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New member, long time reader /fan

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 05:03 PM
Hi I'm a newish member here on ATS, but have been reading for several years now.

Anyway, I've seen two glowing red 'flame' like objects pass over my house this evening at approx 10.20pm. This compelled me to write here, as I don't see the big deal with mufon - I will report there shortly anyway as there are people interested there, and there is the opportunity to upload the camera phone footage - I think.

I tried running out through the front door with my phone when seeing the first from the backyard. the door was locked and my keys were somewhere not nearby - so I had watch it go into the distance from the window. I then opened and jumped through the window onto the front garden. I literally turned and coming toward me and almost directly over the house, garden came the 2nd object. The same as the 1st. looked like a glowing flame like object. orange/red in hue. there was an inner core it seemed which was hard to watch as the object was cruising along quite fast and the flame effect was constantly shimmering and moving around the core. It was at lowish helicopter height (maybe 100-200ft) but deadly silent.travelling N/west to N/N/West and would have travelled over the Bristol channel / river severn at some point if it travelled a straight line. It crossed my mind that they were lanterns, but I am not so sure. the direct line style, constant speed makes me think not lanterns.

I have footage on my phone which I doubt will be briliant, and whatever /however good it is it would never please everyone but I tried to film it, and have not yet seen the filming as I've been trying to do all this first-: 1)find ATS log-in info, 2)login to ATS, 3)discover I cannot post new topics or threads in the Aliens & UFO section so Here I am.

If anyone is interested I will endevour to put the camera footage somewhere to be viewed - it was a Sony Ericsson phone with 3.2 Megapixel camera so not amazing I know!


posted on May, 31 2010 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by TheFrankSpencerProject

Welcome aboard, you are in good company here. Thanks for your input and happy trails!
Yes, I would be interested in seeing your pics. Fair warning though, we have some super sharp peeps here and you are guaranteed a healthy dose of critique.

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 05:24 PM
Thanks for the welcome, and yes like I said the footage isn't likely to turn heads mainly because of the 'low tech nature' of my only handy camera, . A great phone and walkman, but not so great camera able to focus hundreds of feet into the then virtual pitch black sky.

But, all things considering, I wasn't completely disappointed.

One thing has annoyed me - well I have annoyed myself by knowing that my camera was unlikely to capture even the slightest detail that my unbelieving eyes captured. I shall have binoculars ready in future (I hope) then I can try using one of the lenses to pick up a good picture to the camera lens - it might work and If the picture out of the binoculars lense would be half decent, and the camera could focus adequately enough, then I could get some decent footage.

I will stick this on Mufon tomorrow 1st June, as It is late, I'm tired and am off work tomorrow so I have time to do this in the morning.

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