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Men's Game: UFO Wars.

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posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 12:09 AM
Imagine you are a novice UFO enthusiast surfing the web. You're looking for some proof of extrateresstial life because you've been watching Larry King, or you saw a recent episode of Ancient Aliens on cable last night. Maybe you've been wondering what lurks beyond our own solar system for years. But whatever the reason, today you are moving beyond your comfort zone and typing the letters "UFO" into your browser.

If this is you, please accept my condolesences. Because what is out there is just a ball of confusing, crazy muck. In fact, if you can wade your way through it and form some sort of an opinion within a month's time, you are truly worthy of a degree in sociology. Or science. Or metaphysics. Or the school of bull sh**.

Maybe you visit Stephen Greer's site for a while, thinking that a whole line up of military and government personnel willing to "disclose" what they know will give you some insight. But if you click on further links for Greer (or for Bill Ryan, or for Friedman, or for anyone involved in the nuts and bolts of this movement) you will soon discover that the very person who seemed to be convincing you a minute ago might just be a fraud. The guy (or sometimes a woman) you were reading about suddenly turns into a government employee or some sort of "disinfo" agent and you are back at square one.

Or are you? Because who is telling the truth?

It only takes a day's time to find the factions in the UFO movement. All the in-fighting. The Man-O-wars. And suddenly, this whole topic that interested you at first is now no different than any standard war: Vietnam, World War ll. The only difference is that it is a war of words. It's a man's game, played mostly by men, and what's at stake is their credibility, their power, their word, their game. I see no difference in the UFO arena than I see in the real world-----our own culutral arena.

And so, the average Joe loses interest. Why wouldn't he? Too much lying, back stabbing, power-tripping for us average Joes, who just don't have the strength and the where-with-all to tread through it. How does one innocent bystander figure out Roswell, Serpo, Theilmann, Source A, B and C....and don't forget Greer and the 100 or more people who figure prominently into the UFO forum, but have been discredited on dozens of sites? How does one know where to turn?

Here's what I came here to say:

I think there are other species alive in the universe. And I think they probably visit us. I have come to believe this after twenty years of independent study and some private collaboration from people I know and trust. I didn't get to this point by believing everything I heard, or by fawning over every blurry UFO picture. I arrived at this conclusion by myself, by using my gut, by listening to people I trust and deciding which information was valid to me and which was not. As a college educated, discerning human being, I have arrived at this conclusion by my own free will, through my own intgelligence and understanding of the facts. If you want to ask me how I got here, I'd be happy to go through the steps. But for now....this is what you need to know.

Listen, folks. Truth is just truth. It exists independently of your belief. It doesn't need your permission to exist. You can hate Greer, or Friedman or Ryan or whoever it is you hate, but for those of us "novice" persuers, we just want the truth. You can defame, hate, hurt, bite, kick and disinform whoever you want, but realize that every step of the way, you are playing in your own game. For your own purposes.

Greer, Exo-Politics, and to all the rest of you: There are millions of people out here in the real world that don't give a damn about your little ego-centric dramas. We just care about the truth. You can all fight about Serpo and Source A, but in the end, the truth is just the truth......and the truth belongs to us all.

We just have to push through the minutemen to find it.

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 04:59 AM
Well, I can give you some perspective as I'm reasonably new to this stuff.
I had to laugh as you described my entry point perfectly - Greer's disclosure project (whose participants are reasonably convincing.) and on digging deeper, discovering his cult-y attitude and blatant lack of evidence of his personal accounts of 'signaling down aliens'.

It's hard to find anyone that seems to be coming from an earnest place that isn't tainted in some way. Richard Dolan seems reputable - but mentions the title of his books so often it taints his message. George Knapp does seem to be honestly looking into things 'like he would any other story', yet John Leer is obviously making stuff up. David Jacobs seems reasonable enough, until he makes conclusions about hybrids walking amongst us and doesn't offer up reasons why he has come to this conclusion.

From a casual observer it really seems as though there's a kernal of truth to some of these people's research. However because the kernals are so small they need to spin their own content to bolster things and have enough to talk about. They then need to defend this generated content against detractors - which discredits them in the attempt.

James Fox is my favorite at the moment. I respect anyone who won't immediately jump to the ET hypothesis. While if you dig deeper there's good reasons to follow this line of thinking, the initial argument is much stronger if you can simply point to the multitude of defense force documents that contain unexplained aerial phenomena, or a pilots testimony and simply ask - why?


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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 09:23 AM
Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply. I'm glad you understood what I was saying.

The whole UFO topic is a crazy, confusing mess, and most people don't really know how to wade through it.

Someone should write a book, "The newcomers guide to UFO research."


posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by MRuss

Greer, Exo-Politics, and to all the rest of you: There are millions of people out here in the real world that don't give a damn about your little ego-centric dramas. We just care about the truth.

Well said. The well-known guys complaining about the utter lack of coherence and consensus in ufology are as big a problem as anyone else imao.

It's kinda like being in a packed bar when the music goes off. Lot's of loud chitter chatter and not a lot of sense to be had from it.

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