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The Schism of Ism-Eye on Evil Conspiracy

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 04:52 AM
May your Spirit grant you the courage and wisdom to endure these words in their entirety..
Let not Sloth prevent you from knowing your immorta Spirit of White Light of Ipse..
For to Know is Immortal.

Read on to gain immortality.
Knowledge Is Power.

Spirence – Aeternal Spirit and Science.

Paulo J.Tx.C.Mn.

.111.When I looked upon the hill,
a flower blossomed to greet the Sun.
What was not done,
it has become.
For vain was thy Snoferu
in Beauty for his Face,
to gaze upon the mirror
at his big disgrace.
5480 years of endless taste.
Be he 7,8,17,or 34, or be he 66,
or 12 or 3 for his glee,
this 08455480 of History.
What hasn't he done for Humanity?
How Beautiful his face,
for thee Angels to Sing Chorus.
With Horns glaring loudly
North by West to Horus.
So here with Crooked dagger
Stand I With this future of my part
and there upon his Black Adder of Chest,
lie the number 666 boldly across his Black Horus Heart.
As he gazed upon this Judas the twixt down below.
So deep plunge I this Crooked Scarab Dagger
to see his eyes, nary to flutter,
For we of 156 or 12 or 3 of [TA TREE].111.

[R]...The Cr00KeD Veins 0f The Blackened (K-H-em) Bl00d 0f Brine...[R]
(revised May 31,2010)

.111. King Paulo J.Tx.Mn.111.

To Address The Nations of Lords and Lordesses;

Bare Witness...

...That for everything there is something, for every action a reaction, for every thought a counter thought.
So too in all of us their lies good and evil and teachers of good and teachers of evil.
In every culture, their rests the Two, The Good and The Evil.
Some Hebrews wanted to kill the Son, some did not.
Those who did not were helpless for those who did were powerfulness with armies of wickedness and governments
of corrupted religions and philosophies for perversions of self righteousness and sinful lifestyles.

This is about those who are sinful and not those who are pure....

And how we too can have freedom of choice to say what is seen through the eyes of evil.
For these translations, be they evil upon you, or demeaning, know that it is to open your eyes to what may or may not be possible to explain the greatest of atrocities upon our very selves and our families. For as I said, for every culture lies the one and the twos. And to understand the twos, is to return to the One of Security for Eternity.

I hope to preserve your Eternities with a better sense of inner security and the power of Words with hidden meanings and purposes.

Though Ye May know not.

But ye will learn The Message of Carefulness as our Father Wished upon yourselves to sense dangers for he knew Evil was lurking nearby in the lands of KHEM and KHEN YA (KHEMS YA).

Peace be With you for My Father's Eternal Kingdom should ye be the wiser of Pure Light.
Follow in my footsteps through the Valley of Darkness With your Papyrus' and Staffs of Protection.
For I Rid Thee of The Evil Two of Eternal Darkness.
Know This as The Gardens of Pure and Evil are Revealed to Witness in Tanzania(AVILA) and Kenya (KHEM'S YA).

Rabbi and Rabbinism

(Riven note-popes,priests,bishops,cardinals,Nuns,Sisters,Monks,Brothers,Bens,Eli's, all in the same boat of Charon )

The special condition which prevailed in Palestine after the Restoration led to the gradually increasing importance of the Temple, and of the priesthood ministering in it. The spirit of Esdras's reform outlasted the reformer and survived in the authority henceforth attached to the Law, an authority soon to overshadow the prestige of the Temple and of the priesthood itself; and tended to put into prominence the teachers and expounders of the Law, the Scribes (Sopherim).
Originally the word scribe meant "scRIVENer";
but rapidly it was accepted as a matter of course that the scribe who copies the Law knows the Law best, and is its most qualified expounder: accordingly the word came to mean more than it implies etymologically. Knowledge of the Law became the chief passport to fame and popularity. The earliest scribes, like Esdras, who came to be hailed as the model of the "ready scribe" (i.e. skilful) in the Law of Moses (Ezra 7:6), were priests; but in time a large body of lay teachers came to swell the ranks of the scribes. As gradually the spell of Hellenistic fashions fell upon the priesthood, the lay scribes found themselves more and more the only guardians and exponents of the Law. When the Pharisees began to be recognized as a distinct sect (about 150 B. C.) the scribes as a rule adhered to them as being the most scrupulous observers of the Law (yet Mark 2:16, Luke 5:30, and Acts 23:9, seem to imply that some scribes belonged to the party of the Sadducees). At any rate, from that time onwards the scribes were accepted as the accredited teachers of the people. Until the fall of Jerusalem they were chiefly congregated in Judea; but in later times we hear of their presence in Northern Palestine, even in Rome, and in every important centre of the Dispersion.


