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Could the galactic dust cloud be the same as the Photon belt ? (True science meets fringe theories )

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posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 04:23 PM
reply to post by orangutang

I hear ya...


What do you think about the similarities ?

Personally I do not feel very much about new age stuff, but in this case I just can't set myself beyond

How on earth....

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 01:26 PM
My brain has been running back and forth from one perspective to another, too often when things get complicated I tend to hand it over to a higher power, but this post has been drawing me in with more questions than answers.

I recently read a post where Voyager II was sending back its data stream in an unknown format. It was speculated that "aliens" were tampering with it.

Here is that post

According to the Voyager website V-II has reached 14 Billion km from our Sun, and V-I has reached 22 Billion km from our Sun. Utterly mind-blowing to imagine. I did not get whether our current Heliosphere compression/shape is based on just one Voyager or both of them.

Voyager--The Interstellar Mission

So far, here is my first brain quake; if V-II has been sending its data stream in an unknown format then obviously something is altering it (probably not aliens but who knows) I can only assume it could be magnetics or radiation, or both. However, it was noted that the remaining operating systems on V-II were functioning normally.

In the case of V-I, where it is sending data that allows NASA to determine the shape of the Heliosphere, as well as the presence of "Local Fluff" or Local Interstellar Cloud, who is to say that this data isn't also being altered by the intensity of the influences it is facing? Obviously V-II was altered, and we know how infinitely tiny these craft are compared to the cosmos they are experiencing.

What I am getting at is that without a longer-term data analysis, or without any additional/multiple probe data sets, we do not really have anything to compare. So my mind finds it hard to accept that the actual shape of the Heliosphere is as it is depicted.

The Local Fluff seems to be an oddity in itself, V-I reports that it is more strongly magnetized than previously suspected, which is why it is not being crushed on itself. Here is that site (sorry if it is a repeat from above).

Voyager makes and Interstellar Discovery

I see this as almost like a distorted mirror. Just because your reflection is misshaped does not mean that the object being viewed is misshaped. It is speculative at best.

One thing that does enter my mind is the Galaxy itself. We know we are in a Spiral Galaxy but because we cannot look back on ourselves we are not sure what kind of spiral, the number of "arms" and so forth. There has been speculation that we are instead a 'Barred Galaxy'. Never-the-less, the "arms" are what interests me. The forces that are being expelled from the center of the Galaxy also must be so magnetized to keep the majority of "Galactic Stuff" within the arm creating its visual formation. Let's say that each arm is Positively Charged (thus containing more material), and the in-between space as Negatively Charged. It would be like Magnetic Waves, yet I cannot help but feel that since each portion is carrying its own charged signatures that a "floating" over of the arm can occur and those portions at the Negative space can move into portions that are Positively spaced causing the matter there to switch polarities so as not to be "crushed or repelled". The key in this though is that everything in the Galaxy has the capacity to "Switch Polarities".

I certainly do believe our Heliosphere is in a constant state of expansion and contraction based on those Interstellar influences. Expansion typically equates to cooling, and contraction typically equates to warming. With this in mind, most certainly our "Global Warming" is a result of this Local Fluff bearing down on us. Perhaps it is part of the process of "Switching Polarities". We do know the Sun is currently cycling much different than we have recorded previously and that it is about to switch polarities itself, and so for the Earth to also switch as well (all planets will if we do). If our Earth switches then so will we! (this is the esoteric part I am drawn to)

As for Photons, this is such an odd thing, Photons are light particles but not in the form of light that we can see visually. In order to have a Photon one must have a source. As to the pseudo-science/New-Age nature of the information of the Photon Belt, I really cannot allow it into my reasoning field of view, so sadly I have to dismiss this information altogether. (I can possibly agree that if a Photon Belt was detected that really it is our newly discovered "Local Fluff" which is not a Photon Belt at all). As for the Polar Sun called Alcione, there is no way we can know that our Solar System is revolving around it. Alcione isn't even within our Stellar Neighborhood and this is also pseudo-science as a means to explain someone's own agenda. I cannot believe anything about this subject because there is no way to determine this as true. I do hope people are not basing any Spiritual Ascension/Dimensional shifting to this craziness developed by New-Age Money machines.

From here, the question remains with me is how much and how far do our "cycles" effect us all? Seriously, what part of a Greater Cycle could show any significance to a Lesser Cycle? Our lives within the Microverse may not even notice a shift in the Macroverse because time is not our ally in this perspective.

In order to see any possible effects we should try to grasp our own "largest" cycle and that would be either our Seasons or any other planetary changes. We certainly are seeing changes on this level with our weather, so it is something that is "close to home" so to speak; in the ice records we do know that our Ice-Ages are cyclical in nature as well, so there is an even greater cycle on which to base an influence of a "larger cycle" that is for sure.

To me, these changes have to do with Magnetics, and within us something will be different when the time comes for us to "reverse polarity". If we evaluate the life cycle of Mankind we can honestly say that it has been a violent and abusive cycle at best (on our behalf), so if there is a change we can certainly agree that the next cycle will be better than this one! This is definitely a Positive in my book!

Ascension and Dimensional shifts are bad news for me, I get the most sinister of feelings when I read about them, but that is entirely a different subject altogether, even though a relationship must exist.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 01:35 PM
It should be noted that any and all "New-Age" references to Alcione is actually a misspelling of the actual Sun called Alcyone.

