only seen wooden sticks being brandished as troops abseiled on to the deck of the ship. Israel says its soldiers were attacked with "knives, clubs and other weapons" and opened fire in self-defence.

hmmmm... who's the liars? the Palestinian's? or the Israeli's?

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 03:36 PM
okay this thread is closed i guess everyones tired of hearing about israel lol..


posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by emayarsh

I'll comment on your post.

I haven't read anywhere on these posts here at ATS that the primary weapon that the commandos were carrying were paint ball guns.

If the commandos were dead set on killing "innocent" people you would have thought that they would have had something a little more powerful for a primary weapon when they stormed the ship.

Secondly, their secondary weapon was in fact a pistol. When did the shooting start? I dunno. I wasn't there. But the news reports I got said that the commandos started shooting only AFTER several of their pistols were taken by the mob and the commandos were being shot at with their own weapons. You see, they were defending themselves.

In my opinon, this was the exact outcome this so-called humanitarian floatilla wanted. Maybe not all of them but enough (including the captain of the ship involved.)

I can't say that I fault Israel for doing what she is doing. That being said, I don't like it. I wish it would never happen. But when your next door neighbor is run by a terrorist organization that is hell bent on YOUR destruction, what are you to do? I would search ships for smuggled weapons as well.

I don't think Israel has any problem with humanitarian aid going to Palistine. All they are trying to do is prevent any weapons (especially rockets) from being shipped to Palistine that will be used against Israel.

People are also missing the point that Israel isn't enforcing this blockade alone. Egypt is also there working with Israel to help enforce the blockade. Is Egypt at fault as well?

Anyway, your thread is not dead and sorry for the disjointed response and poor grammar/spelling. I am a product of American public education.

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