A famous Jewish rabbi who lived about 70 B.C.-A.D. 10. Our only source of information concerning him is the Talmud, from which the following account of Hillel's career can be gathered. He was born in Babylonia,and was a descendent of the family of David. Although he lived in poor circumstances, his zeal for God's Law prompted him to devote himself to its study while yet in Babylon. Out of the same zeal, he went, at the age of forty it is said, to Jerusalem, where Shemaiah and Abtalion were at the time the leading teachers. In the Holy City he hired himself as a day-labourer to earn his own living and that of his family, and also to meet the expenses of receiving instruction. He thus spent the next forty years of his life, with the result that he understood, we are told, all languages, including those of the inanimate and of the brute creation, and of the demons themselves. Some time after the death of Shemaiah and Abtalion, Hillel was recognized as the best jurist of the day, and was so regarded during the last forty years of his life. He is also represented as the head of the Sanhedrin with the

title of Nasi (prince),

as the founder of a lenient school, in usual opposition to the stricter school of Shammai, as the author of seven hermeneutic rules, as the framer of certain decrees which happily accommodated some points of the Law to the changed circumstances of his age, as the ancestor of the patriarchs who stood at the head of Palestinian Judaism till about the fifth century of our era. Hillel was surnamed "the Great", and also "the Elder", and over his tomb were uttered the words "Oh the gentle! Oh the pious! Oh the disciple of Esdras!"

(Riven note - I would say Hillel died at 88, for He knew The Serpent's Forked Tongue and Followed Judas into Sekhmets bowels of blackened brine, for 8 is the eternal number of the Twin Serpents Burning in The Bush.

Hill el > Hill of Lords > Hill of Hell > Hitler > NaZi > Nasi > Hillel

Phoenician German Zionists of Hyksos LawZ = ASH-KE-NAZI = Jew-with-German = Rothchilds, Warburgs, Israel, IMF, PNAC,AIPAC, World Banking System
13 star Seal of The United States, Federal Reserve and Central Banks = satanic hexagon Star of ZAionist Devils.
Satanic Ritual of The Pentagram opens up a hexagonal field portal for demons or evil spirits.(cf. Aleister Crowley)
NWO(new world order) = turn the N and flip the W = ZMO = Zionist Masonic Oligarchy

ZEAL = ZE AL = SIN ALL = Sins of All = Lazy Food
Sanhedrin-Brotherhood of Sin (without heads, hedonistic-sinful pleasures)

You know, words are very powerful indeed, indeed.
The PZychology is all we need.
To be HypnotiZed.

What goes forward
but also backward
and sheds no light
but only it's skin?

Ezra = Ez Ra = He's King = Eazy King = King ZEAL = Raze = Raise Hell = Razael = King Satan Lord, Ezra El, e Za ra el.
God = Go Da = Go Dar = Go There = Go Dark = Black Dog = Black Prince
Evil = Ev iL = EVE ILL = Live = Lie Vex (lie and curse)= Liver = EVILS IN US ALL = EV EL = night lord = dark prince.
Holy = Hot Lye = Host lie = Hole - Whole Lies = Hole of YA = Uterus of Hell
Heavan = He av an = He Have Many = Heave Any = Heal Van = Hear Vanity
Hell = He Ell = He El = He Lord = Hell Lord = He ill = She ill = Hello = Eloim = Hexed Nation = Hell's Hole
Jesus = Jes Us = Just Us = JEZ UZ = JEWZ UZE = Jews Used US to write your bible. Jews murdered Jesus to revive satan.
Judas = Jew Daz = Saddened JewZ of JudaZ (Zadu) (ZaDDuCeeZ) Sadducee Scribes, Sanhedrins.
Zion = Noiz = nose = knows = No Iz = No One = Zo No = ZON OF NONE(zolomon) = ZA’s lions = Satan’s murderers
Bethlehem = Bet Hole Hem = Bat’s Hole = Me Hel Hate Be = B et hl eh em = Baal with Hell and Us. (House of Leviathan)
Soloman = Soul of Man = Son Lost Man = nam o los = name of the Lost (accursed, the condemned, Satan’s Temple)
Abraham = A Bra of Ham = A Brazened Hamburger = ma har ba = mother harm bad
Ab Ra Ham = A Leg of Kings Ham = A Baal of Kings Ham A Baal of Kings Hamburgers ( A Bale of Sin, tainted meat,flesh.)
Adam = A Dam = The Damned, Damaged from Adomite Steel. A Dam to burst upon the nations. (destroy.ruin)
Cain = Ca in = Came In = Cat In = Cane = Crippled = Beating = Rod (Carnal Incantation – murderer / Carnal incest)
Abel = A Bel = A Baal = A Baal's Bell of Hell = Spirit (ba) of the Sun (al) or Spirit Lord(el) = fire = phanes / Lucifer.
Seth = Set H = Set Ha = Set Hat = Set Hatred = Se Ta Ha = See Earth's Hatred = Set Earth's Hades(storm god)
Joseph = jo seph = jo se ph = jo with pharaoh = jot sepha lim = jot scribe = jobes scribes, Jo-se-ph = Job with Phanes / Lucifer, barren desert.
Magdelaine = Mag de lai ne =Mage of Lain nex = Mage of Lame Next (Mage=Female Sage=Male)(nexus – central hub)
Hyksos = Hyke sos = Hi Kings Ones = Hike Zoz = Hike ZeuZ = Zeus = S.O.S = Help. hy-ke-Zos(Hittites with Za-eus – Satan as god/pan/phanes)
(Greek Histories=Zeus,Hera,Hercules,Hephaestus,Hermes,Homer,Hesiod,Herodotus,ZeCrops,HERICTHONIOUS KINGS.)

