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Experiment: Let Us Conspire

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posted on May, 30 2010 @ 09:48 AM
I'm terribly curious about conspiracy theories.

More specifically, at the moment, concerning the so-called New World Order.

Now, what I've come to question is the possibility of carrying out a conspiracy. I like to use a certain thought experiment for this. I imagine myself in the seat of an able person, a heavily influential person. Surrounded by people, like myself.

How unlikely is it REALLY?

Would it really be that difficult to convince individuals of certain "noble" ideals? To disguise the blatant abuse of power and rights as something that is necessary for peace and longevity?

I mean, we've surely seen ourselves in situations where we succumb to darker temptations.

Is the possibility not there?


It would be rather peculiar to think these "conspiracies" would be spoken of in a frank manner amongst those, of which cooperation is needed, in order to carry out the tasks at hand.


So tell me. If you were part of the decision making portion of the government, and you wanted to organize some event in order to carry out an agenda, do any of you believe that this event could be orchestrated accordingly?

Does the government have the resources to fabricate witnesses and testimonies, does the government have the power to bring up false experts?

Do you think that if you spread your agenda in a non-threatening language, or simply didn't mention it outside of your decision-making sphere, that it would go ... for the most part ... without any hitches?

Do you believe there are people in this world that could see the world as a very chaotic place that needs structure? Or do you believe that all people have everyone's best interest at heart? Do you believe that you could buy, or threaten people into silence?

How much does a million dollar salary buy? Do you believe these people would be able to concentrate on themselves, and their own families, and convince themselves that what is being done is for the greater good?

Constantly seeing one-dimensional people in the media; the media which can subsequently turn people that have POTENTIAL into one-dimensional characters. Do you think that after being subjected to this environment where people NEED to be led by others, that they don't know what to themselves; do you believe that all this would suffice in convincing people that your agenda is not one of tyranny ... but one of good nature and positive things.


If you wanted to distract people, what would you do? If you wanted to single out the troublemakers, what would you do?

I'm seriously wondering if people can see the dimensions of a conspiracy theory.

I mean, really, is it REALLY that impossible when you calculate all these factors?

Statistically, how truthful has our government been? Setting aside conspiracies and just looking at plain ol' media. Is it THAT difficult to believe?

Makes ya wonder.

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 09:52 AM
I think its very real, as long as those at the top have something the people want and do not know. Power is what brings them in, and they want to know things, knowledge they never knew.

Of course there really is such things as conspiracies, and they happen all the time, but of course not everything is, but there really is alot of conspiries, due to the definition of the word.

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 10:03 AM
One thing I've come to notice is that I don't believe that it is wise to think of these conspiracy theories as if everyone, who is informed, thinks in terms of glorious evil deeds.

I don't think a false witness would think something like, "Yes, I want everyone to suffer. The world will become a magnificent realm of agony and slavery. MARVELOUS!!"

I think it is foolish to think in these terms, though, the possibility is always there.


I think they'd be thinking more along the lines of, "This sucks ... and I hate doing it ... But the money I'm getting for this will really help with the bills and all the stuff that I've been waiting to do for a long time now." (Assuming they're getting paid for it.)

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