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Two New Shows Coming In June

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posted on May, 30 2010 @ 02:23 PM
One called "Unnatural History" on CN. Starts June 13th.
One called "Memphis Beat" on TNT. Starts June 22.

Anyone think these shows are going to be any good? I think Unnatural History looks tights from the previews. I cant tell enough from the preview of Memphis Beat, but the main guy from "My Name is Earl" stars in it.


Here they go...

Memphis Beat:

YouTube - Memphis Beat Season 1 Promo #1 []

Unnatural History:

YouTube - Cartoon Network - UnNatural History (General Promo) (NEW) (HQ)

I figure these two shows will either make or break the summer, but there will be nothing else to watch during the summer but these two shows when you're in. Usually in the summer it's nothing but repeats airing.

"Unnatural History" kind of remined me of RL Stine's Goosebumps that used to air but with a mystery appoach than a horror appoach. Its look like action, mystery, and adventure all in one. Doesn't seem like it go wrong.

Found this article from

By Jeffrey Bloomer
"Cartoon Network Orders Live-Action Pilot Unnatural History

In a bid to mix up its demographics, Cartoon Network has put together a cast for a live-action drama pilot, Unnatural History, about a teenager (Kevin G. Schmidt) who returns from world travels with his parents to attend high school in New York.

According to THR, the full-hour pilot will take an adventure angle. In a somewhat puzzling move, Cartoon Network began exploring live-action shows this year, focusing on series with teens as stars that could also appeal to adults. Animated series will still make up a considerable part of the network’s lineup."

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