Pharaoh = Pha ra oh = Phanes King of On Hell = Heliopolis = Sun Worship City = Phanes = Lucifer/pan. Phather king of Hell/Hatred-pha-ra-o-H, or pa Ha.
Pha-ra-o-H=phanes king of Hats = Satan of The Black Hat of wHores. (Zathanel HatuptaH = Satan = Hat Putah = Hat of a Whore)
PtaH = Pa Ta Ha – Father Earth Hades, Hate = Satan Father of Hell (Hotep-hole tepid – warm hole – hole step-trip and fall)
OSiris = O Sir IS = Og Ha Zire IS = OG's HELL FATHER IS. (Persian Chimaeras on the Narmer Palette H-arnessed)
ISis = IZ IZ = Is Is = TWIN ZIZTERZ = TWIN TAILS = Eyes of Twin Sisters = Witches with Two Sons. (Ob Harlots)Golden Horus and Black Horus.
Horus = Hor us = Horrors upon us = Horn of Us = Hole of a Ruse = trip and fall. H-Orus – Hells Circle of Fire > Vulcan secret societies, followers of.

Pope = Po pe = Por Pet = Poor Pets = PuppetZ. (Potash Person, poised to peal-ring the bells of hell.)

Catholic = Cat's hole I See - Ca Ta Ha Ol ic = Came Earth's Hell To See Here.(Cathyx-devotional spirit solicitors-powerful against evil)
Christian = Ch ris ti an = X rise ti any = Excercise to many, Risen Children X-Ris-tian – X = Ch=Child. ( followers of The Risen Christ-powerful against evil)

Muslim = Muse lim = muse of nations = music for the lame = Musk of El in Him = Scent of the Sun(Al/Phanes) Mus eloim = Muse of Lord, Mausoleum = Make Hell of Him
Islam = Is Lame = Is La Me = Isis Lay Me = Her Lamp = Her Lamb = Her Lament = Isle of Sham, Isle of amputees = separated beliefs, isle of Ham.(HA>Hades,Hatreds)
Protestant = Pro Test ant = For Testament = for Test and Tame = for ancient testament (antique)
Judaean = Ju da ean = Jus dam = Just Damn = Jews damn = ean = Jews damnation upon us, Judge people = Goyim Hatreds (Zayims-followers of ZA-Satan).cf.John chapter 8.
Anglican = Angle Wiccan = Plan of Pagans = Angel ican = Angel I Can = Angel of Cain, Ang el ican – Angry Lord of Wiccan, Angle Wick-Shadows of Candles.
Angel = Ang el = Angry Lord
Demon = De Mon = De Monde, Of the World,Of Man.
DaLai Lama = Da Lai Lama = The Darkened Lain Lamb
Hate = Ha te = Har tem = Hard temp = Hard Time = Ha Te = Hat Terra = Hate Earth = Hat of Evil = Hades Temptation for your souls.
Cattle = Cat tle = Cat Tale = Cat's Tail = Cat of Two Tails = Comes The Two T's of TempT.(contempt,temptation)
Satan = Sat an = Sat Any = Seat Any = Seat Many = Za = Fallen Zon = Za Ta = Fallen Zon of EartH = Dark Prince of Evil.
Sa(son)Ta(earth)Na(not) = Son of Earth’s Sins – Zatan = Zathanel HatuptaH = Hat Putah = Hat of a Whore = Upside down big dipper = no food for your souls.
Sekhmet = Set Black Burns upon you to feed Her prostituted uterus = Fallen Princess = Eliza = Dark Virgin of Hell = Yaruba.(Yoruba African voodoo)

