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The Lord ,The Chancellor and The Money-Laundering Billionaire

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posted on May, 30 2010 @ 04:18 PM
Anybody familiar with British politics will not be surprised to read that Peter Mandelson’s choice of "friends" is looking questionable to say the least .
Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska is being treated as a formal suspect in a money-laundering case linked to the Russian mafia.
In 2008 Mandelson faced questions over time he and current British Chancellor George Osborne spent on Deripaska's luxury yacht ,it was latter claimed Mandelson gave trade concessions worth up to £50m a year to Russia's richest man after being entertained by him on his yacht. Osborne was accused of asking Deripaska for a donation for the Tory party , something he strenuously denied.

It was claimed that Mandelson had twice acted to cut European aluminium import duties and Deripaska's company Rusal, the world's largest producer of aluminium, was one of the main beneficiaries.

Conspiracy theorists out there may also remember that Mandelson had stayed on the yacht at the invitation of Nathaniel Rothschild .
Rothschild and Osborne are old friends as they went to Oxford University together and were both members of the infamous Bullingdon Club .
The unholy trinity

Peter Mandelson’s controversial friend Oleg Deripaska is being treated as a formal suspect in a money-laundering case linked to the Russian mafia. The Russian oligarch, who has entertained Lord Mandelson and Chancellor George Osborne on his luxury yacht, has been warned that he is a suspect at meetings with Spanish prosecutors in Moscow. Read more:

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 05:21 PM
People often say "money corrupts" but in Peter Mandelsons case I think it's always been, more a matter of "power is corruption".

So it's nice thinking, how great it now is, now that England has one less Labour "slime ball" in politics.
But it's not so great thinking about that Conservative, George Osborne, face, which seems to have replaced Mandelsons role as "friend" (to the same types of people!).

Just goes to show: While elections come, and ago; the need for the (truly) powerful to back, both sides, of the (people's) political debate is almost constant. Sadly its nothing new, even if it is of great importance, every time.

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posted on May, 30 2010 @ 05:31 PM
I don't think we have seen the last of Mandelson.
I remember a few months ago, in an interview, he stated that he would consider serving the country under a conservative government. After the initial shock wore off, I started wondering if maybe the fix was already in and he'd reappear at some point. After all, with his connections in the world of high finance and globalist slime, they make a couple of calls and it's a done deal.

Trouble is, they take care of their own. Getting caught doing wrong is viewed as just bad luck and but they always get off the hook.
On the news today, we see the Treasury secretary, a Liberal Democrat, offering to stand down after it was found he fraudulently claimed £40,000 which he paid to his gay lover, a lobbyist, for rent, supposedly! Even worse, on the news they had the local Lib Dem party guy defending him and calling him a man of integrity. Incredible, this leech - a multi-millionaire investment banker - stole taxpayer money and says he'll pay it back and they think he has integrity? Jail the crook - they would do were it anyone else fraudulently claiming money.

I am just sick of the whole damned bunch.

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 06:02 PM
We are all screwed, the media is on their side and the elites have the people they wanted in power. The emergency budget coming in a few weeks is nothing more than a cash grab by the rich for the rich. As that red lipped turd Osbourne said "Britain is open for business" translation "We are going to deregulate Britian for all our rich business friends"

The way the media has been setting the scene for "tough but necessary" cuts, if they are so necessary then; WHY are they giving the top 3000 richest families a tax break and WHY are they removing the 50p in the pound tax for the richest.

This is outright theft of OUR! future by a bunch of public schoolboys...

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