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Global Rebond? Or to make the G20 leaders look good

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posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 12:16 PM
If this was the matrix, i would have believe all these headlines and reports, but in truth they aren't reality, they are just optimism fake news headlines, just so they can make the G20 leaders look good for there trip in toronto, Hench, June 26-27

and the markets are rigged.

U.S. markets higher

The U.S. dollar strengthened as the euro fell to a new four-year low of $1.2112 US before rising to $1.2263. The euro has been seen as an indication for confidence in whether countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal will be able to cut spending to contain mounting debt without stalling a recovery. Read more:

again more news from yahoo
Economy strengthens behind building, manufacturing

Global rebound anemic: Roubini

So if roubini says it it must be true, i dont think so, because we are still in a recession i fail to see those headlines as real headlines.

Do i need to bring this thread up to make my point?


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