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The Jewish American reaction to attack on flotilla (we overwhelmingly condemn it)

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 05:19 PM
I keep telling people it's not "the Jews" f'ing everything up around the world. it's a Satanic sect within the "13 family" bloodline using the Jewish cover to bring about the "new world order" or one world government.

Jews for the most part are a secretive bunch, they are a tight knit community that do not (for the most part) become citizens of their host nation, they Identify themselves as Jews First and not Americans, Russians, Brazilians or Canadians they make a perfect group to bring about a Global government.

Not only because they have been persecuted through out history (making it easy to deflect any criticism as merely "anti-semetic") and bringing the community together, but because of their lack of (or diminished) patriotism for their host nation state.

Look at the Bernard Madoff situation for proof, this HUGE bunch of Jews were all getting rich off of nearly guaranteed returns, many had to know what they were doing was wrong but very few went outside of the Jewish community to bring attention to the scam, instead they kept it a secret and enabled Madoff's scam to grow and eventually collapse (after decades).

The OP is an exception to my post, I believe him to be very patriotic, and their are a million others like him but if he's honest (and I believe he is) he will agree with my theory.

Luciefarians, pagan, Zionist, globalist Illuminati using the guise of religion to meet their goals of world domination and to become god like here on Earth as the serpent (Devil) promised their ancestors in the garden of Eden.

Whew... I need to pace myself if I want to "wake" people up.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 05:28 PM
Yes "their" Ancestors not ours ... I believe their were people here on earth BEFORE Adam & Eve... they were possibly just the ones that got duped!

Why would God offer "his" people a kingdom here on Earth if the REAL Kingdom is in heaven by his side?

All these references to reward on Earth (the meek shall inherit...) are made by Satan and NOT the Almighty, but all scripture has been so tampered with that we never know it!

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 08:04 PM
reply to post by MrXYZ

Netanyahus horoscope is appalling. When I saw he was running I knew he could win. And this man could just destroy Israel in its present form. He was a politician in his last life too. Economic power or peace does not interest him. He ios crafy, intelligent and would engage secret or mainpulative methodsto reach his goals. He wants to serve the darkest nationalist interest. His word view comes from his mother. His sense of justice is deeply flawed horoscopically. But the real problem now is that he can get delusional in his world view.

Israel's official chart mandates it to learn cooperation with others around him and acceptance of the otherness of those people as equals. In Israel's case, karma is never solved by direct brutal force. Co-operation and equality instead. Yet it is not co-operation and equality that seems to be the ideology prepetrated by the government.

Hitler's chart was similar - his karmic task from his ascendant (same as Israel's) would be to learn to accept people and cooperate with them as with equals who are different. He notable failed to do any of that karmic task. The opposite of that energy is sheer aggression, annihilation and fear without understanding the others around me. The extreme is paranoia.

Netanyahu is not as bad as Hitler but in a smaller scale he does things like that. And since a lot of non-military types left Israel when successive conservative and ultra governments came into power with more and more US support, hundreds of thousands of young voters left the country. When neocon Netanyahu smashed the kibbutzim, that was the final blow. Therefore now we have a majority of grownup voters signing up for Orwellian rhetoric.

The point is, this land can never be owned by anyone these days. That is what I get from my esoteric readings. People go there to get involved with ancient and sacred things. Be they Jews, Arabs, Christians.

Stars to Yissachar! These are the most important cases today, who do not simpy spew the same opinion all the time but undergo crises and emerge cleansed from the catharsis. We support Israel - it has been there for a while - and that is why a government change is inevitable, for these quasi-fascist actions will eventually bring the whole country into a clash with whoever's waiting around. Bullying does not get friends around you... and all over the world, Jewish people are good at making friends (that is my personal experience in three countries). Why cannot the state make friends? They call in the bully from overseas who scratches his head.
Do we have to recount every single provokation from the past, the lies and the overheated sentiments?
Peace would be a better objective.
And some sort of dissolution of collective traumas. Otherwise some of the Holocaust energy is bound to reflect at Arabs who may be fanatical or slow but in time they learn to resent it.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 09:49 PM
reply to post by airspoon

I think you have too negative a view of Israel (I'm sure you think the same of my vision of the muslim world).

With both of us, it is what it is.

If the jews had wanted to be total asses, they would have leveled the al aqsa mosque when they had the chance.

They didnt.

They dont seem to have been having terrible relations with the muzzies at first (King Hussein giving a heads up on the up coming invasion)?

Golan heights and west bank are buffers. The Golan heights are a strategic location that can rain hell on a large portion of Israel.
They should have kept them.

When Israel won the Sinai during the war, they gave it back. They didnt have to. The ONLY reason I think it was a good thing they did was I believe it was instrumental in the warming relations with Egypt.

Begin and Sadat were incredible men. Thats why the muzzies whacked Sadat. I used to know a girl that was an American exchange student who was there when it went down. She said when the bullets started flying, the Egyptian soldiers were all over her and her friends, getting them on the ground. Egypt was almost (once) like Ataturks Turkey.

How many times have the Israelis tried to go for the "two state" solution only for the PLO (or de jour bunch) saying "no".

When they were given the west bank and JEWS were kicked out by their own politicians, the palestinians (or muzzie 5th column) destroyed valuable infrastructure that would have given them the means to be self-sufficiency.

I'll (for the sake of argument) say that the palestinians may want peace. The external forces working through them forbid this from happening.

The palestinians are being used as pawns by the muslim world to take out Israel.