Lucifer = Luc if er = Luck if Err = Luck of Errors = Light(Lux) of Eternal(infinite) Darkness(error) = light of ferrous or feral - wild fire. Lucid fermentation – clear or empty form.

Ezekiel = Eze ki el = He's with Lord = He's with Lord of Hell = eZA-ki-el, Za Ka El = Satan Spirit lord/Sun(al) = Zeal Spirit Sunworhsip.
H EL = HAEL HITLER OF HILL OF EVILS = HILLEL-of 88(nasi/nazi=Ashkenazi = ZAionists)
Hillell 88 = Burning BusH = 7 laws = 7 days of False Creation = Goats caught in a thicket = Azazel = Satan’s spirit hidden in goats and freed into the wild.

Freemasons = pHreemaZAns-Pharaonic Pharisee Sanhedrin followers of Phanes(Lucifer) = Dark Fallen PillarZ of Za Mazonz.
33degrees=8= real number of the beast(888) two three’s faced together-entwined serpents.
8 = Eternal number of Sin for the serpents to coil in the "burning bush" of ARRARAT = AR Ra RAT = AR RA RA TA = ARE KINGS RATS UPON EARTH.
Frau maison – Her House >Eli ZA Beth> Lordess of Satan’s House-(Queen EliZAbeth, Prince Charles,Dark Prince, Servants to the Red Dragon Shield = false city of London world Rothchild, Warburg, Hapsburgs, Schiffs, Rockefellers, Bushes, Saudis, etc banking systems of extortion and false wars upon humanity,13 fake states of the un-inv-ited =Zionist America)
Frater Maison – Brotherhood House + Frau Maison = Hermaphrodite worshippers of Satan (Ya-hweh,Ya-ruba) Cappadocian caves of hermaphrodite troglodytes.
False pillars of JoAb and boAZ = God JA versus Satan ZA with the Ob Harlots. (freemason trinite god named jahbuhlon = YA-BAAL-ON = Hebrew,Babylon and Egypt (On-heliopolis).
Frater matre zion – Brotherhood of the Mother of Zion = Yaruba, Isis, Ashtarte.(veil of isis plus ob harlots)Voodoo Africa Yoruba.
Frater mata sol – Brotherhood of the Dead Sun = Black Sun = Satan.
Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac =Zionist Free Mason scam.(FM)
New York Twin Towers / Osama Bin laden = Zionist Free Mason scam (Azazel, September 11. Yom Kippur, blowing of the ram’s horn)
Jesus (3) + (8) Satan = 11 = 2. One against another.
God 1 versus Satan 8 = 9 =Pluto= wars, destruction > 9:11. (nwo=new world order = zmo = Zionist Masonic Oligarchy)
Pillars of JoAb and boAZ ( or Joachim if you like)=Twin Towers.

Woe is the greatness of sins for all these 5500 years upon yourselves.


As The Hypnotist of Psychology performed his illusions of purity.
Words are very powerful, indeed, indeed.

Linear A, will tell you the Secret of Words.
Just Add an A to every letter, all 26 where They Came From the 12,000 year old Atlantean Azilian,Aterians.(eg;papa,mama) 12 letters appear to have been original
Z or ZA is drawn by an Egyptian Ankh in Linear A. A or 1 or God is Risen while Z or 26 or 8(H) is Fallen. Sa = Risen Son, Za = Fallen Son.
Linear A alphabet symbols reveal a hidden message.
The End of Times would have been 8888 For Evil to Win our Souls and Topple The Earth Again, today is 8489. (2007.aD.)
2007 + 399 = 2406.aD. For Liberty = 13 = 4 = 8 = 88 = 888 = 8888 = Eternal Hell’s Destruction.
(888 = True Number of the Beast, Entwined Hermaphrodite Serpent, cf.Revelations 8 heads hath the beast. 666 = Servants of Satan)

Your computers work on the pipelines of 8. Eight bits in a perhaps, for the OgHam's Bible Code is Serpent's Numbers = Hermes Trismegistus of a Cuneiform mind of Baachic Wine and Tithers For tithered Utes.

