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The GEO Group(s) and the Seattle Ley Line.

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posted on May, 30 2010 @ 04:18 PM
With the wave of doom and gloom at this site, I decided to share a recent discovery I made concerning three separate but collaborating organizations in the Pacific Northwest. As I am still researching more information into the deep ties these organizations have, with each discovery draws more curiosity. I encourage the unique community here at ATS to reflect, speculate, and perhaps add to this intertwining mystery that may reach an international level. The proceeding information touches upon what most would call "New Age" but I am finding portions of "Old age" material as well. New Age with aspects of Sacred Geometry, references to Pagan Deities, and Mysticism.

Keep in mind. The Geo Group, GEO Group, Geo Group Northwest were all founded/incorporated within a two year period in the US state of Washington. (excluding multinational ties to to UK, South Africa, and Australia.)

But lets start slow...

The Seattle Ley Line Project 1987-88

Seattle Ley Lines Project, 1987-88
The Geo Group (Micael Sweeney, Charles Pettis, Becca Hanson, Denis Alkire)
Mixed media
CL 88.001
Ley lines are electromagnetic lines of Earth energy. They travel in straight lines over the surface of the Earth. Power centers are located where the ley line begins. Underground water is always present at a ley line power center. Most ancient monuments and cathedrals are located over such power centers. The “Geo Group” used a sacred design system the believed had been used by ancient cultures all over the world. This sacred design system includes the use of cosmology, symbolism, landscape design, geomancy, proportion, metrology and astronomy. The “Geo Group” is a group of artists, designers and other interested people dedicated to creating environmental art for the purposes of world peace and planetary healing. Their lay line project was a contemporary expression of spiritual or mystical concepts in art, long a tradition in the Pacific Northwest art. Many local artists such as Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Guy Anderson, Paul Horiuchi, George Tsutakawa and Imogen Cunningham included spiritual concepts in their works. The spectacular and unique natural environment of the area has long influenced artists and residents of the Puget Sound region, beginning with the American Indian inhabitants centuries ago and continuing to the present. The Geo Group is charting and documenting what many before them instinctively understood. The easiest way to find ley lines and power centers is by dowsing, a technique for using the body’s potential to receive and feel energy. By practice, a dowser learns to feel the presence of underground water and ley lines. Just as a radio tunes into electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere and converts the waves into music, a dowser uses a tool such as a dowsing rod or a pendulum to act like a “radio dial” to indicate where a ley line is located. City of Seattle 1% for Art Portable Works Collection”

The Geo Group

The Geo Group “The Geo Group is a group of artists, designers and other interested people dedicated to creating environmental art for the purposes of world peace and planetary healing. The Geo Group identifies the presence of Earth energies and works in harmony with the Earth Spirit ( the vision of the Earth as a living being) to improve the flow of Earth energies for the well-being of the Earth as a whole as well as for individuals, families, organizations and businesses. The Geo Group provides consulting services in the following areas: identification and mapping of ley lines, power centers and underground water; neutralization of negative energies; environmental artwork design and construction; sculptural, landscape architecture; architectural and general design services; and Earth energy research. The Geo Group is a non-profit Washington corporation and accepts donations, bequests, grants and commissions to fund its activities. For information on becoming a member of or contributing to The Geo Group, write to: The Geo Group P.O. Box 298 Mercer Island, WA 98040”

Introduction and Background

here's where things get interesting.

Introduction and Background “ Crisscrossing the Earth is a network of energy lines called ley lines. These ley lines originate at power centers. Ancient monuments such as pyramids, stone circles, medicine wheels, shrines, cathedrals and other sacred architectural structures traditionally have been located on power centers. Power centers are significant because they can affect consciousness and uplift the human condition. When power centers are amplified through the application of a specific set of design elements, they can have a perceptible, positive influence on people and the environment. The Geo Group is a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and talents who share a common belief that it is necessary to take steps to heal the Earth and to “rebuild the garden.” We work with power centers and the Earth Spirit (the vision of the Earth as a living being) to improve the flow of Earth energies for the well-being of the Earth as a whole as well as for the expansion of consciousness on both individual and social levels.”

Our vision is to mark then activate Seattle’s ley line power centers

Description of Artworks “ We have used dowsing techniques to identify and map the major ley lines and power centers located within Seattle. The map you see here is an accurate artistic representation of all the ley lines and power centers identified. Since most of the ley lines are on private property, we have deliberately kept this map representational. It is our opinion that Seattle is definitely a major center for Earth energies. There are several places in the city that have the potential to become sacred places similar to, but not as large as Stonehenge or the Great Pyramid. Our vision is to mark then activate Seattle’s ley line power centers with a specially designed series of graduated (cont)

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 04:25 PM
reply to post by Obsurion

(continued.) environmental artworks. Preliminary concepts for the Artworks are presented here. These artworks will be geometrically and symbolically designed to confirm a belief that all the laws of Nature are in harmony. The artworks will also be designed to elegantly identify the presence of the ley lines and to most effectively heighten the ley-line energy.”

This sounds crazy, but this organization is adamant about their goals in “activating” the local ley lines. (This is almost too sci-fi, even for me)

Standing Stones
“ A number of power centers are in places ideal for standing stone: Alki Beach, the baseball field in the University of Washington Arboretum, the Rose Garden by the Woodland Park Zoo and a place near the 17th Avenue and 45th Street entrance to the University of Washington.

At these places, we envision large standing stones with inset descriptive brass placques. The standing stone is the simplest and most elementary megalithic monument, consisting of a single stone embedded vertically in the ground. The standing stone is yang, masculine symbol.”

Stone Circles
“A lookout in Interlaken Park is ideal for a small stone circle with view points and astronomical alignments. The stone circle is the most elegant of the megalithic monuments, symbolizing wholeness, oneness and perfection.”

Earth Mound and Chamber
“In Roanoke Park, there is a power center next to a children’s playground. We recommend a small Earth mound covering a large pipe with openings at each end. The mound is a symbol of fecundity or fertility. It relates to the vessel symbolism of the Great Mother.”

Beacon Buoys
“There are several power centers located over water. One is in a boat slip at the north end of Lake Union and one is north of the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. For these locations, we propose metalwork buoys patterned after the Delphi Oracle “seat” with lighted beacons at the apex.”

The Geo Group
Geo Group
The Geo Group Inc AU
The Geo Group
GEO Group Northwest

If all this information is true then The Geo Group(s) are actively achieving their goals through corporate partners. With Geo Group as the parent company the Seattle Ley Line may just be a minor project. What gets me is that Geo Group specializes in detention centers as well. Yin for Yang?

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 04:38 PM
I currently have my hands tied at the moment. I took photos of this map in a power facility, that naturally seemed unusual as it was hiding in plain sight. If you look at the pictures above you can see crystals marked on the satellite photos. I have several pictures left detaining Dozens of crystal marked locations. If an ATS'er was motivated, one could physically investigate these "ley lines" or find real significant structures on those marked locations. This may very well just be some [out there] map but its mind boggling to say the least. Whoever created this map sure did go through a lot of effort to personally Visit Each Site. After a 22 year time span their, local contracting company of GEO Group Northwest may have already completed some of those ley line site structures.

If you live anywhere near Seattle, you've probably seen some of the "art" in the underlying tunnels and bridges throughout the city.

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