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Happiness and Freedom

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posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 02:30 PM
What makes us happy as we know it will not necessarily free us. Freedom is an intuitive part of happiness. When we are free we usually are expressing our potentiality for happiness. Happiness though is not bound by our own understanding of freedom. What is free is not necessarily happy. We are free to experience something but if we choose to deny the experience is their any happiness to be had. Freedom is merely happiness being expressed in objectivity. Freedom is only possible if their is first a limited nature to the form.

That is to say that the self can identify itself with having the potential to experience happiness. Pure happiness does not exist as part of this material world. There can only be different forms of that happiness which we usually experience an event that satisfies our desires. Happiness feeling that can only be expressed in humanity not as something known or thought essentially nor in form but the usual formlessness which identifies humanity with having the potential to be. The individual is the formlessness of happiness becoming free to express itself as knowing or freeing. Freedom then is only an idea based upon material on the certainty that things exist and that we can to a certain extent experience the thing as it is. Happiness is not so much in the experience but is rather the unraveling of the thing we experience. It is the freedom that does not necessitate itself on freedom to be free but as knowing itself through objection to the reality that surrounds us.

This is to say happiness allows us to be free to object to a thing as being good for us but it is not through this objection that happiness is reached not through reason, thought, or understanding but in being as the certainty of our freedom. This freedom which cannot be known by us constantly be known as other or object. Object contained not in this or that but in here as it we experience it now. It is then only possible that freedom can be possible is when there is a certain extent of reality to the object we acknowledge to be happy about.

Happiness then cannot be experienced it is something unknown something which fragments itself not as being but as observed and distinguished by human knowledge as being present not in the now not here but as this or that. Happiness then is something that can only be to explain a happy person, thought, or experience. But this only does not explain happiness only that we have had the freedom to explain it this freedom not enough to know happiness. In reality happiness is not something to be known or free to be known this is what we know of it not as something that is this or that but something that is here in the present. This thing not to be known with no happiness to it as it would seem but a thing that is being experienced within self as a part of self.

Happiness then is becoming in our freedom to possess or govern it. This form takes on property where we have the freedom to express ourselves but this alone does not necessitate happiness. Happiness is a thing we can all be certain of but not as being something we can know only experience as a part of self. Happiness contains it own knowledge and the pure knowledge of it can only be known to itself something that has been revealed to us in material.

Material is a dissolving thing upon which we can only relate as something that will bring us happiness in the presence or the now of our reality but which in reality is not here or there but nowhere. Something that can't be found by experiencing it but only something be shaped and formed by the mind of happiness. This formation which can only be intuitively known in self and then understood through the freedom to possess it in the material world. Happiness channels itself through the material world and makes itself known through the basic necessities man wishes to have his earthly needs met. Happiness can only be known through itself and by itself.

This is why happiness does exist to a certain extent in our freedom and experiences but we cannot know why so this is why we think about it to ensure ourselves it is real. Happiness has no thought as we know it, no freedom, and no experience it is something that can be related to all three potentials not though as something known but rather as part of knowing it.

Happiness is not really existing in our mind it is in our intuitive feelings that drive our head to think about it or be free to express it. Freedom then is essentially a thing that is not able to be expressed only something that is intuitively known. This does not limit freedom essentially to this but it is this upon which all identities of freedom come to be known. Happiness then is when various ideas of freedom are free to express themselves as being different not in one person but in all persons. Happiness is then known not as something to be known but that it has limits in experiencing it that essentially all knowledge of it is coming to pass of it is coming to pass in our freedom to express it.


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