(Bill’s…”Gates”…. And…. Steve’s… “Jobs” = Zionist Protocols = nothing is secure for you and everything is secured for them)
BeZideZ, Ave ye een to see the suffix that .bat or .net or .ocx(Ox) or .ram or Active X or Web or Net be the Black Widow spider codes of Y-a for languages of ArieZ and The Horned Rams of Zaionist Masonic Oligarchies to FASTEN THYSELVES to the Veins of Zero on your Computer?

Just as they fasten your justice, military, media, educational, financial, industrial and religious systems? It’s just a gay ol dance of the Board of Corruptors. Look Closer.

Computer - Come Put Errors, Communist Putrid Errors. Come into the Uterus of Viruses.

As I said, there were only 12 letters in Linear A, may provide a clue.

How Shall we ever purify ourselves to know not sin?
Why To Know of Course.

For To Know Is immortal, Knowledge Is Pure.
Let this be a lesson of caution amongst yourselves, be thee what religion or nation, but know, that through the eye of evil, you can surely see the meanings of powerful words.

Be they w0rds 0r ZpellZ For The Barbed Baal's Queen's pit or Lilith's Lava Baths of Bats in Marduk's Walls of Babylon.

Why Q is For Queen of Course.
Is she not the Queen of BoZ DaG or OG and MAGOG?(Egypt and Phoenicia)
Is not this Queen YA? (Yoruba, One of the Heads on the Beast of 3 heads in Kenya)
Kenya = Satan’s Vulcan lands = Massai Tribe = Massorete Hebrew Tribe(bible “editors”) = black “Mass” for the churches of the Masses of people.
WMD = weapons of MASS destruction. Join the Masses.

For my Father is JA MN The foremost King.

What is it that goes forwards and yet backwards and sheds it’s skin...
Why Evil of Course.

Look To The Meanings of All.

I apologize for any one who feels harmed or disgraced, or racist, but know this....YOU TOO CAN BE SAVED.

Is not the religions of our World the same as The Tower of Babbels?
Is not the Stain to see of Egypt and Khufu and Phoenicia who poisoned the Hyksos as Shepherd Kings and corrupted the pure Ebrews (Enyans) and Mesopotamia?

Me so for tame you
My soul to tame you
My Zo ul to tame you
My Zo will to tame you
My Zonz will to tame you.
My Zonz of Hell will Tame Your Earth.

With Cunning Form = Cuneiform Mages of Utes.
Why did you learn this Serpent language when your brothers and sisters in South Arabia spoke your true language?
Because Ye Too Fell into Sin as we all do.

For it is neither your fault nor ours.
But IZ EVIL ZONZ For some 5500 years from ZAnof Heru = Snoferu = Sin of Heru = Blood of Hermpahrodites = Satan.
Is the Cr00KeD Path not straighter, I ask thee?
Will The World agree to Peace or Evils?
Shall I, being the possessor of the Keys re-open your Pit of The Calling in Kenya (Khem’s Ya > Black Yoruba)

.111.Eternaly Never, I Say, For What is done can never be undone here on this Earth of Atlantis.111.

Your sins are your own to Purify.
Will ye Show your Sins to My Father, when he Comet?
So he can purify you in The Good Light of The Tree of Evermore?

Or shall money and taxes and stolen lands forever be your sins of perversions and weaknesses and hindrances of spiritual growth?

I will till the soil for you, so you can feed your family.
I aks no money, only feed my family in return.

I will build your houses for you, so you can sleep your family.
I ask no money, only build my families house in return.

I will share my wisdom with you, so you can feed your family,
I ask no money, only share your wisdom with me.

I will cure your sick, to keep your family
I ask no money, only cure my sick in return.

I will love you, so you can heal your family.
I ask no money, only love me and my family in return.

And Pure Energy of All That is Good, Abundant and Beautiful.
Only My Father can grant you Eternal Life in The Eternal Kingdom of Evermore.
Only My Father can give you rebirth or your reincarnations through the Oval Lights of Wisdom and Compassion.

The Dark one could never keep a promise, could he?

Woe be unto the sellers of darkness...for what is a hundred years on this Earth of Longevity?
A Very Short Time to preserve yourselves from Eternal Darkness.
Oh, it was a gay ol time, wasn't it?
GAY > GAI >(Gaia/Earth) > GA YA > GAD of YA > GADFLY OF YA (IO) Gates of HELL-EN.

