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Lawmakers' (lobbiests') Auto Insurance Scam

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 03:34 PM
So it is manditory that i have car insurance, and i do.

I am 38 years old, and to date i have paid State Farm Insurance $92,412.56 in insurance bills, and have never made a claim, nor have i had a ticket in nearly 20 years.

Since i have owned no vehicle that is worth more than $12,000, i'm curious how much does one have to pay the auto insurance agencies before they owe me at least one car?

lawmakers, lobbiests' bitches, can we make it a law that if one does not make a claim, and has paid the insurance companies 10 times more than what their car is worth, that the insurance companies must manditorily provide their customer with one brand spanking new vehicle?

....or maybe some help buying a home/house?

just a thought.

on this beautiful sunny memorial day,
anyone in d.c. looking at it from our way?

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 03:52 PM
when i buy insurance, that money is spent buying insurance on my car, not money i am spending that money to cover flood insurance in new orleans, no offense.

approximatly 1/3 of my taxes go towards that cause, or should at least.

insurance companies are not a government agency.

nor should their agenda of profits over-rule logic.

i have paid 10x more in car insurance than what i have ever used.

to spend that much on something i never used ....

If anyone is interested i'm opening up a business ....

Anyone want to buy an extended warranty on their coffins?

lucrative business, and it runs parrallel with the ideologies of insurance agencies.

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 01:30 AM
reply to post by Esoteric Teacher


ALL insurance is a scam.. and ALL insurance should be illegal. People say that if folks didn't have car insurance, and got into an accident, they wouldn't be able to pay -- truth is, if there was no auto insurance, the cost of having a car repaired would be much cheaper.

The insurance on my car, a small scion Xd 2008, is $185 a month .. my car payment is only $250 .. never had a claim in my 8 years of driving.. Insurance on my last car was $150 .. so lets see .. I spent a total of $10,800 on my car's insurance from when I was 16 to 22 years old.. my car that my dad bought me for $3,000 .. a chevy cavalier. Now approx $4440 on my new car, that I bought new in 08. $15,240 -- approx. That's how much my last brand new car cost me (before tax) .. being a young male insurance is always more expensive.. when I was looking for a new car, I had to rule things out based on horsepower or number of doors.. a two door sports car was nearly $300 just for insurance..

I was an insurance agent.. I then worked for a mortgage company in their insurance dept.. I've seen first hand how insurance screws people over royally (especially homeowners insurance, which I processed claims for) .. It's sad to see the way mega corporations like the one I worked for purposefully # people out of their money, property, and sometimes livelihood.

If we made HEALTH insurance illegal, the cost of health care would plummet drastically.. we wouldn't need health care overhauls, because care providers would have to operate like a normal business, supply and demand, if you're to expensive you get no customers.. Yeah, doctors might not make a few hundred thousand a year, but I'd bet they'd still be much better off than most.

At the very least for auto insurance it should be mandated that every 10 years if there has not been a major claim, ALL rates should be refunded .. it still gives the insurance companies to invest you're rate, which they do trust me, but the individual doesn't get financially raped by the insurance giant either.

Also, it's ironic that rich people don't need auto insurance.. if you meet a required "reserve" amount of cash you can then be what is considered "Self Insured" .. mere auto insurance is just for the poor and the fools.

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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 12:37 PM
I'm not sure how this thread didn't get more attention.

I'm a young male driver that has never been in an accident. However I lived in a town polluted with police. It was difficult not to obey every law of the road at every second. Some things were my fault, others were perpetrated by the police state needing funds. Either way, I now have points on my license, from roughly 3 years ago.

I pay roughly $200 a month for a v8 2door 8' bed chevy pickup. It guzzles gas, with how gas prices look now, I pay literally $125-$150 to fill up my tank. It's payed off but it's 20 years old and needs repairs every few months. I budget my stuff pretty well, but I'm paying several grand for some medical bills for a really bad hangover and a broken nose. I'm literally broke, I work full time and go to school full time and have little to no social life, I pick up side jobs, I tutor, fix computers, provide consultation to several people for networking services, I mow lawns, I draw stencils for ice carvings, I make custom designed plastics, I produce video montages, I do what ever is necessary to make ends meet. However, I've run out of options

The bottom line is, I was looking for ways out of paying auto-insurance. I'm only 25, and I've already payed roughly $20k in auto-insurance that has never covered me, on a $2,000 truck. I've only been able to afford liability up until recently. Needless to say, with all of bills I have due I am in the red every month. Auto-insurance is something that I gut-wrenchingly pay every month, because every penny I earn is extremely valuable to me.

There are all these videos out now, saying STOP PARTICIPATING! Unfortunately, I don't have the means to do so, I don't own my own land, I rent an apartment, I try to grow a garden, which gets torched by the sun because the plants are on a patio, I need gas, food, shelter, water, electricity, internet (primarily for school, I take half of it with online classes), among virtually countless other small necessities that spring from my entrepreneurial enterprises. I figured the first step to not participating is building funds, Car Insurance should be the first thing to go, because I get nothing out of it.

I live in a town where everything is too far away to ride a bike every place, there is NO public transportation, so I have to have a car, I tried the scooter for a while, but I almost died literally 15x in the span of year because people don't give a s**t about scooters.

So how do I stop participating? Where can I start? How should I start with out being jailed or fined? Who do I turn to? I need help. I am exhausted.


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