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Will The Oiled Ocean Be The Event That Unites The World?(and is it suppose to?)

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 10:11 PM
We all know that the money can be and is, moved around the globe by tptb as they desire. Wars are designed for economy, sections of the globe are starved then offered low low paying salvation explotation jobs, thriving nations are strangled and reduced and shutdown, enemies are made, sides are created battles and billions are made and traded, entire populations are used for utimately ,the labor theyre willing to expend to survive.
Yet tptb become bored and need new entertainment, new challenges, new steps to reach the agendas next level.
Will this oil disaster, fiasco, be the royal flush played to the masses to win the pot of the current game of "unite the world"?
Then a new game of control the united world will begin?

Once this oil enters the gulf stream and heads north up the coast of america, it will be in northern europe by early fall, actually around 100 days travel at average gulf stream speed.
When it leaves its mark on the gulf coast and then eastern coastlines and then hits europe,
There will be a unifying event of global proportions.
Although the event as it is right now, is worthy of the title global problem, it surely isnt being handled as such.

Stop and try to imagine the damage and death that will come from this,
and then try to make logic work in justifying the actions taken so far in reaching a remedy.
Should this continue, and I believe it will, and even if efforts are shown to attempt to drill relief wells, it will take months, and by that time the oil will be ........?
A ready and real and useable tool to get the job done.
I could add that hurricanes picking up the oil and dropping it in rain deep inland on crops in america will not be good either.
Am I paranoid? No not at all, I'm just not numb to the lies, and see the marathon these very twisted powers that be creatures have been winning, thus far.

Major Climate and Energy Reform Bill Unveiled
On May 12th, John Kerry and Joe Lieberman introduced a major bill reforming our country's energy economy, the American Power Act. It puts America back in control of our own power generation, starts to clean up the carbon pollution that threatens our climate stability, and puts us on the path to a new, cleaner and more prosperous economy for the 21st

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by HappilyEverAfter

Simply... No.

There are not enough worldwide effects that will cause other countries to help us. Besides that, it was a corporation's fault this happened, not the country's fault... directly I mean.


posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 06:34 AM
Yes SM it is a corporation that is in the spotlight for the oil spewing into the ocean, but what I'm talking about is the pending opportunity, the possible use of this event to futher an agenda.
The efforts are burning up time and accomplishing nothing, there is focus on the growing reaches of the problem and, top cap, top hat, top kill are must see tv, and the excuses, (all of them) are just allowing time to pass.

The new effort and re release under a new name of the old cap and trade, and the revisiting of the global warming treaty shouldnt be dismissed or overlooked.
I hope I'm wrong but my gut tells me I'm not.

The oil (never let a crisis go to waste) is capable of accomplishing many things politically, globally, when played and presented the right way,
and it will be played.

This interview done only a few days ago is relevant at the 6 min mark, the entire interview is worth listening to, as this man is speaking today at the EU parliment meeting.

Not to lose focus, there is an agenda, and events are taken advantage of or created, to further the agenda along.
I believe this is one such event.

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