Television - Tel Evi Sion / Tel AviV Zion / Tel Evils Zon
Tell The Evils of the fallen son. > Hill (Tell) of the Evil Son>satan or Hill of Evil Zionists.(Hillel 88)

Music > Mu Sick > Much Sick – Muse of sickness – riddles of corruption.
Drugs > Dr ugs DARK UGLINESS
Money > MO NEY > MOB NEED > MOBS NEED > Monde Eye – World’s Eye =13 step Satanic Pyramid of the Zionist Masons(all seeing eye-us dollar bill)
Prostitute > Pros Tit Ute, For Tithe of Uter - For Tithe of Uterus - For Money of Uterus
Hood > Ho od > Hole o da > Hole of The Damned

Doctor > Do ct or Do cut More
Lawyer > La wy er Lay way er > Lay with her > lame ways err > lame ways of Error.
Banker > Bank er > Bank Errors > Ban ka er > Bank with Error
Ba nk er > Baal > naki > error(Hers). Bank Here With Errors > Bank Here with Her...Bank of Her= Elizabeth = Eliza = Razael=eleazar= World Bank = ZZ Top.(House of Satan)

United nations
Unit ed nati ons
Unit of the Births of Nasis. (Nazis)
Uni ted nat ions = One ties births of lions, One who binds and parents nations with Hellions. (Satanist communism/monopolies-
Li-On > Lies of On > (On = Heliopolis = Sun City = Phanes = Lucifer)
Unit of The Satanic BrotherHood. = Zayims.
(Vulcans>Pharaohs, Phoenicians> Phrygians>Pharisees>Judaeans> Sadducees> Saba Zaeus>Zionists>Ashkenazis > german jews > hitler’s masters)
(Saturanians – Hexagon Black Robes(judges,priests,education,justice,etc – Gnols and Magnols – Male and Female Demons > Golan Heights > Satanic Ritual Grounds, illuminati breeding.)
Eli Za Beth – Lordess of Satan House.
Israel = raziel = demon
Eleazar – chief rabbi priest (chief bible editor, family of christ’s murderers, son of Eliza (Lordess of Satan) Za = Zatan


Go Ve rn me nt
God Vex ruin men nat
God Will Ruin Many Nations.
Go curse ruins of my nations

God = Go Da = Go There = Goat of = Go Dammned.
Go dd og
Got dead ogle
Got dead eyes
Got dead Gaze
Go to the place of Og

Go to the place of Ogham.

As I said, His name is Father Creator- JA MN.

Our Father's name is not God, nor Lord, this Phoenician word of enmity upon yourselves, for in that name you do Evils also and have written in your book that He is Evil and Destroyed you as you yourselves destroyed His Son in False Rituals that day to revive the dominion of Zero. Christ died for YOUR ZIONIST SIN of MURDER like your God and your Abaraham, not ours.
(cf.New Testament Bible, John Chapter 8)

Our hands are not stained and our sins are upon you.

Only problem is in your Second Book, He is a She, and we understand why that is for JA is male and YA is Female as the Y clearly tells us.
More specifically a Hermaphrodite since the Y is a V with a penis (I) attached.

LORD > LO RD > LOST ROD > RODS OF LOT – Loki Red – Demon Lord or Red Lord.

Ye Who are Umans, are much, much more worthy of all this neat’s dung(cow poo-poo) that their God yahweh told them to make bread with.
Sad, for how much you endure and toil for the cattle farms branded with the H.
Then, you have to watch your children go through the same things.
It is not any Humans fault to Sin, as clearly you can see why and understand.

IF ye listen to the message.
The Truth?
Why, that is your choice for freedom is your greatest gift.
I am The Messenger of Truth.
Will Ye Know The Truth of The Message?
World Peace.
World Purification of Prosperity For All.

We like to have fun too.
And we love Good Sense.
It makes for a better time of understanding true Fun.

.111.Not medias of Hatred or words of Forked Serpent Tongues.
Be They They Self Condemned of Revelations.111.

Tsk Tsk.
Is my Staff yet not long enough?
Is the ancient ink visible on the scroll of Evils?
Do thee know to steer away from evils?
Will thee rid us all of Evils?
Will our Childrens Minds be Wiser To Know The Hidden Meanings?
Will they stop injecting these hidden meanings into our childrens educations and shows or music?
Will our Children Preserve Us?
Or Will They Fall Like The Last Letter of The Alphabet?

