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obama vs aliens

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 11:36 PM
From the day i saw E.T. and noticed fear and violence towards extraterrestrials ,eventually Spielberg became more sensitive about the scene where gun-wielding federal agents threaten Elliott and his escaping friends; and digitally replaced the guns with me this was a good move.

video games then like space invaders, bezerker and many more..
and movies like aliens, predator, etc..also show aliens as the intruder or enemy.

i was even quite upset when Steven Hawking came out and told us to be on guard and fear the alien kind in his documentary "Stephen Hawking's Universe,"

i think it is wrong to judge them in that fashion, maybe i am too open to alien contact and not fearful enough but to greet them with war and violence will most likely get us nowhere.its a form of discrimination and almost racist.

being an Adult i can still make a decent and mature opinion about it all but if i was conditioned in believing as a kid that they were the enemy i probably would of had a different view about e.t.'s.

After helping my girlfriends daughter find a proper video game site i came across this video game on a kids site witch got me totally mad, was wondering what you b.t.s members thought about it.

several other games were also made by the producer but were not available on that kids site. must admit they are kinda funny from an adult point of view but for children??

hope to hear your opinion.

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 07:02 AM
Well you played those games before like the rest of us,space invaders,bezerker etc.
You have seen those movies where they are portrayed as bad like I have.
You WERE conditioned as everyone is by their environment.
You grew up with a healthy attitude about it...why would this child be any different?

There are movies that portray the government as the bad guys instead of the aliens.
District 9
ET etc...

What *message* does that send??

In all honesty,if I have never seen a wolf before,I think it would be dumb of me to welcome it with open arms...I just might get eaten.
When we learn the motive and intentions then I will let my guard down.
This in my opinion,is why Hawking said what he said.
It is not racist or discriminatory...its self preservation.

My opinion is there are both kinds out there...bad and good,so a good skeptical attitude is a great tool.


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