So if anyone wants to dig further into this concept the real science can be found in the correct spelling and not the newly used New-Age reference. This causes even more suspect within me, why else would they misspell this other than so that the average person cannot detect the "Pseudo" nature of their knowledge. I am just saying!

Alcyone is a Massive Blue Giant! A short-lived star that will go Super-nova in less time than it takes for us to probably/possibly go around it.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by Greensage

Thank you so much for your explanation.
That alone is more of an exception then it is normal. Great ! You really gave me something to advance my thinking.

First I will comment on Alcyone.

Have you considered that the spelling 'Alcione could be a translation error from another language ?
There is more to tell...

Alcyone is also said to be one of the Pleiads, one of seven nymphs, descendant from Kronos an Rhea. ( spiritual philosophy )
She is a character from ancient Greek mythology. Daughter of Aeolus.

I will comment your other reply a little later.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 04:03 PM
reply to post by Greensage

Voyager 2

NASA Revives Voyager 2 Probe at Solar System's Edge

They still don't know what cost the problem tho.

The magnetic field around the sun is measured by Voyager 1 & 2 and Ibex which is out there to map our place in the universe by measuring the magnetic fields around us.

Summary: NASA's IBEX spacecraft has mapped the interstellar boundary at the edge of our solar system. IBEX has also provided measurements of the Earth's magnetosphere, which maintains our planet's habitability by protecting the biosphere from harmful radiation.

Source: IBEX Maps the Boundaries

So Voyager 1 & 2 are still sending us basic measurements and Ibex a third device does the rest.

The discovery of the local fluff has initially been labeled as mysterious ribbon. I guess that the proximity of Voyager to the cloud has become a lot smaller. The Ibex device actually gave an accurate measurement. It is most likely far more advanced as both voyagers are together. I do not understand yet how Ibex is capable of measuring outside of our solar system. I don't even remember it got launched let alone it would be far enough into space to be even capable to do what it does.

I don't think the local fluff turns out to be an oddity tho.

I understand that through the galaxy, but that we are not fixed to our local stellar neighborhood. Meaning that we could end up in another arm or something. Not sure tho. Maybe Phage knows, he seems to be full of this kind of knowledge.

I read an article not so long ago that said that we might be in a spiral galaxy with bars in the center.

Your idea of polarity difference is interesting , but I've got to read up on it as I do not know enough to comment it.

Earths climate

Not only are there changes observed on Pluto, on Mars the polar ice caps are almost entirely gone and a Moon of one of the gas giants also shows warming. Which make it pretty likely that it is because of inter stellar influence.

An article about that. Galactic Cosmic Rays and Insolation are the Main Drivers of Global Climate of the Earth PDF

Our friends at Cern have also studied this possibility.

The Cloud experiment. CERN
I really, really recommend this article . Don't miss it.

These links are part of a thread I posted some time ago called : Strong evidence of solar/ cosmic influencing our climate.

New age

I do understand you completely. The thing I still am baffled by is the similarities.
This change also means that most of us are about to die. Maybe the Georgia Guide Stones are placed for a reason, not yet known to us. Maybe this change is that reason ?

I also think we live in a violent world. I do not see how this would change, since it is human nature to act like we do. I sure hope we may one day learn how to live in peace.

It seems everything is part of a cycle. Every larger cycles will effect a smaller cycle, but it odes not mean it would be noticeable to us. Whatever I think of is going to be pure speculation, so I think it would be wise to stop.

Thank you again


posted on Jun, 28 2014 @ 12:10 AM
Feb. 14-2014.
IBEX research shows influence of galactic magnetic field extends well beyond our solar system


“The teraelectronvolt (TeV) particles measured by the team are incredible,” says Dr. David McComas, IBEX principal investigator and assistant vice president of the Space Science and Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute. “Each one is up to 12 orders of magnitude more energetic than, for example, a photon of visible light coming from the Sun. To illustrate this scale, consider that $1 raised 12 orders of magnitude is $1,000,000,000,000 — a trillion dollars. These are super-high-energy cosmic rays made in some of the highest energy acceleration mechanisms that exist in the galaxy, such as supernovae.”

New data shows more insight on the galactic ribbon, discovered back in 2009

posted on Jun, 28 2014 @ 12:14 AM
Feb. 22-2014.
IBEX - Plasma ribbon confirms Electric Sun


NASA's IBEX and Voyager 1 missions have shattered all conventional ideas about the heliospheric boundary, the region separating our solar system from interstellar space. In 2009, the IBEX spacecraft created the first all-sky map of the boundary revealing an astonishing ribbon of energetic neutral atoms. According to scientists, it's still a big mystery.

posted on Jul, 9 2014 @ 02:19 PM
Why is this so interesting? We know our star is part of a galaxy, and that galaxies contain gas clouds, dust clouds, stars, and even rogue planets. It should be no surprise that our solaar system will pass through said gas/dust clouds. Our sun is orbiting the galaxy at the rate of once every 126k years if im correct. That means in the last 1 million years, we've probably blown through this region of the galaxy 7 or 8 times, and Earth is still here, green as ever.

We'll be ok. I hope this kicks up aurora activity though, itd be amazing to see them globally.

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