Temp pile – Time piled – Time pale – wasted time, sickened teachings > Black Oracles of Secret Societies and Veins of Blackened Brine

So too did Alexander The Great Fall with His Library for Hypatia by The Philo's of Persecutions for Pergamon’s Library and Satan’s seat.
For did not they disguise The Father's Son's name as Philitus The Good Shepherd Upon Egypt in the time of the darkened one named Khufu who cast 150 years of evils and plagues upon Egypt from His Very own Master of KHEM, Mr.Zero?
Or Brother of No Merit? Was this not the true time of the Exodus? Was not Pharaoh Djoser prior to Khufu the guardian of Joseph the imhotep with the seven year dream of famine as outlined in the Sehel stela? Were these 150 years not the plagues sent upon Khufu and Snoferu for murdering A Son of Man?

Who was it that wore the Roman Commander's name?
Pontius Pilate? = Bridge of Piled Ruin. ponte(bridge)/pile,/ ate(ruin)= (fake name)

To do evil is to do the opposite of good or worse than bad.
So Live is Evil also, as you simply know or God is Dog and Male is Elam.
The opposite of Boy is Girl.Then the opposite of Man is Woman.
So too, the opposite of JA is YA.
Much like the opposite of Sa is Za.
The Serpent Sorcerer of No Destiny.
So to say JA, is Good, but to say YA is Evil, for we know Eve was tempted into Evil in The Garden of Creation. For the Apple was the world.

For as it was not only by your ignorance of knowledge and self will that ye have fallen to temptation,but it also was the same for Woman.
For in purity, women are not Evil nor should be stereo typed as evil or bringers of evil.
Nor should they be beaten upon nor concealed, nor thy father, nor thy children but educated to be the wiser of evils and hidden meanings.

For Evil not only reveals it self, but also destroys it self.
So lay not blame upon yourselves, but come to terms with New Eyes of Vision and self-understanding of hidden meanings.

(Everything you see, hear or do is psychologically tainted with Vulcan’s black blood of brine, education, tv, news, books, media, kids shows, foods, clothes, products, etc. That is why many of you don’t realize why you, your parents, their parents or your future children do the things they do. MASS H-ypno-gogo.)

For Truly as Socrates said, There is a Pigeon and Pigeonette.
Though ye know not to tell the difference, but one cannot be the other.
Therefore, JA cannot be YA, nor was man ever destined to be a woman.
To change a man into a woman, or to inject homosexuality into men's minds,
is the same to worship YA but not JA.

For YAOWEH WAS A Hermaphrodite Lord of shovels, goats and ruins with a desire “to become” God.(yah and yoruba voodoo queen/Satan and Sekhmet)

The Bowels of Sekhmet
The Eternal Darkness.
The Khems of Egypt
The Eliza's of Beth.

Letters Don't Lie.
Humans Do.

The H of Hyksos,Homosexuals,Harlots,Hatred,Homocide,Humility,Hunger,Hosts,Hell,Herpes,Hitlers,Hercules,Homers,Hellenics,Hera,Zeus,Herodotus,Hesiod,Hotep,
(BrotHels>Brothers Hells),Hinge,Hook,Horn,Horse,Him,Her,HAM,Hit,pHaroaH,H-Avila-H,p Hoe nicia,Hamass,Hawass,Hump,wHores,Heroin,Hydro,Human Resources,Hilton,Hughes,Hitler,(CoHen,like Albert of Sony and Borat of the stupid and sick movie that downplays America because you americans are weak for perversions,like everyone else and eager to sinful ways.)

Notice the sickest part of the movie Borat was when he was in Texas?
Ah yes, inject more disgusting and putrid homosexuality into your weak little pea brains not worthy of a woman.
Ah yes, their god YA is a hermaphrodite, so by making you gay makes you WEAK SPIRITUALY and keeps you away from harming their mother of evil> Eliza the Ob Harlot of Satan.
Throughout the movie they portrayed america as sinful, and the jews as evil.
At the end of the movie the jews were the good guys and christianity was symbolized once again as Evil by the portrayal of people stabbing at christ on the cross with a pitcH pHork.
Borat told you he's from Russia, but he is actualy a Jew also for his last name in the shows ending titles is also Cohen.(jewish priest’s titular name)
The same can be said for the Da Vinci Code where they cleverly avoided any blame.

Why don’t they make movies of Yahweh and ridicule IT like they do Jesus or Mohammed or Allah? Only Zionist control can get away with that sick mentality of Holly’s Woods for perched Owls.

