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Corporate Media: still in 1999 form

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posted on Jun, 9 2004 @ 09:51 AM
Mis-direction ALERT

What's the lead story on all news cycles lately?

A new bombing?
BBC journalists attacked by coalition members?
A Mulah calling to disarm?
Bush/Cheney hiring outside counsel pending the Plame charges?


It's the Reagan tribute tour. News "Stars" have been dispatched to Washington & Georgia to get the sacrosanct words of Laura Bush & any other fossil of past government administrations.
A mawkish Tom Brokaw, an artificially somber Paula Zahn, a nattering Judy Woodruff gushing over the love affair Ronnie had with Nancy (a tinkling piano punctuating the CNN soundtrack), a babbling Wolf Blitzer (who made the idiotic remark that Reagan employed "perfect timing" in dying on D-Day) and a fatuous Jeff Greenfield stumbled over one another vying to slobber their accolades over the corpse of the fallen leader....

Something to keep a keen eye out for if you wer of the mind set that the corporate media is not in bed with this administration.
The news of the world that they are not reporting or under reporting ( Tourture scandal - White House said is was ok & Ashkroft refuses to give up the memos, Kurds ready to pull out of Iraqi provisional government, the G8 team protecting the island orders thousand of body bags & sets up a detention camp on a little leuge field.....on American soil), is what we'll be, to paraphrase Babs Bush "Able to not worry our beutiful minds with" for the rest of the week with.

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