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For the Love of the Animals

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 12:05 AM
Animals amaze me. They are very trusting and loving if given the chance. I have rehabilitated a lot of wild animals and they always end up loving me and coming back to visit. With that being said, the other night I went out to sit on my porch and enjoy the warm evening breeze. I was engrossed at gazing up at the stars when I was startled by the most gut wrenching screams I had ever heard in my life.
I knew instantly that my little dog had caught something, I just had no idea what. The protective intinct in me kicked in and off down the dark yard I went at a full run, following the sound of this horrible screaming. I reached down in the dark and snatched the critter up and ran back onto the porch under the light the see that I had in my arms a wild adult rabbit. Aside from some slobber and a scratch, the rabbit appeared to be ok. I took it in and wrapped it in a towel, figuring it was probably in shock. This rabbit layed in my arms totally calm and even nuzzled me at one point. He slept in a basket over night, just so i could keep an eye on him and make sure he was okay. He was taken down the road a piece a released into the woods the next afternoon.
I guess the point for this story is this, you will never convince me that animals do not have feelings and emotions! I believe this rabbit appreciated my helping him out!
Animals have memories and dreams. You ever see your dog running in its sleep or crying in their sleep... mine do it all of the time. I have released birds that come back, raccoons, deer, even oppossum... Most animals do not have a violent nature and given time and some tlc , the will come to love you. Its beautiful really!
I went to work for weeks with purple earlobes because a deer that I was raising wouldn't stop suckling on them... it comforted her and I thought it was sweet! She was never caged, but she stayed close. I catch her on the trail cam frequently, her and the herd that she joined in January. She would come on the porch and I would let her in the house long enough for her to eat her favorite food... bananas! If I see a wounded animal, it is my nature to help it out, and who knows, someday they might return the favor!
Before anyone says it, no I am NOT anti-hunting! But I am all for helping out our furry friends in distress! We do share this earth and their habitat is shrinking!

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 01:08 AM
Thanks for posting your touching experiences.

This is where I would lecture people against bringing wild animals in and then returning them to the wild, but it is clear to me that you know what you are doing.. so I guess that isn't needed.

I only say that because I have seen far too many times people not knowing the proper steps to take in returning an animal to the wild and the animal not making it.. given they may not have made it without help, it would have been more natural. Everyone has their opinions though, and like I said, it isn't needed.

I'm glad you mentioned the fact that you aren't against hunting too, because it gives me a chance to share a little more about myself with the community:

I hunt and I fish. It is natural. We all have our place in the food chain, and I think it is better to kill my own food than to buy a pack of some chemically enhanced beef from the market.. from which the animal that it came lived a miserable existence. There are plenty that would disagree. Some that don't eat meat. What they fail to realize is that they do indeed eat something that was once very much alive.

I work with American Alligators regularly, if I am eaten by one, that will be a natural death. If I die from heart disease from eating enhanced foods, that will be unnatural. I choose to live naturally, and die as naturally as possible.

Wow, ok.. sorry I got off on that.. animals..

I love them. I am blessed to work with them daily and to have a wife that shares as much passion as I do. We have two beautiful dogs that are our children. I can't imagine having my life turn out any different than what it has been so far. The journey has been great, and the experiences plentiful.

Thanks again.


posted on May, 31 2010 @ 01:18 AM
reply to post by broahes

You are a brave soul! Gators would scare me! Thank goodness for people like you though! I hunt and fish too, for food, not sport, as I believe there is a difference. Thank you and your wife for loving critters! Thank you for sharing your story.

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 01:28 AM
As a young boy, me and my cousins would walk up and down the banks of some canals in pennsylvania/new jersey... with BB guns.

We probably maimed/killed at least a thousand frogs over a few summers, and I feel terrible about it now.


posted on May, 31 2010 @ 02:48 AM
i love animals 2 and no doubt they have feelings
heck i think they are smarter then most people

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 03:01 AM
I too believe they have feelings and share feelings with us. One example is that I can 'fake cry' and my dogs come running, they want to know I am okay.

Just to come home and see their unconditional love and need for your companionship is enough to tell me, they know who I am, and they love me. It isn't needs that force them to do this, they always have access to food and water and a way to go to the bathrrom.

I once found a rcoon that was hurt, looked like maybe some dogs had gotten hold of it. I will never forget the encounter, at first he was fierce, he showed his teeth and stood up, and I let out an 'oh no' when I saw it was bleeding, I swear I think the look on my face and my reaction told the racoon that I wasn't going to hurt it, because it walked right into my backpack when I laid it on the ground, I was chiding it saying 'get in there little guy and I will help you, go ahead' and he just walked right into it. I took it to the vet and they helped and released it later.

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 03:57 AM
My rabbit had a great life. Half lop-eared, he'd sit with one ear up and one down. Had two marvellous hutches, doors always open, but the cats would sleep in there more than he did. People were always leaving my gate open too, and he'd often run up the road and get into other folks' gardens but he always came back.

When he was about six a wild rabbit came into my garden and wouldn't leave. They became best mates, did everything together. I'd plant out summer bedding and they'd eat the lot and I'd plant more, they'd eat that, and so on. Every morning I'd open the door and shout and they'd come running like bullets into the kitchen for brekkie with the cats and dog.

My rabbit got ill and had to be put to sleep by the vet. He was nearly 9. We buried him in the garden and put a large beach pebble on the spot. His wild rabbit mate (also male) would sit on the stone all day pining, only coming into the house in the morning for his cuppa tea and a snack. Just a few weeks later we found him lying dead on that pebble. I miss them both very much.

My old dog died not long after, aged 17. We have a new puppy now. A very boisterous Jack Russell. I'd love another rabbit friend but I think it would have no chance of that peaceful life, lol.

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 09:20 PM
What beautiful stories! Thank you for sharing them! Raccoons make great pets and can be litter box trained. They are very smart. My dogs too will come running if I fake cry. I think its so adorable!

I love the bunny story too! How precious that your bunny found a friend and he grieved for his pal! That made me cry! I am sorry for the loss of your beloved pets, I know how hard that is. I hope your little Jack brings you much happiness!

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