I'm quite sure humans are sick of this 5500 year old broad arsed pHart of KHEM PHaraoHs with the latest style in Broad-Arsed pants made by The Dark Brothers!!
And quite sick of all the corruption and destructive methadone crack music of self destruction.

Why just read the titles of the songs, ID 10 T's, and Think about it...

You'll understand the ways of premeditated Evil. Remember it’s subconscious suggestions you don’t know about or why you let go of your robot. MK ultra, remember?

Warning, The Following movie can permanently damage your neuro cells with sick and demented suggestions of mind control and weaken your self worth, and may or may not cause you to ruin your life, families or commit suicide or murder...we do anticipate your young will become wHell educated in the process of this cartoon or tv series or movie.
If we cannot educate them of the ways of evil with your stereos, newspapers and tv sets, then we can just tell our Teachers in your schools to inform us and see that the Black Books are taught wHell.

If you don't listen, then we will weaken you financily by setting you up for downfalls so you fall behind on your bills in hopes of your family separating, or we'll just give you drugs and alcohol, but we will put disgusting pictures of stained teeth on your cigarette packs, rather than pictures of barf, gross car accidents, veneral diseases and such on your alcohol bottles.
Then again, how about Green Vd warts on the cover of your condom wrappers or Green Hemmerhoids for the lost black sheep of Homosexuals or whatever sick and putrid thing we can also add to your societies of corruption?

To Become Weak and Fall for Zero and The Red Lipped Whore of Justice and Armies.
eh Family Guy?



Rabid are They for the firmaments of Evils and self perversions of gluttony.



There is no purpose to kill, but every purpose to reform what is Evil.
Have ye not the purpose nor will of reform?
Have thee not the knowledge to sustain and apprehend assailants without death?

Of course ye do.

United We Stand, United we Shall never Fall again. We are UMANS not H-umans.
Teach your children hidden meanings of corruption, make them aware and to watch carefully over their teachers.
(especially so they aren’t making toilet paper rolls with 3 mirrors inside to see the zionist demon star of david to alter their minds with a very powerful hexagonal field)

For we know A is Risen and Z is Fallen.

.111.D0 N0t Zee n0r D0 The W0rkZ 0F EVILZ.111.

Purify Your Hearts for My Father's Eternal Kingdom,That Day Comet.
Eat not The Cattle To Test Your Will of Purifications.
For The Slaughter of The Bull, is The Slaughter of Your Pure Son.


The True Story of how a Teacher in my stepdaughter's third grade class gave her a White Voodoo Doll with the name ELIZA written on it and an Egyptian Ankh under the skirt with a dried apples head with a thorn in it and afterwards she came home from a field trip with a toilet paper roll with 3 mirrors inside to view satans’ star of david.

Eliza = Eli Za – Lordess of Satan, Elizabeth – Lordess Satan House
The Fallen H Virgin (Eliza) Princess, must Have Prostituted Her Self to do The Will of Za - The Dark Prince. (black princess of utes and wHores, Ob Harlots)
H-ence Zatan and ZEKmHet = EZEKIEL'S KHEM HELL TA = Ezekiels Burnt Hell of Earth.
Ezekiel's burnt Hell of Earth = Revelations Encoded Stratagems of Ezekiels and Eliza's world domination plan for ruin.


For The Dark Prinze-Za, was the one who ruined your Earth, not The Father Creator who Is JA MN. (Amen)

For Greater Than I is Father JA MN.
For The Sword of Truth no longer Burns.
Unto The Light I Hold The Sword of Water.
For pure will be The Reflection and no Ripple to Topple you.
For The Glory of All of Us and Our Childrens Eternities in The Eternal Kingdom of Evermore.
For in The Garden of Avila, I have granted you all The Vision of Truth.
For in Tansania you can witness the Garden of Avila and in Kenya the Vulcan lands of Satan and his Zealed Pit.

Amen JA MN.
Peace Be Yours Eternally....
For Eternity Have We Missed You.

We of TA TREE.

Armoured Rogue Knight
Sword of Avila
Ascender of The Son
King of the Double Falcons
Obsidian Dragon Slayer
The Argo Wind
AeJor Mn

Paulo J.Tx.Mn

[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline To Atlantis...[R]

Pray With JA MN.....Worship No Stone.....Command No Death.....Love thy Neighbors.....Preserve our History.

*Saint George slew the Dragon.

.111.[R].Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline of Atlantis.[R].111.
Tribes of Atlantis

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