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Which team will you make it to:)

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posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 03:45 PM
This is a gift or nightmare for some depending on your energies within. Ok here is a VISUAL for some who we care for and about some who are misguided others who we can give a care less about and who guide themselves.

This visual is going to be called 4 enimies 1 coach, but only 2 are chosen.

Ok you got 2 teams 1 coach for simplicity 1 team is green the other is yellow, -k- you still with me???GOOD. Here is the crazy visual some may call it prehell to keep the visual interesting yes prehell something light for ya all.. Ok these 2 teams consist of 2 teamates per team making 4 teamates in all -k- the game smh they are playing is called MORALS stay focused I dont want to lose any of you.

In the game called MORALS the objective it to see what team can become the best example of what a moral team should be
The game is played like so who ever can eliminate the other teams advance towards the end of the game WINS yeaaaaa!!!!! So they can kill, steal, decieve or whatever to win this game it is going to get cool in the end lol.

Anyway so now you got green team member A talking like hey if we just snipe them both right now why they are not looking we will win with ease says green team member A to keep it simple. Green team member B says well why not just sneak close enough and mabey shoot their hands off or legs and mabey walk right passed them. Green team member A says hell no lets kill the yellow bastards and take the quick win, the second green member B says I think if we preserve their lives since they are just like us trying to win this MORAL game we may have a better chance OF WINNING. Green member A says hell no lol.

Now away from the green team lets check on the yellow team -k- So the yellow member C says hey I see the green team plotting with their scopes they may be trying to snipe us, but they cant see us since we changed our last location what should we do yellow member D. Yellow member D says lets blow their fuggin green heads clean off. Yellow member C says wow thats pretty harsh why not we just shoot their knees off and let them craw away since they are in the same game we are within trying to win the MORAL game why kill them yellow member D. Yellow member D replies I cannot stand them green bastards yellow member C starts to think like wow he is completely evil WTH lol.

So the next thing you know all the members are staring out their scopes about to take their next moves. Green member A is watching yellow member D as well as yellow member D watching green member A as they HATE EACH OTHER WITH SUCH A PASSION. And green member B and yellow member C are scoping but considering they are both in the same MORAL game. Next thing you know BOOM! 2 ROUNDS FROM GREEN MEMBER A AND YELLOW MEMBER D go off striking them both member A and member D they died and went to the SAME PLACE INTERESTING YES they were recruited by the the coach as non moral possessors and were sent to play on the RED TEAM of destruction together after all that hate on the same team SMH IT IS DEEP, YES. After the green member B and yellow member C see what their 2 teamates did they both put they guns up and walked off later to become the 2 champions of the new rebuiding BLUE TEAM which coincidentally is going to war with the RED TEAM
..... -k-
see if this world gets this, bye see you all later and yes 2 new teams interesting with combined forces from original 2 teams... GOOD DAY


[edit on 6/1/10 by Ophiuchus 13]

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 04:08 PM
..and the cycle repeats itself

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