I liken the palestinian question to that of a village.

You are on a recon.

You have a village that all of a sudden starts putting a lot of lead and HE on your position.

I wouldnt waste time wondering " who is good and who is bad".

I would level the bastards so my unit could fight another day.

The palestinians are the poor bastards that are infiltrated, propaganized, and generally screwed by their own.

Regardless, if you are shooting at my house from your side of the street, I will nail your doors shut and burn the walls down around your head.

Its all screwed up.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by airspoon

Once again, Im suggesting that your sources of information could be way off! Were you there during this alleged attack? No, but you spoke to friends and listened to the media, and concluded in your own mind that Israel was in the wrong.
Let me educate you on something, though countries are surrounded by bodies of water, and though these bodies of water are labeled as "international waters" doesnt mean that a foreign countries boat can just drive on in because they want to. Do you think we would allow anyone to roll up in our waters, though deemed international waters. No, must I remind you of Dec. 7 1941?
Im not saying Israel has the right to open fire without first investigating in a diplomatic way the true intentions of anyone rolling up on them. Im saying that the sources of info arent always what they seem. In everything in life, there is always more, than meets the eye~

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 11:54 PM
reply to post by SurefireII

No, I wasn't there, however I followed the flotilla before the assault and during the assault. Just like many other members, I was watching the live feed as it was going down.

Look, you don't have to have "been there" to use logic and reasoning to conclude right or wrong. The fact of the matter is that Israel used an armed commando air-assault raid on that ship, in international waters. They weren't just merely investigating to see what was on board. If they had been, they wouldn't have launched a commando assault on the ship. They meant to take that ship down. Furthermore, this wasn't a knee-jerk reaction by Israel. Israel's leaders actually deliberated for a long time before deciding to launch an armed commando raid with the purpose of taking down that ship.

Also, Israel has done this plenty of times before, the only difference is that thousands of people weren't watching live. Israel is known to sink or otherwise harass ships in international waters. Sometimes even US warships, such as the USS Liberty but more recently, other ships carrying only humanitarian aid. Israel is also known to sink or harass Palestinian fishing vessels by using the might of their navy, paid for by the US tax-payers. This was typical Israeli behavior.

Think about it for a second... If you get notified about a flotilla carrying humanitarian aid, heading for the shores of a territory that you are occupying militarily and you don't trust this flotilla, wouldn't you investigate. Maybe form a boarding party to inspect the cargo?

What you shouldn't do, is use your navy to spray with fire hoses in an attempt to harass. You also shouldn't repeatedly fire at the vessels. Then ultimately, you don't send an armed commando raid to assault the ship from above and take it down. If it was an enemy warship with credible evidence of supporting terror or even your enemy in other than a humanitarian way, then I could see it as acceptable. However, anyone and everyone knew that this was just another attempt by activists to get much needed medicine and humanitarian aid to the women and children of Gaza, who have been deprived of such basic necessities by Israel.

The intentions of Israel were not to simply inspect the cargo and then let go if nothing was found. They wouldn't have harassed the boats with water spray, munitions and a commando heli-born assault.

So I ask again, why not just send a normal boarding party to inspect the cargo/crew?


posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 09:16 AM
reply to post by airspoon

Thats all I can say, great way to break it down.

Though again I say,
The Jews get Israel when the Native Americans get North America back. Only fair.

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by felonius

If the jews had wanted to be total asses, they would have leveled the al aqsa mosque when they had the chance.

International pressure and all out war has kept them from leveling the Mosque. The Mosque is still on Palestinian territory. I have no doubt in my mind that Israel has every intention of bulldozing the Mosque and rebuilding the temple. In fact, they already have the blue-prints to rebuild the temple. They just need to do it in steps.

When Israel won the Sinai during the war, they gave it back. They didn't have to. The ONLY reason I think it was a good thing they did was I believe it was instrumental in the warming relations with Egypt.

I actually studied this issue in college and then later in the army, as I was part of the MFO (Multinational Force and Observers) effort.

The Camp David Accords of March 26, 1979, was an agreement between Israel and Egypt, partly pertaining to the Sinai. The agreement to give the Sinai back to Egypt was reluctantly agreed to by Israel because it was the main sticking point for Anwar Sadat. Sadat would not agree to anything if Israel had a presence on the Sinai Peninsula. Israel's presence there threatened the security of Egypt.

The Camp David Accords were ultimately beneficial to Israel, as they lead directly to the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty, which would ultimately normalize relations with Israel's neighbor and stop international condemnation of Israel.

You see, the United States sponsored the Camp David Accords, which was a secret 12 day meeting of negotiations at Camp David. At that time, the world was putting pressure on Israel and Egypt both to leave each other alone, in essence.

Where the rubber meets the road, Israel has only held back as much as needs to, to not draw absolute condemnation by the rest of the world. They are pushing the envelope to the maximum of what they can get away with but that does not deter their ultimate goal. They just have to do these things in steps. Israel has, for a very long time now, tries to rid the region of Palestinians. Once they have accomplished this goal, then they may tear the mosque down without absolute condemnation. If they go for broke, the world would step in and stop them, but if they do it slowly, step-by-step, then they just may be able to accomplish their goal of having an entire and complete Jewish Israel to rebuild the Temple.

It's just like that old saying about boiling a frog. If you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will automatically jump out. However, if you put the frog in a pot of luke warm water and then turn up the heat slowly, it will sit there until it is too late and alas, you will be able to boil your frog.


More to come later, after I pick my children up from their schooling...

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