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another decapitation or two...

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posted on Jun, 9 2004 @ 08:57 AM
well there was another set of sickening murders where some guy beheaded his grandmother and his gf...

Authorities said a man decapitated and cut off the hands and feet of his grandmother and former girlfriend Tuesday.

anybody ever just think that maybe the human racejust deserves to be wiped out? whenever i see news like this its just depressing and our future just looks more and more bleak.
also, we always hear about how barbaric the terrorists are in the middle east and how they're killing innocent ppl, even beheading them ...but the thing, is America all that different? whenever i read the headlines on cnn i'm pretty doubtful.

and it seems like these sorts of crimes are happening a lot more recently now. what's the deal with ppl beheading each other. what happened to good old fashioned shooting?

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